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Thank You for following this Blog

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Something New a Park Review.

Our Location today is Williston, Florida.

As tired as we were last night we waited until after 11:00 before closing the lights and going to sleep. By 1:00 I was wide awake while laying there watching Kathy sleep. Shortly before 2:00 I was back asleep until 4:30 but this time I was back asleep by 5:00. Even with those wakeful moments I was still up and about before 7:00. Kathy slept soundly and didn’t wake until nearly an hour later feeling refreshed. 
Sunrise behind some new park model trailers.
Since this was a rest up day we took our time having breakfast and reading blogs before walking up to the office to register.  It had been after 7:00 when we pulled in last night and the office was closed. By calling a phone number posted at the gate they escorted us to our site. That was better than the GPS. 
The streets are wide throughout the park.
We are presently at Williston Crossing RV Resort that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. A comment from Jessica andHarry Riker reminded us that they had stayed at this park last year and had loved it. We love it too! 
Registration Office.

After 9:00 we started walking up to the office admiring the way this park is set up. Somebody actually took time to think this layout through. The registration office holds mostly souvenir clothing and a few RV supplies but no food stocks at this time. It also houses a fair sized library of books, a pool table and mailboxes assigned to each site. Next to that there was a building that contained a smaller function hall backed by one of the laundry rooms and an exercise room that is slowly being added to. 

Further away from the gate they have a large but shallow pool so even those that can’t swim can relax in the pool. Next door is a large open pavilion that could easily accommodate a couple hundred people plus there is a snack bar open during peak tourist seasons and weekends. 

Across the street we found the door open to a large banquet sized hall that could even be used for giving seminars.  It was open as they were in preparation for the big Carriage rally this weekend. 

Walking back towards our site there is an actual covered bridge large and strong enough to drive the biggest RVs right through it. Nearby there are three older train type passenger cars and a caboose that are under renovations to eventually become a restaurant and dining cars. It should be interesting when it’s finished. 
New section with only landscaping left to do.
We kept walking to the rear of the park to where there are rows more of RV sites being developed. We spoke to one of the volunteers about the size of the park and were told there are presently over 300 sites with another 100 sites they hope to have up and running for next winter. Again the layout is being well thought out making the sites large and trying to give everyone some privacy by preserving many of the existing trees. 
Landscape finished just need to add the electric meters.
Once we were back at our trailer Kathy noted this is the type of park that you need a golf cart or bicycle to travel around in. Even just walking around this park you will get a good workout because it is far from flat.
Newly paved streets with curbs.
The only drawback to this park is that it is in the northern part of Florida and if you have a cold winter like this year you feel it. But the flip side is that it is cheaper than the more southerly resorts. 
Magnolia trees in the grassed sites.
Kathy also had me add another gadget to our sidebar. She is not too easily impressed with RV parks and when she would definitely return to them she likes to let everyone know. The gadget is RV Parks and Resorts that we would recommend to anybody. It is presently located at the very bottom of our long sidebar. We have just started adding places to this list and they are listed by State first, then the City or Town and finally the name of the Park. 
The park has friends in the local law enforcement.
Tomorrow we are back on the road for our slow northerly trek back home but every day is an adventure even at home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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