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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Exploring Adel and The Park Trails.

Our Location today is Adel, Georgia.

I was right about sleeping soundly last night after our bicycle ride to the other side of the lake. Using the park map provided at check-in we had ridden only four miles but it was a start to our exploring and it was after supper. 

Once breakfast was over this morning we made a shopping list of the food stocks that we were getting low on before going shopping. Heading back down the road that we’d come into the park by we continued until we came to the town of Adel, Georgia. We first took a slow drive through what used to be a busy little town but now filled with many empty commercial buildings in what would have been the downtown district. The few remaining businesses seemed to be holding strong to maintain what was once a thriving community. 

After having heard it mentioned on other blogs but never having seen one before we finally stopped for our groceries at the Ace Piggly Wiggly.  That’s right it’s a combination of a Piggly Wiggly grocery store and an Ace Hardware store. We figure it was a way to keep the hardware store from closing during hard times so they took down the wall that once separated the two stores and made it as one like a mini department store. 

We first started walking the hardware section and each aisle we walked down someone was there asking if they could help us. By the time we had gotten our groceries an hour had passed and it was nearing lunch time. 

Driving to a small strip mall we’d seen on the way into town we notice Captain D’s seafood place. Wanting a change from burgers and sandwiches we thought we’d give them a try. It was inexpensive with reasonable sized orders at a reasonable price and it tasted good. It seemed to be a place of choice among the local law enforcement and EMS personnel as well truckers. 

After eating we walked around a local Flea Market that was inside the strip mall. There were a few vendors that were selling used materials while others were selling crafts that they made with only a few that were selling cheap imported goods. 

It was nearly 1:30 by the time we had gotten everything from the grocery store put away but we wanted to do more. With the threat of severe weather tomorrow we wanted to explore some of the hiking biking trails today. The first thing we needed to do was ride down to where these trails started. The first was the Gopher Tortoise Loop but looking at the markers at the beginning of the trail it showed to be a walking only trail so we kept going. 

Finally arriving at the parking area where four of the trails started and seeing a sign showing bicycling allowed we started down the first path we saw without really knowing which one it was. It started as a leaf covered path with colored numbered markers along the trail. Before we knew it we were riding along on a boardwalk trail through very marshy sections of woodland. 

After stopping a few times for Kathy to rest we were back to riding over root covered paths until it was too difficult to continue riding our bikes. All this time we continued to see the trail markers but no signs to say where we were. Finally we passed other hikers coming from the direction we were heading so we felt more certain of our direction of travel. 

As the rooted path smoothed we took to riding once again only to find ourselves riding on more boardwalk paths. We finally came to a fork in the path where after examining our map found our way back to the parking lot. After another brief rest Kathy pushed on until we were back at our trailer. 

With severe rain storms expected in the area for this evening until Monday when we leave this park we thought it wise to remount the bicycles onto the trailer as well as putting away the storage skirt. This means we won’t be trying to pack anything away wet in the rain. 

After we’d eaten supper we re-examined the trail map and found that one trail ran into or through another making it so we actually rode two and a half of the seven trails in that section of the park. We had ridden and walked over five miles in just over two hours. We’ll probably sleep soundly again tonight. 

With rain predicted for tomorrow we’ll have to find something else to do. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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