It's about time.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Blood Tests and Beryl.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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This is getting to be a bad habit. Two Days in a row, we’ve had to get up early, so that we could attend to Medical Appointments.

Today we had enough time to have Cereal for breakfast and check the Weather before heading out the door. It showed the earliest that we’d see any Rain today, would be later in the afternoon, but the minute we walked outside we were being hit with Raindrops. We still managed to get to the Car fairly dry.

Today Kathy had her monthly Blood Test at Dyna-Care, in Tecumseh. This is to be certain the medication that her Rheumatologist is treating her with, is not having adverse affects on her Liver. This location, only sees patients by Appointments Only, where the one in Central Windsor does not take any Appointment. Because we manage to arrive early, we had to wait an entire Fifteen Minutes before she was taken, unlike the Three Hour waits at the Central location.

We were leaving at the same time Kathy’s appointment had been for. When I saw the Zehr’s grocery store, it reminded me we needed Milk and a few Fruit. We have not been in that store since we became Fulltime RVers in 2016 and boy has it changed.

As we were leaving there Kathy suggested eating out, so we stopped at Dairy Queen for an early lunch. We enjoyed their Chicken Strip Meal Deals, which included Fries, a Drink and a Sundae. We had barely sat down when the place filled up.

Outside we were still getting Drizzle, so we stopped at the Bank so I could speak with a Manager about a Letter that both Kathy and I got. The Offices were empty, with only Five Tellers open. They would not be able to help us, so we headed for home. We never saw another drop on the Windshield, nor out our Balcony Door the rest of the day.

I started reading and filling in Medical Forms for the Three Medical Procedures, I’ve got coming up. That’s where I read that I need to have Blood Test. If I had read that earlier, I could have made the appointment, while Kathy was having her Test done. I tried calling repeatedly, but the Automated System would just disconnect me. Luckily, that same System had mentioned about going On-Line to make the appointment. It was not easy but it said I would get a confirmation soon. I checked back an Hour later and there it was and I was still filling in Medical Forms.

Both the 6 o’clock Local News and The Weather Network confirmed that starting tonight, all through tomorrow we will be feeling the final effects of Beryl. The Windsor area could see nearly Two Inches of Rain. Normally, storms split and go around us, but this time it seems we’ll get hit harder, while nearby areas will be lesser affected.

Looks like we’ll be home tomorrow.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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