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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Up On The Roof and Phone Calls.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario.

We seem to be good for the one night of sleep and the other one not. Luckily last night we both slept very soundly and I didn’t get out of bed until 7:30 and Kathy slept until nearly 8:30. Thankfully we were in no rush to go anywhere so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading to the computers. 

Once we did finish our reading I had some phone calls to make. The first was to State Farm to find out what the holdup was that they hadn’t yet sent the cheque to General RV for the repairs to our trailer. It turns out that the person at the RV dealership they were dealing with had not sent in the bill yet though they usually wait until the repairs are finished before issuing the payment. 
It was partly sunny outside but still well below the freezing mark.
Then I asked about the deductible and the fact that we had replaced all the tires which should have covered the deductible as it did the time before. I was told that was not the case because the tire caused the accident and my deductible was two hundred dollars more than I had originally been told. When I stated that was impossible and I’d be looking for another insurance company she hung up. I was not being belligerent and Kathy was sitting at her desk and could hear every word that I said. 

I called back and spoke to someone else who agreed that the tire was not a deductible but the extra two hundred dollars was incorrect because our unit is a trailer. She also said the other person I had spoken to had noted that I had hung up on her. I asked for their FAX number and informed her she’d be getting the bill within the hour and to please issue the payment directly. 

I then called General RV and spoke to Sid’s assistant informing them they needed to send the bill before they could get paid. I gave her the FAX number to send it to. Kathy and I both feel that the people handling this repair at General RV really dropped the ball on this repair. It was like everybody was waiting for someone else to do their job and nothing was getting done. In the end Kathy and I were being held hostage by not having our trailer to prep for our upcoming trip. 

After lunch we left to pick up a storage chest at Karen’s to bring with us to Kevin’s home where he’ll use it to store the boys outside toys. I also went on the roof to clean the chimney to the fireplace and then the same on the garage roof to clean the stack to the wood burning stove. Unfortunately the leaves were frozen it the eaves troughs and when I cleaned the stove pipe it came apart inside. Luckily it didn’t cause a mess but we had some reattaching to do afterwards. Kathy in the meantime was busy taking pictures and playing with the cats. 
Kathy and I went and did some Walmart walking to kill a bit of time before we went to McDonalds for supper. Believe it or not we paid full price because we tried their new McRib sandwich. 
Being Wednesday night we returned to visit with Kevin and Melissa and as usual we had our normal enjoyable visit that was filled with discussion and laughter. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.        


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  1. You sure have been getting the run around with those trailer repairs!

  2. You're indeed unfortunate to have frozen leaves in your chimney, but it's nice that you managed to clean them before it caused severe damage both to the chimney and roof. Anyway, I do hope you have regular cleaning sessions with your chimney especially before the snow came pouring. :)

    Isaac Andre @

  3. Dealing with frozen leaves is annoying, especially when they're stacked up at your chimney. It can be a cause of severe damage on your roof too. I hope you also checked your gutters for frozen leaves that might be piling up. Anyway, just maintain the cleanliness of your roof to keep the same incident from happening again. :)

    Tameka Lauricella @ IntegrityWE