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Monday, November 4, 2013

Exercise, Fresh Air and Answers.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario.

With the switch from Daylight Savings Time to Eastern Standard Time on the weekend one would think we would feel more rested and be up earlier with no problem. Unfortunately for Kathy and I it seems to have had the opposite effect. By watching the 11 o’clock News at night we seem to have difficulty waking until after 8:00 EST in the morning. We also seem to feel physically drained as well. 

After finishing breakfast and spending the next short while at the computers Kathy moved to the dining room table so she could sort through many of her notes that she has made for our future travels. Because of the side effects that I was experiencing from my hernia for the last year and a half I had been unable to exercise which was causing a different set of problems. Today while Kathy was in the other room I slowly got back into my routine. To avoid severe muscle cramping I started slow on the cardio for only ten minutes and drastically lightened the amount of weight that I used and also reducing the number of repetitions. Even though it is a low starting point I am feel much better tonight than I have in a while. 

After lunch I called General RV and asked to find out what was happening with our trailer. Somehow my call was sent to someone’s voicemail so that is what I left a message with my name and phone number. Since it was clear but cool weather outside after waiting for the phone to ring I suggested we take a walk to the drug store to pick up a prescription that was waiting for me. Since the high temperature for the day only reached 45 F (7 C) on the return walk Kathy and I stopped at Tim Horton’s for a coffee to warm ourselves while we rested before finishing the final leg of our walk. 

Back in the apartment I made certain no messages had been left so I recalled General RV. This time I asked to talk to Bill the manager. I explained why I was calling, how long the trailer had been at his location, the unanswered questions I had and the lame excuses I had been getting from his people. He is a no nonsense kind of person and asked me to stay by the phone because I would be getting a call back with proper answers. Within ten minutes Sid from General RV was talking to me explaining when they had sent out the insurance papers and were awaiting the go ahead from State Farm. He also mentioned that Keystone had rejected the warranty claim on our unit about the wall separation. Tomorrow I’ll be making a couple of other calls as this has dragged on long enough. 

Kathy and I had a light supper in an attempt to lose a few pounds before we head south this winter and with all that fresh air we had today I am certain that we’ll sleep like rocks tonight. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.        


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  1. It is always better to do a little exercise than none at all. Keep working at it and you will be felling as good as you did before the surgery.

  2. Nice to get out for fresh air and exercise everyday like we do. Good luck with your trailer repair.

  3. Always amazes me how slow companies are at responding, quick answers seem to be the exception. Good luck on your repairs!

  4. Hi Kathy! My name is Heather and I just have a quick question about your blog that I was hoping you could answer! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)