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Monday, August 10, 2020

One Appointment Then Hyper-Drive.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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I had hoped to wake up earlier but settled for getting up at 8:00 this morning. I hadn’t even made it out of the bedroom when Kathy jumped out of bed thinking she had overslept. After a quick breakfast we went to the Computers.
It was a beautiful looking day but checking The Weather Network it showed temperatures feeling above the Century Mark and a very large Storm System heading our way. I barely checked my E-mail and finished my Coffee before heading off to the shower that helped make me feel more alert.

I had just enough time to finish gathering what was needed. Kathy was staying behind to do a few things because it was already too warm for her outside.
I arrived at our Family Doctor’s Office a little early so listened to the radio until it shut off. Then wearing my Mask headed for the door. They have a new sign with their Phone Number to call so that they will open the door for you. I was immediately told which Examination Room to go to. This was a follow-up appointment trying to figure out what had caused a severe pain in my side. It started around the time that the Coronavirus was showing up in this area. Thinking it could be affecting my Lungs they were checked before having my Kidneys checked. Apparently I had a slight infection. Along with his recommendation of drinking Cranberry Juice I also snacked on Dehydrated Cranberries and Raisins. The pain went away and has not returned. We reviewed all the Tests and George was very happy with the results.

When I arrived at the Apartment Kathy was talking on the phone with Vera. Like I have written before because Vera lives by herself she has been going stir crazy being unable to eat out in any local restaurants. I started getting my supplies out for my afternoon chore while they talked.
As soon as Kathy was off the Phone we started working together in the kitchen recreating the Leftover Taco Meat Sauce and making Spaghetti for lunch. We also had Cherries and a Yogurt Cup for dessert.

As soon as lunch was over I set up the table to do our Pill Doucettes. As mentioned many times before I do Forty-Five Days worth of Pills at once so it’s not always a Saturday Evening that this chore has to be done on.

I always start with Kathy’s Doucettes because there is a mixture of Prescribed Medications as well as Vitamins where mine is strictly Vitamins. I had been working on her Doucettes and was down to the last tablets that had to be split when the Phone rang.

If you remember I spoke with the Customer Service Representative about having our Trailer repaired the day after the US Memorial Day in May. That was when we set the new date for its repair that I was mentioning in the Blog the other night. We were supposed to have the Trailer at the Dealership this coming Wednesday for its pickup.

It was J.T. calling from Leisure Trailer Sales saying there was a man from Indiana Transport there to pick up our Trailer. Nobody from the Factory had called us to say they had moved the date up. We asked if he could wait an hour and he could.

Lucky we have the Remote Start on the Truck that allows it to be started from our Apartment. By doing so allows the Engine, Transmission and Turbos to be lubed and ready as soon as we get in the Truck.
Saturday's Picture.
As soon as we reached Guardian Storage we were able to back up towards the Trailer. Kathy worked on removing the Tire Covers while I climbed on the roof to lower the Solar Panels. I raised them last Fall so they would be more effective and to keep the Winter Snow from building on them. Of course the more you try to rush the more you fumble with the small Bolts and Wing Nuts.
We were pulling out of the Yard at the time we said we would arrive at the Dealership. We had to stop at a few Traffic Lights but with the slightly lighter traffic then we are used to towing in we were only Fifteen Minutes late getting there.
Kathy watching Jeff hook up.
There she goes.
When we spoke to Jeff and said “Nobody had called from the Factory to move up the date” his response was “It happens all the time”. He removed the Propane Tanks saying he wasn’t allowed to transport the Trailer with them in. Next step was to remove our License Plate and replace it with his Indiana License Plate. He also mentioned he was glad the International Border is still closed to Non-Essential Travel which makes his job easier. Fifteen Minutes later we were watching the Trailer heading for the Border.
Wearing our Masks we went inside to speak to J.T. and Stephanie. The Factory Representative had told me he would contact them but he never did. We’ll probably see them in another month to pick up the Trailer.
When we parked our Trailer for the Winter we parked it on wooden planks to stop the tires from deteriorating. When we pulled the Trailer out today we didn’t pick up the boards but didn’t want them to mysteriously disappear either. We headed back to Guardian Storage to pick up the boards then stored them in our Storage Unit.
It was already past 5:00 by the time we left the Storage Yard. By then we were Hot and Hungry so we went to Wendy’s Drive-Thru for supper. We ordered our Chicken Wraps, Small Chocolate Frosties and Seniors Soft Drinks that we ate while sitting in their parking lot.
We arrived back in the Apartment just as the 6 o’clock Local News was starting. While Kathy watched from her recliner I listened as I finished doing the Doucettes. Up to this point our area was the only part of Ontario that was still in Phase 2 of the Virus Recovery. Things have finally improved enough that later this week we will be going into Phase 3. Tonight we can expect a Severe Thunderstorm but it should be for only an Hour. We still have a few warm days ahead before we start having Seasonal Temperatures.
I didn’t get a chance to read everyone’s Blogs that we follow today so that will happen over the next few days. Our Trailer should be locked away in a Secured Yard at the Factory Repair Center in Indiana by this time. Now we have to wait. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I really hope they get it fixed this time. I doubt yours is the only one, so maybe they have a tried and true plan. Nice of them to give you so much notice! LOL

  2. What a terrible service center they have to not have given you proper notice. I think I would have been beside myself.

    On the plus side it was nice to have received a good health report.

  3. I searched some history in your blog but did not find out the trouble with your rig. Could you tell me where to find the "story". Thank you.

  4. I have to say that I am surprised that picking up your RV was considered an essential service. I never would has thought that. Good for you I guess but it does make me wonder who else is getting into Canada.