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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Another Power Outage, Comfortable Ride, Waiting Our Turn and Links Delay.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in this Apartment just over Nine Months and it has already happened Twice. What I am referring to is young drivers heading home in the wee hours with the Accelerators on their vehicles touching a little too much Metal. Both those drivers managed to walk away with only minor injuries while destroying their vehicles as they turned the Electrical Power off to Thousands of East End Residents. I had just gotten to bed but Kathy woke up gasping for air when her CPAP Machine suddenly stopped working.
Remembering what had happen the first time we simply took our Masks off and tried to sleep the best we could. It took just under Three Hours for the Power to come back on and when that happens our CPAPs instantly turn on. That meant sleeping a little later this morning then we intended but we survived. Using Inverters in the Trailer we never had to worry about loosing Power.
Looking out the Balcony Door you could only see Clouds along the horizon making it appear like a Distant Mountain Range. Breakfast was the Rhubarb Sauce that Kathy made yesterday from the stocks our daughter Karen gave us. Spreading that on our Toast brought back memories when we were both growing up.
WWI, WWII and Korean War Memorial
It was quite a big difference not having a single phone call the entire day. I chose to replace my Broken Coffee Mug with one of the Large 16 Ounce Mugs our daughter-in-law Jen had given us as a gift as a way of reminding us about the Desert.
Along with the morning chores I also did a few things in preparation of our afternoon which included double checking the Weather Forcast. For lunch we had Split Pea Soup with Ham. Kathy made the dessert plate using the last of the Strawberry/Rhubarb/Walnut Bread that Karen made along with a Yogurt Cup. We cleaned up the Dishes and Kitchen before leaving so lunch could settle down.
The sky after lunch.
With our entire day being off kilter it was close to 2:00 by the time we rode out the back path of the parking lot and headed west on the Ganatchio Trail. With the moderate temperatures we were forecasted to have with only light breezes this was the perfect day to go for our bike ride.
The city of Detroit.
The Trail ends a Mile west of where we got on so we merged with Wyandotte Street heading west. When I asked Kathy how far she wanted to go she said she would leave that up to me. Travelling up to Strabaine Street within Two Minutes we were continuing further west on Riverside Drive. Luckily there were Bicycle Lanes keeping us separate from Cars and Trucks. After passing Lincoln Road I made an abrupt turn towards the Detroit River.
Those of you unfamiliar with Windsor many years ago the City Council chose to keep the River’s Edge as a Public Access Park that could be used and enjoyed by everyone. This stretch runs approximately Five Miles and has only seen changes in Landscaping, Art Work and Memorials to those who died while serving in the Canadian Military from the Windsor area over the years. The paths are designed for pedestrian walking, jogging, skateboarding, roller-blading and bicycling. The only place motorized vehicles allowed are in the few Parking Lots scattered along the way.
We rode all the way to Huron Church Road which happens to be the address of the Ambassador Bridge. That is normally our crossing point whenever we cross the International Border heading south. We spent Twenty Minutes relaxing, cooling down and hydrating ourselves before heading back. The only traffic we saw crossing the Bridge were Semi-Trucks because they are considered Essential Services.
Only Semis crossing the Border.
We stopped in the Parking Lot where Vera lives but did not plan on visiting today. Remember it has been a while since we last did this and Kathy was really feeling it. We were also making a point of hydrating ourselves more then we normally do.
We continued heading east on Riverside Drive until we passed Jefferson. A block further up the road was blocked so we had to detour back toward Wyandotte. We would later find out that the Power Outage Accident had occurred on that section of the Drive. Traffic on this side street was barely moving so we got off our Tandem Bicycle and walked getting on Wyandotte long before many of the vehicles ahead of us.
Another short pause for hydrating gave us the opportunity to see an Ambulance making its way from the street we had just come up. A Half Mile up Wyandotte Street we were able to get back on the Ganatchio Trail and head for home. Imagine our surprise when we rode into the Parking Lot where we live to see the Ambulance that had passed us stopped at the Front Entrance.
Battle of the Atlantic.
When Medical Emergencies occur the Freight Elevator is locked out for their use. Since our Tandem Bicycle will not fit in the Smaller Elevators we had to wait for the Ambulance to leave before we could get back to our Apartment.
Vietnam War Memorial.
The 6 o’clock Local News had already started by the time we got inside. While listening to the Broadcast I started our Store Bought Thin Crust Pizza cooking. I even managed to put the Bike on the Balcony before the Timer went off. We were so hungry we ate while listening to the News. Our high temperature only felt like 75 F (24 C) today.
Equality Sculpture.
It reads "Hatred for None-Love For All".
Our ride for today totaled up to Seventeen Miles. I had “planned” (there’s that word) on adding the Links about the Border Closures to Non-Essential Travel tonight but I’ll get it written up earlier tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were but without it we go nowhere.

Carl Sagan, Scientist.


  1. What a GREAT ride. I truly wish there was something like that around here. So nice they kept the area next to the water a park for everyone to enjoy.

  2. What a lovely ride! Even Detroit looks nice from your point of view!

  3. My first trip into Canada was when my daughters )now 52 and 54) were about 10 and 12. We crossed over at Niagara Falls and back to the states in Windsor over that bridge. Was the Highway called Queens Highway or something like that? And it was the first time I ever saw someone put vinegar on French Fries.

  4. Great bike ride. So much to see as you pedal that the miles slip by.