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Friday, August 7, 2020

Chores, Laundry and Border Crossing Reports.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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It was minutes after 8:00 when I started my day. I had everything ready for breakfast when I heard Kathy getting up. The sky was clear with a slight breeze coming from somewhere with the temperature already in the lower Sixties. We discussed what we needed to do but made certain that we didn’t make any Plans because when we do it’s a certainty that they won’t happen.
We spent the morning on the Computers learning what is happening in our lives before checking on our Friends and Fellow RVers. We’ve also noticed quite a few of the regular Bloggers seem to be thinning out whether it’s due to illness or they are just tiring of the routine. I recall some giving up the usual Blogger platform to change over to Face-Book. I looked at that a couple of times but found that it would not work at what I was trying to accomplish.
Once our morning chores were finished we worked together getting things ready for an early lunch. Since we figured on it being busy this afternoon we chose to have something that would hold us over until supper because there would be no room for snacking. I put together the makings for our Grilled Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches while Kathy set up the plates with a Tomato side then a dessert plate with Cookies, Grapes and a Yogurt Cup.

As soon as we were done eating I let Kathy deal with the Dishes as I started sorting and treating our Laundry. Since we will be busy on Monday and weekends are better left to those still working today was our day.

Things were already busy by the time I got downstairs the Second Floor Laundry Room was already packed so I headed to the First Floor. With all the Washers at my disposal I got busy. When the Dyers became available I filled them up. I was back in the Apartment shortly after 4:00.
It was a good thing we had a filling early lunch because we didn’t eat until after the 6 o’clock Local News was finished. Kathy cooked up Philly Sliced Beef from Lou’s Kitchen on a bun with Spinach as a side for our late supper.

After we ate I took the time to read the reports that Kathy had mentioned to me the other day about people travelling Internationally after the Coronavirus. The first report was published April 15th and talks mostly about Airline Travel not getting back to near Pre-Covid numbers until 2023. Here is the Link that you can check out for yourselves.

Another report published July 20th has to do with the Extended Border Closure between Canada and the United States. This only deals with people coming into Canada not going into the US but will be interesting for anyone to read. The link to that report is Here. We’ll be searching for anything regarding people wanting to travel to the United States.

There is one more report that everyone should read that was published in our local news paper The Windsor Star two days ago. It tells you how the Coronavirus affects many different parts of our bodies and what they are. The link to that report is Here.

These reports do not tell us If or When the International Borders will be open to Canadian Snowbirds wanting to head south in their RVs this Fall to escape our Canadian Winters. All we can hope for is the Medical Professionals find a way to end this Pandemic.

I know many reading this still think that Covid-19 is a Hoax but try telling that to the families of the Seven Hundred Thousand who died from it and the Eighteen Million that struggled to recover.

Please wear a Mask if not for yourselves then for those around you. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I hear you about Face-Book.
    I've never been on it and have no interest to join the group.

  2. Ugh ... you just reminded me I have laundry in the washer! LOL

  3. No matter what that laundry has to be done. Too bad you don't have washer dryer in the apt. That's the part I hate most about being on the road is using the laundromats

  4. Good post and many thanks for the links. What some travelers many not realize is that if the borders remains closed they can still fly into the US and Mexico BUT if Canada is keeping the border closed and retains its travel ban to certain countries, you will not get travel insurance.

    I think that I am not begging as much because I seem to run out of time. It takes me longer to get things done during the day and then I run out of energy to post. I have several posts ready to go but need the energy to complete them.

  5. Crossing into the US can be found at Border Wait Times at I use the phone app when deciding where to cross returning from Mexico.

  6. Your blog entries are always pleasant reading and I really enjoy them. Thank you.

  7. While I can not speak for other bloggers only for myself I find that since the quarantine began and then when my state (Texas) opened up too soon...I rarely go out.

    Not going out leaves me nothing to blog about. Add to that Blogger wanting us to use its new format and to that end making the "old format" difficult to use. it takes too long to make a post.