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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Two Day Wrap Up.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Sorry about not elaborating sooner but for being retired we certainly are busy. Yesterday, Wednesday we sat around the majority of the day at Bill Alexander Ford in Yuma. After having spent weeks sidelined in Alamogordo, New Mexico and spending $$$$ on the Truck we didn’t think we’d have any further problems. Unfortunately we continue to lose Coolant and some Oil that is not showing any signs of outward leakage. When you have service of that kind done at any Ford Dealership it holds a Two Year Warranty that can be dealt with at any Ford Dealership.
La Posa North
Without an appointment we were fortunate that they were able to take us right in. After sitting in the lounge for nearly Four Hours our breakfast was long gone so we said we needed to get some food. They had Matt drive us where we wanted to go so we chose Wendy’s. Not wanting to overeat we each had one of their Chicken Salads. We had told Matt to give us an hour and he was very punctual. Matt is presently in College and hopes to become a Firefighter.
Yuma Proving Grounds 
Back in the Lounge it wasn’t long before the Service Manager brought Ernesto the Mechanic over to explain what he had done and to ask a few questions. After Pressure Testing the Cooling System there were no leaks found even after a Road-Test. He said if the Coolant had just been poured in it could have developed an Air Pocket in the system and when it cleared itself that’s where the Coolant went. (I’ve never heard of such a thing.) There was a discoloured Oil Film on the Fill Cap which could be caused by Coolant in the Oil. He was going to add Coolant once the Engine cooled and mark the Overflow Container. The plan is for us to go back in a week to see if the Coolant level changes.
We finally left the Dealership around 4:30 and drove up to the nearest Walmart. Having sat around so long we needed to walk and get some groceries. The next thing we knew our Cart was full and we walked out in the dark trying to find our Truck at 6:45
Needing Fuel we managed to get some at Valero for $2.899 a Gallon.

A little further up the street we stopped at Pep Boys. A few days ago I managed to break the Keyless Entry Fob off my Keyring. There were other suppliers that had Cheaper Priced Fobs but then it would cost you to have it programmed to your vehicle. Pep Boys also sold just the Casing at a fraction of the cost and by using the original insides there was no programming charge.

It was past 7:30 by then and we were starving which is not good for Kathy’s Diabetes. We stopped at Jack In The Box where Kathy had a Chicken Tenders Combo and I had a Bacon Mozzarella Melt Combo. We started feeling better by the time we finished our Soft Drinks.

We walked into Big Lots shortly after 8:00 and did more walking and managed to get a few more things at discounted prices.

Driving around the corner we watched as they were locking the doors at
Harbor Freight. We were overtired by that time so we will just stop in next week.

When we finally got back Home after unloading the Truck we had Perishable Groceries to take care of and simply left the rest until morning. After turning on our Blue Flame Heater and getting the Bed turned down Kathy simply called it a night. I had a hard time to put that short Blog together before I crashed.

We both slept like a couple of rocks not waking until after 8:00 this morning. I started putting away the rest of groceries from last night when Kathy came downstairs. We even drank our Coffee/Tea at the table talking about what the Dealership had said. I’ve rebuilt Engines before and never heard of what they were talking about.

After checking our E-Mail and the News from back home we worked together taking inventory on what we have in our Pantry so we won’t buy something we already have then writing a new Shopping List for things we do need.
Since that meant checking what soups we had in stock we had Split Pea and Bacon Soup for lunch along with Cheese Sticks as a side, topped off with a Fruit/Veggie Apple Sauce.

It was only 45F (7 C) when I went outside and the first thing I wanted to check was our Propane. Even though we use less Propane by heating with our Blue Flame Heater, we cook with it on the Stove, heat Water for a Showers, along with the Fridge, we use a lot of Propane. There was barely any in the One Tank when I switched it over. Than I loaded both our Empty Tanks in the Truck.

Next thing I did was check the Coolant level in the Truck while it was still cold. Remember Ernesto said it was an Air Bubble, well the level is down by an Inch just driving around Yuma and back to Quartzsite.
Since I had to go to town Kathy came with me. Our first stop was at the Trash Bins here at La Posa South that were just emptied yesterday. All the Bins were nearly full again when we got there today.
In Quartzsite our first stop was at Quiet Times Greeting Card Company. We didn’t have any packages to pick up but were were shopping. They carry very unique items and with someone special in mind we searched for a request. We lucked out and even managed to have it Gift Wrapped as a way of protecting it.
Finally we went to RV Pit Stop to get Propane. There was a lineup but within Ten Minutes we were soon on our way Home.
I’ve mentioned how our Truck goes into a Regeneration Mode so that it can clean the Diesel Particulate Filter. It did that last night just as we were parking the Truck for the night. Today as soon as we left the RV Pit Stop it started again. You can’t keep ignoring it or the Filter will plug up and you’ll be stranded by the side of the road. Let’s just say we added a few more miles going Home then originally intended.
When we got Home before 4:00 Kathy had me chop an Acorn Squash in half so she could cook it in the Micro-Wave. Around that time Wayne stopped over and gave us a piece of Smoked Salmon that he had caught and smoked himself this year. He and Sue vacuum sealed it so it stayed fresh. We ate it cold but it was delicious. Thanks guys we loved it.
Acorn Squash
We finished our meal earlier then planned. After doing the Dishes together I went outside to install the fresh Propane Tanks and do a little clean up. Someone had piled a couple of dead Mesquite Bushes on top of our Firepit so rather then waste them I cut them into kindling sized pieces very carefully. Mesquite Bushes are filled with Thorns that are nearly an Inch Long. We’ll probably have a Campfire tomorrow and that will make great kindling. When I turned to go in I realized I was missing a nice Sunset so got a couple of quick shots before going in.
Tomorrow I have some phone calls to make. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Yes you sure are busy people all the time but they say that's what keeps you young.

  2. You never heard if an air bubble in your radiator ? I have known about this since I was a kid repairing cars. They happen when the coolant is drained and more added.

  3. Oh my goodness. Me thinks you need a new truck!! I'm sorry you are having so many problems with it.

  4. All these issues with you truck have got to be frustrating hope it gets taken care of soon.
    Though, it does sound like you and Kathy are still enjoying your time in the desert.

  5. Boy you make me tired just reading the blog..:) Sorry about the truck issues again!

  6. What a busy few days you folks have had. I hope the truck issue is over with soon. At least it's not costing you more money.
    We keep a pad/pen by the fridge and when we use up something or are down to just a bit left we add it to the list. We also try to have a menu for the week ahead and that way we can plan what we will eat, and make sure to add anything we need to the grocery list while we are making the menu. That way we don't every really have to make a list. It's always an on going thing. Just a thought to make life easier.

  7. I can so relate. Costs in 2018 for repairs to our 2011 F350 Diesel were about 6K for new rear. 16K for new engine. 1K new tires. Hoping for a better 2019. Wishing you the same.