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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Jealous Trailer, Running In Circles and Ready To Go.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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I was downstairs getting things ready for breakfast and opening the Window Shades before 7:00 this morning. I managed to find an entire bunch of Blogs that I hadn’t read before going to bed last night so I simply opened all of them thinking that most would be read before Kathy joined me. That was not to be because she came downstairs thinking that she was late getting up but it wasn’t even 7:30.
Once breakfast was finished I only had time to read a couple of those Blogs that I mentioned above while drinking my Coffee. Even though we both needed a second cup when they were cooling in their Cups I closed the lid on my Computer and started doing my inside chores.

With all the attention that we’ve been paying towards the Truck it almost felt that the Trailer was starting to get jealous. When Kathy went to lower the Window Shade by my chair last evening it just dropped like a rock. It was one of a few Window Shades that I had not replaced those cheap Plastic Anchors that resemble Sewing Machine Bobbins. It took longer to move the Chair then to replace those Anchors.

We also wanted to take showers yesterday but the Propane Detector kept going off. Each time that happened we seemed to be getting strong North Winds blowing right on the side where our Water Heater is mounted. I went outside and noticed that the Flame on the Water Heater was Carburizing so with a slight adjustment we were getting a perfect Flame again but now I notice the Pressure Relief Valve is dripping.
Winston wears Doggy Shoes to protect his feet from the desert stones.
Wayne showed up to see what I was doing at that point and said he had to replace his Valve on his Trailer. He was told it’s the minerals in this water that corrodes them and they have to be replaced.

Thinking that adjusting the Flame had solved our problem we planned on taking early showers. That was when we found out the Hot Water Knob in the shower was stripped. It wouldn’t turn the water on or off and the Propane Detector was again screaming at us. Shutting the Water Heater and resetting the Propane Detector gave us peace of mind.
Trying to use up foods that we have in stock we used the Microwave to cook up some ready-made Shredded Pork Sliders that we had in the Freezer and we finished the Jell-O we had in the Fridge. It all tasted great and before long we were out the door.

Our first stop was RV Lifestyles looking for replacement Knobs for our shower. The only ones they had were fancier but we needed them. I didn’t know the type of Water Heater we had so we held off on the Pressure Relief Valve. We also stopped at the Service Desk hoping to get a better understanding of what was causing the Alarm to go off. There was no Propane Smell when it was happening, it only happened when we were running the Water Heater and the Wind was coming from the North. Since they are already booked for the next couple of weeks they gave us a few pointers of what to look for.
On the way Home we stopped at a couple of Vendors just to get some walking in. It wasn’t long before we kept on going. Having seen the Trash Truck come into the LTVA this morning we got rid of our trash before getting back to the Trailer.

I went to install the new Knobs in the Shower but the way they are made would not mount on our controls. With the Water Pump turned off I was able to temporarily remove the Relief Valve to see the size of the Tread it had and then simply reinstalled it.

This time Kathy stayed behind wanting to do some inside cleaning.
At RV Lifestyles they had the Pressure Relief Valve but the Knobs won’t be in until tomorrow. I was running in circles. Needing them today I drove up Main Street to the Marketplace Hardware Store. They had the exact Knobs that we needed.

I stopped at Karl’s Jr. to pick up a Two Sandwich Combo for our supper. We shared the Soft Drink while Kathy had the Double Cheeseburger and I had the Spicy Chicken. Total cost under $5.00.
Just laying around checking the Water Heater.
After eating I emptied part of the basement so that I could remove the rear wall which covered the Water Heater. After checking all the fittings and hoses I had Kathy turn it on. It worked perfectly and the Alarm didn’t sound.
I had Kathy take her shower first because I wanted to empty our Waste Tanks before we take the Truck in tomorrow. It was dark by that time so I needed to use a Handheld LED Light to see what I was doing. At the Dumping Station met someone from Alberta also dumping his tanks.
After dropping the Barrel off at the Trailer I when into town to fuel up the Truck. Chevron had Diesel for $2.879 a Gallon. Back Home I finally got my shower and set the Alarm for our morning appointment. Those Blogs I opened this morning were still on my Computer tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Joke of the Day

You're jealous because the voices are only talking to me.


  1. You had a busy day! So nice you now how to fix all that stuff. Few people have those skills!!

  2. Sorry the RV is giving you so many problems all at once. There are days like that. Hope the next few days are peaceful and problem free.

  3. They recommend that the Propane Detectors be replaced every 5-7 years.
    The full time lifestyle isn't always fun.

    Sometimes it seem we always have something to work on.

  4. Just reading your day was stressing me out! We had so many days like that. Hope problems are all solved soon.

  5. Sometimes if it weren't for bad luck we would have no luck at all.
    I hope things go well with the truck.

  6. More than happy to follow along but getting dizzy with all of your to do's :)