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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fellow Bloggers Driving By, Daring Street Crossing and New Loaner.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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We managed to drag ourselves out of bed shortly after 7:30 this morning at the insistence of our Alarm. When we have to wake to that rather than naturally on our own it feels like the day just drags on and wears us out.
After quickly verifying that the Coolant Level in the Truck was safe enough for the drive to Yuma we were soon on our way just after 8:20. The weird part of today’s drive was that it seemed to go quicker then last week yet we arrived minutes late for our appointment.
Since the Service Manager at Bill Alexander Ford already had a file on his Computer it was an easy drop off. When the Mechanic heard that I had added Coolant he was upset but when I said the Tank had been empty and I wasn’t about to ruin my Engine for that he understood.
We made ourselves comfortable in the Customer Lounge but after completing my first Cryptogram I told Kathy that I was going to walk over to Pep Boys. When we arrived here in Quartzsite I snagged my Key Fob on our Generator and it broke off my Keyring. All the other Auto Parts Stores had new Fobs that needed to be programmed but Pep Boys sold the Replacement Cases at a far more reasonable price with no programming involved. We figured at that price that having a Spare Fob Case would be a wise idea.
As I was walking west along 32nd Street from the dealership towards a Traffic Light I looked up to see a Black F-350 heading my way. Just as it was about to pass me heading east I saw Patsy from Chillin' With Patsy talking to her husband Bill from On Our Way as he concentrated on his driving. Even though I had the Camera in my pocket it happened so fast that I didn’t get a picture.
Lots of Green Desert
At Pep Boys when I checked the rack there were all kinds of Fob Cases available but not the one we needed. Adriane called nearby locations and was able to have one sent to their location but it would arrive after 1:00. The Half Mile Walk back to the dealership was uneventful.
Especially in the desert.
When we waited to have a very late lunch last week it left Kathy feeling drained for days after. At noon today we gathered our belongings and cautiously made our way across a very busy 32nd Street. Because the Traffic Lights are nearly a Quarter Mile apart Kathy was nervous about having to stand on the Median until the traffic cleared heading the other way.
Kathy chose to eat lunch at Taco Bell since we haven’t been there since we left Ontario. We took our time eating a lite meal before our second round of crossing 32nd Street.
This Mountain Top actually resembles a Stone House.
We found someplace to sit and watched as other customers that had arrived after us were being told that their vehicles were ready. I went to speak with the Service Manager and was surprised when he suggested we take a loaner until our Truck is repaired. Too bad he hadn’t thought about it this morning but it did get us out of the house. At $30.00 a Day I’m certain that it will be tacked on to our Bill but we left the dealership at 2:00 with an F-150 that had all of 40 Miles on it. You could smell the New Car Scent when we got in.

A quick stop at Pep Boys netted us our Spare Fob Casing.

Our next stop was Harbor Freight where we picked up Two more Parts Organizers.
Trains in the distance.
Our GPS brought us to the Yuma Palms Parkway but would not take us to the GNC. We had to drive around to the different sections of the Mall until we spotted it. Our GPS stopped working at their back door. Kathy managed to get more Arnica a natural remedy that has been helping with her Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Our Waiters idea of Sundaes.
By 4:00 we were both starting to feel out of sorts from getting up early to not eating much and the uncertainty about the Truck so since it was very near the GNC I suggested we go to Chili’s. After looking the Menu over we found an entree that consisted of Four Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders and Fries that we were able to share. Since we were just satisfied we splurged and asked for an Ice Cream Sundae. Because Sundaes are not on Chili’s Menu our waiter made his own creation that had people taking pictures. Who knows maybe they’ll soon be on their Menu.
The drive Home was scenic but we were missing something. The Sunset that was taking place behind our backs. We managed to get a few pictures as we pulled up to our Trailer.
Tomorrow we have things we need to do as we wait to hear that our Truck has been repaired. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I sure hope your truck issues are resolved soon!

  2. If the problem is covered under warranty hopefully they'll give you the truck rental for free..seems only right to me. Hopefully it doesn't take them too long. Those sundaes look yummy!

  3. I did notice Anderson Ford as we drove by and did wonder if you were there and how you were making out. Sorry I didn't see you or we would've stopped. Hope they can find and fix the problem.

  4. I agree with Shirley, if it's under warranty the loaner should be free but it's easy to tack on a few bucks in all those misc charges they add on.
    Good luck with the repair.
    The sundaes look awesome.

  5. It seems to be such an ordeal you have to go through with the repair problems of your truck. Hopefully that was the last one and you are good for a while.

  6. I really don't think that they should charge you for the loaner.

  7. We like Chili's and the service is alway so good. They go out of their way to make you happy. Now if they can just fix the truck to make you really happy good luck