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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Breakfast With Special Friends, Strange Things Happening and We’re Getting Rain.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Lately when I set the Alarm I am usually out of bed getting things ready before it goes off but not today. The noise alone startles Kathy into wakefulness so that’s why we try avoiding its use. After getting dressed the only thing we consumed was our morning Medications and Vitamins before heading out the door.
With the Government Shutdown we have seen a lot of strange things. As we were leaving La Posa South LTVA there was a Trucker parked with his load for the night across the road getting ready to leave.
We were soon heading up Arizona 95 to Quartzsite until we turned west on Main Street. Our destination was the Quail Run Cafe where we were meeting Tom and Deb Duchaine from Celebrating the Dance for breakfast. Yes we just saw them yesterday but when we met them Two Years ago there was something that just clicked. It’s the connection you get when meeting Special People who are just being themselves. We were early so we got to see lots of people coming and going.
Deb and Tom.
They arrived shortly after dropping the “Stinger B” off at RV Lifestyles to have their Refrigerator replaced. When we visited in our Trailer yesterday they also noticed our Blue Flame Heater that we use to keep warm without using our Furnace. When they saw them on display this morning they added one to their Work-Order.
Farmers Omelette.
The entire time we ate at least one of us was talking. The food was well done and there was lots of Coffee served without any pressure for us to leave. It was past 10:30 when we finally left the Cafe. Outside our conversation didn’t stop and we were once again seeing others coming and going. At 11:30 we said our Farewells until we get together again soon. Thanks Tom and Deb for the Wonderful Visit and Good Luck with your RV.
Partly eaten Belgian Waffle.
Last year I purchased a Winter Weight Jacket from one of the Vendors here in Quartzsite. I only wore it Twice when one of the Metal Buttons fell off. It still functioned on our way home and as we returned this winter. Between the Holidays I located the Vendor who gave me Replacement Buttons but now they need to be installed. We were told to stop at the Leather Shop across the street from Silly Al’s. When we spoke with the woman there she had no clue how to attach these Buttons. If they had been Snaps she would have had it fixed in minutes. She recommended finding a Shoe Maker.
The Big Tent went up yesterday.
Since the Leather Shop was in the same building as Dorothy and Toto’s Ice Cream Shop we chose to have a Single Scoop Ice Cream Cone for our lunch.
New Neighbours about a Hundred Feet Away.
Back at La Posa South LTVA before going Home we checked and found that the smaller Trash Bins had been emptied again. When we got back to our Trailer there were Two RVs that were now parked on our Door Side and Two RVs that had been just past Wayne and Sue’s Trailer were gone.

The early hours were too much for Kathy so she needed an extended Snap this afternoon to make up for it. With the cool breeze and overcast skies I got caught up on all my Blog Reading and News.
Around 2:00 we started getting a drizzle that covered our Windows but by 4:00 it was more of a light Rain. With the added dampness we had Chicken Noodle Soup for supper topped off by hot Coffee/Tea to help warm us up. By 7:00 we were getting a steady Rain that is forecasted to continue overnight.

The Sun is supposed to show up tomorrow so we’ve got things to do. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. The big tent is up? I thought they weren't open until the 19th!!

    1. The tent is probably up but not open with vendors until the 19th, me thinks. :)

    2. They open on the 19th. Rick bought the coat he is talking about from the vendors outside of the big tent and those vendors are up and running already. Lots of people there checking things out.

  2. What a wonderful morning you had with Tom and Deb and amazing looking breakfasts for sure! Hoping the weather warms soon and the rains stop!

  3. How nice to have brekky with the Duchaines. Lovely couple they are. ;)

  4. Very nice to have breakfast with Tom & Deb. A very charming couple.
    I think it rained everywhere in this neighbourhood yesterday. When leaving Desert Shores, CA it was overcast with the feel of rain in the air. It rained/drizzled here on Ogilby Road yesterday and most of the night as well.

  5. It didn't rain here until later in the evening but rained all night until early this morning which is now Sunday