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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Another Delay, Getting Water Along With Rain and A Close Call. (Pictures Updated)

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Things were back to normal this morning when I had all the Window Shades open and the makings for breakfast ready before Kathy came downstairs. It was also nice seeing the bright Sun shining in adding a bit of warmth to the inside of the Trailer.
As soon as breakfast was over Kathy headed to her Computer while I got on the phone to Bill Alexander Ford in Yuma. After being redirected to the Service Department it was a matter of explaining to Javier what I needed to know about our Truck because I had no intention of driving all that distance if it was not ready. Since Al was off Sick yesterday and today he would have to get back to me because the place was hopping with people coming in for service today.
Thinking we might not have our Truck back today I was just about to go get some Fresh Water to fill the Trailer Tank with when it started Raining quite steady again for the second time this week. Instead I went back On-Line to research the Parts Numbers for our Honda EU3,000is that were not in the Owner’s Manual that I downloaded yesterday. Even with the full Model Number there are still differing parts that do the same function. At least with the Parts Numbers in hand when I do a quick check I’ll be able to determine which Part to actually use.
Not wanting the same old same old for lunch we worked together to make a Salmon Salad Sandwich with some Low Sodium Potato Chips as a side and a Pudding Cup for dessert. It was tasty and hit the spot.
As soon as we finished cleaning up the Dishes I was back on the phone with Javier at Bill Alexander Ford. He relayed what Ernesto the Mechanic had said. Before taking the Front Cover off the Truck they had ordered it in. What he didn’t order in were new Bolts and when they came apart they didn’t look too good. (A Quick Note: Aluminium and Ferrous Metals develop what is called Electrolysis. In other words they eat one another up.) Like other Ford Dealerships they don’t keep a lot of Inventory in stock but have to order it from a Regional Distribution Center. The new Bolts will be in on Monday. (Definitely not like the old cars we grew up working on,)
The Rain finally stopped so I loaded our Fresh Water Barrel in the back of the F-150 and went to fill it up. On my return a Jeep was stopped in the Pathway. He finally pulled up so I could get by but he had a problem. The front Casters on the Blue-Boy he was pulling had collapsed. I suggested strapping it higher on his hitch eliminating the need for front Casters so he could get it to the Dump Out Station then to purchase a Utility Cart to strap it on for future use. Doug appreciated my suggestion and will look into doing that.
Kathy was feeling closed in and really didn’t know what to make for supper. I made a suggestion that we should go out to have Fish and Chips something we have not had a lot of this winter. After I had filled our Fresh Water Tank and removed the Barrel from the pickup we were soon on our way.
Even though we have had Fish and Chips at nearly every restaurant in Quartzsite, Kathy had checked On-Line for reviews and chose the Quartzsite Yacht Club. Even though the place was packed and we had to park in the Overflow Lot next door. We share a long inside table with another couple. Within minutes the Waitress had our drinks delivered and our food ordered. In less then Ten Minutes we were being served our food. The food was good but I wouldn’t say great. We’ll try the other establishments again.
Across the street from the Yacht Club.
Nice to see the Sun.
As we were leaving the Sun was trying to break through the Clouds even casting a brilliant lighting effect on some of the Mountain Ranges while we could make out Rain coming down on the others.
Just as we passed these Entrances it happened.
When we learn to drive we are taught to “Drive Defensively” and the person who taught me always said that includes watching your mirrors. Seconds after passing the La Posa North and West Entrances I saw a Car in my driver’s side mirror suddenly speed up to pass the Three Vehicles in front of him. I also saw a Car that was less then Five Hundred Feet heading towards us in the oncoming lane. I hit the Brakes and straddled the shoulder of the Road just like the Oncoming Car did. The Speeding Car just cleared the both of us.
Our Trailer in the middle from a Quarter Mile away.
Even though we had some not to kind words for him it was going to cost him. There was an Arizona Highway Patrol right behind the Oncoming Car that nearly got hit. Talk about throwing gravel in the air when he turned around in pursuit. We turned in La Posa South LTVA and let the Trooper have all the fun.
Since we aren’t getting our Truck back for a few more days we will just have to use what vehicle we have to go places and see things. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Sounds like things got a little too "interesting" for a few moments there.

  2. YAY!! A Highway Patrol car when you need one!! I hope it costs that guy big time!!

  3. Glad you were able to avoid an accident.
    Truthfully I don't think the ticket or charges will make any difference. You just can't fix stupid and some people have it in double doses.
    The Ford Dealership removed the cover and ordered it but not the bolts? REALLY?

  4. Well another wait for you..that's too bad. Wow..that story was a close call, what's wrong with people!

  5. Boy I hope you get truck sorted soon!

  6. Yikes! A close call for sure. I hope the Trooper had some fun throwing the book at him.
    Hope the mechanic doesn't twist off any of those bolts and have to tap the block. Always something.