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Friday, January 4, 2019

Wayne Checking Our Truck, Loose Pooch, Quick Visit and Fun Campfire.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Even though it didn’t get as cool last night as the previous nights the first thing I did was to turn the Blue Flame Heater up to a higher setting when I got out of bed. Due to my Raynaud’s Disease where my extremities are always cold I can live with it being cool but with Kathy’s Rheumatoid Arthritis the cool temperatures play havoc on her Hands and Shoulders.
It worked out to be a slow morning mainly spent getting caught up on the Computers. It felt strange to see that we were having the same Temperature as back in Essex.
Once I had my inside chores finished I mentioned to Kathy what I wanted to check on the Truck but she suggested I wait until we had an early Lunch. While she made a Pasta Dish out of Leftover Hamburger in the sauce and all the small broken ends of the different Pastas and Noodles she has on hand I was busy making a Mixed Berry Yogurt dessert. By the time the dessert was on the table it was time to add some Shredded Mozzarella Cheese on the Pasta.
After checking the Truck and finding the Coolant Level lower then I did yesterday I noticed Wayne out working around his Truck. After checking what he was up to he asked about our Truck. When I told him about the Coolant loss he came over to see what I meant. The next thing I know he’s laying under the front of the Truck on the rocks. He found what he suspects are coolant leaks that Ernesto had not found. He listened as I explained what Ernesto the Mechanic had told us and he immediately checked the Engine Oil Dipstick before pulling the Fill Cap. We are definitely getting Coolant into our Engine’s Crankcase and that’s not good.

Around that time we saw a little Dog running loose passed the back of our Trailer. Unprotected Dogs in this area soon become Coyote Snacks. Wayne was able to coax this Pocket Pooch close enough to scoop him up. Luckily there was a phone number on the Collar that he had Sue call. The woman that came from a nearby Trailer was more annoyed that the Dog had wandered away and she didn’t know until her phone rang. Not the type of person that should have a pet.
When Wayne looked past me he saw a Black Jeep driving towards our Truck thinking someone was lost but I knew different. It was Tom and Deb Duchaine from the blog Celebrating the Dance coming for a visit. We had met them here Two Years ago and instantly became good friends after following one another’s blogs for years.
When I read their Blog this morning and saw that they were getting a new Fridge put in the Stinger Bee (their RV) at RV Lifestyles here in Quartzsite I invited them for a Campfire. They were tired from the trip from Yuma and thought an afternoon visit was better. We sat inside out of the Cold Wind while we were busy catching up. After a quick picture for prosperity they were too soon on their way.
Because of the size of our lunch we’d had Kathy decided a Ten Inch Thin Crust Veggie Pizza would be enough for supper. With the Pizza Stone on the Weber it only took Twenty Minutes for it to be cooked perfectly.
While I was grilling the Pizza Wayne and Sue were returning for town after picking up a part that had come in. I reminded them about the Campfire.
I mentioned yesterday that someone had piled a few Mesquite Shrubs on our Firepit. Instead of tossing them in the wash I chopped them up while carefully avoiding the long thorns. Putting only a small amount in the Firepit to start I used a sheet of paper from an advertisement on top held in place by a Pine Log. It took nearly Five Minutes before the Mesquite started to burn but then it was like putting Gasoline on the Fire.
Wayne and Sue joined us after having their supper and the conversation never stopped. Kathy asked and Wayne explained about the leaks that he had found on the Truck. We also continue to share things from our pasts that were almost identical. We called it a night shortly after 9:00 tonight.
We are setting our Alarm Clock for the morning but we’ll save that story for tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. A great campfire always end the day on a good note. I'm glad Tom and Deb made it okay.

  2. Sounds to me like the truck is a major problem - and a ford is now removed for my new one. If Wayne can find the leaks and find coolant in the oil doesn't say much for the dealership either - sorry your having so many problems

  3. Oh boy that doesn't sound good with your truck. A visit with Tom and Deb was a great point in your day and a campfire to end the day..nice!

  4. Rick, I don't know a whole lot about engines, but my suspicions were that you had a leak and possibly a bad gasket for there to be oil in the coolant. Hoping that that someone can solve the problem for you before you lose an engine. Good luck, we will be there on the 18th, see you then.

  5. Tough luck with your truck, knocking on wood here but I have had great luck with my Fords, I still use my 99 DRW with a 7.3L as a daily driver when we are back north of the Medicine Line in the summers and the 450 we tow with is going on 7 without any major issues so far. Hope they get it figured out soon!

  6. Sorry for you continued vehicle issues. Kudos for the positive attitude.

  7. You know Goodyear isn't that far away, they will have a Ford Dealership since it seems the one in Yuma isn't too on the ball.
    Wonderful that you had a chance to visit with Deb and Tom, even if it was a short one. I'm sure you'll get a chance to see them again over the next weeks.
    Enjoy your campfires.

  8. I am not a fan of ford but that's just me. My daughter has one and is on her 5th recall.