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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Catching Up, Dealing With Verizon, Walking Past Fellow Bloggers Camp and Interesting Neighbour.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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When the Rain started coming down steady at 7:00 last night just as forecasted it continued all night. For those who have never travelled to the Southwest it does Rain in the Desert. It was just after 7:00 this morning that I got out of bed and even though I could no longer hear anything on the roof I could see the mist still gathering on our Windows. Since Kathy needs more sleep then most people and the sound of Rain makes her sleep sounder top that off with all the Fresh Air she had yesterday it took a while longer before she joined me downstairs.
The temperatures were not as brisk as past mornings but with the Heavy Clouds still hanging around along with the Wind slapping our Bicycle Cover on the back of the Trailer we were nearly into Hibernation Mode. Making it a Two Cup Morning we got caught up on all our On-Line reading.
I also took the time to attempt to pay our bill with Verizon for our MiFi Hotspot. Since we don’t have a Permanent US Address every month I try paying On-Line and every time the notification appears to call a particular number. When we try those numbers the Automated Answering System Realizes that we are not calling from a Verizon Phone and hangs up on us. The only Verizon Phone Number that we don’t get disconnected from is Tech Support. Every month I have to explain our problem to someone new so they can transfer our call to Customer Service. Even then I have to explain our dilemma before they will accept our payment but here is the kicker. They want to charge us a $7.00 charge for helping to make the payment. I refuse the charge because it’s their Computer that’s the cause of the problem. They waived the charge.
Since we weren’t too active Kathy kept lunch lite with a Chicken Salad Sandwich and a Mixed Berry covered Yogurt dish for dessert. All low fat but containing the Nutrients that we needed,
When Wayne found those suspected leaks the other day he suggested we drive it yesterday to see if we lost anymore Coolant and check it after the Truck cooled down. After lunch I dawned my Coveralls and the first thing I checked was the Coolant level in the Fill Tank. There is none to be seen. Then I crawled under the front of the Truck using an LED Light to illuminate everything as I took Pictures of Leakage that wasn’t found on Wednesday.
Even this afternoon there were standing water puddles.
As I was closing up Kathy came outside with the trash and asked how it was going. I explained my findings and that scared her when I explained that the Coolant in our Oil is probably from a leaking Head Gasket.
North America Map.
We wanted to go for a walk so after putting our Hiking Shoes on we walk a loop north of our site that we did last year. We inspected the Rock Map of Canada and the US before walking further back. I wasn’t surprised when we came across Diane and Steve Colibaba's Truck and Trailer from Living the Dream. Since we didn’t give them a Heads-up we didn’t disturb them.
There they are.
We walked less then a Mile by the time we got back to our Trailer. We met our new neighbour Ken that was busy setting up his Hobby-Shop Tent. We talked for a few minutes before he said he needed to finish up.
Those tracks weren't there yesterday.
Back Home we tried calling our friend Vera but could only leave a Voice Message on both her Home and Cell Phones.
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Not wanting any food to go bad we worked together using things up to make up a nice Omelette with a side of Toast for supper. It had Bacon, Ham, OnionsPeppers and Mozzarella Cheese. The Two Meats complimented one another even though they have their own distinctive taste.
We weren’t quite finished eating when our friend Vera called us. She had been visiting her husband Bill in the Nursing Home when we called earlier. She has been back home after recovering from her Broken Ankle and Wrist but it will take nearly a year before they can fix her Knee. She was sorry to hear we were having problems.
Is that a Cloud or a UFO?
I managed to get only a few pictures of the Sunset because of the brisk Wind. If you use your imagination it will make you wonder “Are we alone?Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Driving the truck with the coolant mixing with the oil will lead to a blown engine in a short time. Hope you get it repaired before that happens.

  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles with the phone and the truck. :( Hope things work out soon for you.

  3. My verizon account has been locked and they can't seem to unlock, they can give no reason and can't fix the problem. So I call the customer support number each time to pay the bill, they stay on the line while I do the automated payment, with them on the line it waives the $7 fee. I simply say I'm not a US resident, I'm here for the winter please help me with paying my account.
    Sorry to hear about the truck troubles. I hope you get things worked out soon.

  4. That's crazy about Verizon would be very frustrating for sure! Sorry about the truck that's horrible after all the time and $$$$ you've spent on it lately. uhhh..I think I'd be back at the shop sooner rather than later..take care

  5. Sorry to hear about the truck. Hope its not a big repair.

  6. Good luck with Verizon and with the truck. If its not one thing it is another.