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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sugar Overload.

Our Location today is Marion, North Carolina, USA.

After all the fresh air we had yesterday I was very surprised when I had difficulty sleeping last night. Kathy and I talked about it at breakfast and decided that I was overly anxious for what we had planned for today. At last night’s introduction at the pavilion we were informed that there would be no classes to attend at all. This entire Reunion get-together would be strictly about having fun.
Our tour was scheduled for later in the afternoon but we had to find a few simple supplies that we didn’t have for this week. We left the park shortly after 10:00 with plans to stop at a big box building store for some roofing sealer that John Hollinger had spoken highly about on his blog. He had purchased it at an RV Dealership in Florida but I found it advertised at Home Depot. Since we didn’t find a local Home Depot we stopped at Lowe’s thinking it’s a big box store they’ll have it. Wrong! That product is specific to Home Depot. We went next door to Big Lots looking for Eyeglass Straps afterwards but after walking every aisle there we walked out with no luck.
Chocolate cake with Sea Salt and Cayenne Pepper.
Since it was starting to get close to lunch we figured we’d drive to Black Mountain close to where our tour would be taking place and have something lite to eat. Pulling off I-40 Denny’s was packed so we figured we’d get a Salad at Wendy’s next door. The doors were locked and if you went through the drive-thru the message was an apology that they were closed due to a problem in the kitchen so we ended up at Denny’s anyhow. The place was packed so there was a ten minute wait for a table. We each ordered a cup of soup and a half salad. We waited twenty minutes for the soup and nearly an hour for the salad. Our waitress seemed to be in a world of her own.
The young Chef that amazed everyone with his Chocolate cake
at the Monte Vista Hotel.

The tour we were signed up for was billed as the Ultimate Dessert Tour put on by Creative Mountain Food Tours. We started at the Monte Vista Hotel where the chef presented his own Chocolate Cake that contained Sea salt and Cayenne pepper. This was not a small but medium sized piece of cake and it was delicious. There were no crumbs left on anyone’s plates.
(L-R) Cheese Cake, Tiramisu and Chocolate Cake.
We walked through the hills of town to the Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta house where they tried to outdo everyone by presenting three medium sized pastries on a plate. One was a piece of Tiramisu that just melted in your mouth. A piece of Cheese Cake that was so airy you hardly realized you’d eaten it. Finally a piece of dark Chocolate cake that had Rum in it but it wasn’t as good as the first chocolate cake with the Cayenne pepper in it.
Making the perfect Crepes at La Guingueete.
We then walked around the corner to a small place called La Guinguette where they have mastered the art of making Crepes to perfection. They gave us each portions of six different flavored crepes to taste. There was no favorite because they all melted in your mouth and tasted so delicious.
Kilwin's Ice Cream Flavors.
Kilwin’s Chocolates, Fudge and Ice Cream was the next stop and we were told how all their products were produced on site including their Ice Creams. Here we were given a sample of homemade fudge of our choice that was the size of a medium chocolate bar and then a half cup sized dish of the Ice Cream of our choice of flavor. You can’t find those products that will taste better anywhere else.
Luckily for us the Bakery we were supposed to visit was closed due to a family emergency. Also lucky was that we were walking through the town of Black Mountain that was very hilly to help burn off some of the sugars we were ingesting. Everyone had also given us water to help wash the sweetness down.
Our last stop was at the Red Rocker Inn where after being given a history of the building they presented us with a piece of three tier Hummingbird Cake. That cake topped everything we had tried this afternoon. The saying “Saving the best for Last” totally held true. They also served coffee or water to help us digest our treat.
Owners of the Red Rocker Inn giving us a history lesson.
After eating all those sweets we definitely didn’t eat supper tonight as a fact Kathy and I walked over to the Ice Cream Social at the pavilion with coffees in our hands without having the Ice Cream. We did talk to quite a number of RVers we’ve met before and then we sat out by the campfire until after 10:30 listening to some hilarious camping stories.
The RV Dreamers that attended the tour.

Tomorrow will be another busy day with a whole lot less sugar involved. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Wow, I love our local Kilwins and have even visited their "factory" in northern lower Michigan. So worth the trip!