It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

It All Has To Be Done and Visiting.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

With the temperature dropping to only 61 F (16 C) and no rain it was the night to sleep with the bedroom window wide open. That fresh air helped us to recover some of the sleep we hadn’t been getting this week. We woke by 8:00 this morning and felt refreshed but we weren’t in any hurry to go anywhere so we completed our morning reading before getting into other things. 

We had been notified that our request to have a new kitchen countertop, sink & taps had been approved and that maintenance would be coming in to measure it for a proper fit. To pass the time Kathy did additional research for this coming trip to North Carolina as well as sending a few e-mails. I needed to review our medications to be certain we had an adequate supply to bring along for our next trip and then to log it onto a new spreadsheet that will make keeping track of our meds much easier. Besides with the threat of thunderstorms for early this afternoon it was no use working on the trailer. 

For lunch we enjoyed a salad with small pieces of chicken for nutrition on it. We are continuing to eat lighter in order to lose the weight we gained while down south but today we had another reason. We have a dinner engagement for supper. 

Once Dan the building maintenance man had taken his measurements we needed to run a couple of errands. The first was to drop off the paperwork from Healthy Heals at Green Shield our insurance provider. This will allow us to get our refund within the week. Kathy is always certain to finish filling in everything on the form making certain to dot all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. The person at the intake desk always compliments her for that. The second stop was the Credit Union to do some banking because we have a birthday coming up in a few days.  

Back at the apartment we barely had time to change our clothes before it was time to leave. Our dinner engagement was for 5:00 at the Michigan Diner on Manning Road but we made certain to be there before the allotted time. Even our friends who were meeting us Bill and Vera arrived early so we managed a quick welcoming in the parking lot before going in. We had missed seeing our friends as they did us while we were away this winter but managed to keep in touch on the phone while we were away. 

Even as we ate we were taking turns at keeping the conversation going. Our waitress knew we were visiting and only stopped to make certain that everything was good, that we had fluids to drink and to bring our bill of which Vera grabbed saying it was our belated birthday gift. It was nearly 7:00 by the time we left the restaurant and even though Kathy and I invited them back to our apartment they passed as Bill was starting to feel tired. We said more good-byes in the parking lot with the promise of visiting them when we returned from our trip. 

We swung around to Karen and Greg’s to see how the new countertop looked in their upstairs bathroom. It was beautiful and Greg’s friend Joe was over helping him to finish putting on the wall frame trims. While talking with Karen I remembered we’d had diet pop to drink with our meal. Not all diet pop is caffeine-free and that would be enough to keep us awake tonight. 

When we left Karen and Greg’s I drove over to the Bulk Barn where I remembered seeing the Celestial Sleepy-time Tea that my sister Anna had given us to remedy our sleepless nights. It worked great while we had some but doesn’t do us any good if we’re out. I bought two packages for the trailer and one for the apartment. Kathy also bought some Fondant and Food Coloring because she wants to practice a craft that we both used to do a lot of. 

The weather forecast for tomorrow is the same as it was today and it never did rain so I think we’ll be heading over to the trailer. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Tonight's pictures were taken
while we were in Key West.


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  1. We have bought that Sleepy Time tea before but found that it didn't seem to help us a whole lot. Normally we do sleep well, especially after a hard days work outside at the campground but there is always the odd night that isn't so good.

    Glad you had a nice dinner out with your friends.

  2. Sleepy Time is supposed to help you relax. I like it and have used it in the evening at times. I'm not sure if the tea really helps me relax or if it's just the time of day.

  3. I'm confused? I must have missed something. You are still in Canada, aren't you? Those pictures look more like Florida and I swear that cruise ship looked just like one we saw here in the Keys yesterday.

  4. I have to watch my caffeine intake, too. None after noon if I want to sleep at night. You're not the only ones. ;c)