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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pulling Wire and Pulled Pork.

Our Location today is Moore Haven, Florida.

After laying in bed wide awake for a couple of hours I finally got out of bed just before 7:00. I took the time to do my morning reading and by 8:00 Kathy was up and I started making breakfast. Watching the Weather Forecast we were surprised that they said we would feel cool air this morning before the sun would break through the clouds and warm things up. 

By 9:00 we were out riding our bicycles down the road in the resort but the forecast had been correct and Kathy was getting cold from the dampness in the air. I rode back to the trailer to retrieve her jacket which made quite a difference. Today when we reached the marina we continued into a different local part of the neighborhood which added a few hills and more distance to our ride. By the time we returned from riding back from the front entrance we stopped at the office in hopes that the new lid to our slow cooker had arrived. We’ll just have to make a habit of checking until it arrives before we leave next Monday. 

When we got back to the trailer Kathy suggested we check out the Boat Yard that Elaine and Rick had told us about. You could actually see the tops of the masts from our camp site but it was a five mile trip to drive over. They had described how sad it was to see all these boats that at one time had caused many heads to turn and take notice now sitting in a state of neglect and disrepair. 

These were the only two boats being worked on.
Since there were plenty of No Trespassing, Private Property signs we drove to just outside the fenced yard. There did seem to be a few people working on a couple of the vessels that were sitting far from the water’s edge. It was a sobering site that even those who thought there ship had come in lost that dream when the market collapsed a few years back. A car with the Federal Coast Guard license plates drove by and checked what we were doing. 
Those boats are as dirty as the picture appears.
Back at the trailer Kathy went in to get out of the high humidity while I started emptying the basement. With us pulling out next week there are few days left that I have to complete my projects. One project is to rewire a split plug in our trailer’s kitchen area because at present we cannot plug in the toaster and coffee maker at the same time. The second project is to run the wires up to the roof in preparation of adding Solar Panels in the future. 
Grilled covered low and slow with foil for 2 & 1/2 hours.
Kathy in the meantime prepped a chicken to cook on the Weber. Again listening to advice from George the Weber Man we cooked it low and slow for about two and a half hours. Kathy checked it with her thermometer and it was perfectly cooked but we didn’t even taste it today because it will make many different meals this coming week. 
More boats looking abandoned.
I needed to remove the rear basement walls so I could access the space between the frame rails to run the wires through. I also had to open the bottom skin in order to pull the wires through. I needed to keep going in and out of the trailer in order to set this up and run the electrical fish through the tight spaces. Finally I needed Kathy’s help and she pulled the wire through the opening while I fed it through the bottom of the trailer. Unfortunately time was running short and I needed to close up for the day so I’ll be back to it tomorrow. 

I really needed to take a shower and the water was not too clear (more black) to wash up before going to supper. Last week we bought tickets to a Pulled Pork dinner. Of course I forgot the camera but imagine a hamburger bun loaded with pulled pork with your choice of sauce plus potato salad, bean salad, macaroni salad, sauerkraut, Cole slaw and your choice of apple or blueberry cobbler. The plates were heaping and it only cost us $7.00 each. 

Tomorrow I asked Rick to stop by so he can advise me on the best plan for the kitchen plug and I plan on finish running the wires to the roof. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. We had our solar system completely installed in Quartzsite in less than one hour no muss no fuss, very reasonable. Back in March 2007 works perfect. Seems like a lot of work you are going through.
    Why the pan for the chicken ours only takes 90 minutes, no pan needed, done to perfection.