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Monday, February 10, 2014

Horsing Around but Keeping Things on the Level.

Our Location today is Moore Haven, Florida.

This is the first day that we really slept in since arriving here at the Glades Golf and RV Resort. Having the roof vents and windows open might have had something to do with it but I think the unexpected drop in the nighttime temperature to the mid 40’s (7 C) might have made it feel warmer staying under the blankets.
When we pulled in last Tuesday afternoon it was easy to set up by looking at the levels mounted on the trailer. Unfortunately the trailer always felt like it was leaning causing me to feel off balance. After breakfast I dug out the portable level and confirmed my suspicions the trailer was not level from side to side. A closer examination of the level on the Pinbox showed that it had been moved when they installed our Storage Skirt at Ard’s.
Homemade Tomato and Cheese Soup with half a Peameal Bacon sandwich.
The fact that all the utilities were connected and it would take well over an hour to unhook them and to connect to the trailer and remove the blocks under the wheels; I thought of a better way. I simply removed the X-chock from the one side of the trailer and released the rear levelers. I then laid my work mat on the ground and using the hydraulic bottle jack I simply raised one axle at a time and removed the leveling boards. Not counting the half hour that was spent meeting our neighbor, the process took less than fifteen minutes and now the trailer is level the way it is supposed to be.
For the next thing on my to do list I had one thing in mind but Kathy suggested I do the necessary repairs to our bicycles that I had planned so she could get some riding in as well. Even though the bicycles are covered on the back of the trailer when we travel they collect a lot of road dust and the vibration causes things to get loose. I also had to replace the handle grips, electronic speedometers, mirrors, tail-lights and lube the chains and sprockets.
Kathy came outside to read for a while this afternoon and was suddenly surprised to see a visitor to the park. A woman riding her horse from the nearby stables was just casually riding through the resort becoming the focus of many a shutterbug.
Kathy's homemade Sloppy Joes.
This ended up being an all day job stopping for lunch and supper along with the neighbor that I met this morning introducing me to his wife. After supper as I was finishing my bike another neighbor came over and introduced herself to Kathy and I. By the time she left the sun had set and I was done for the day.
The only thing I didn’t finish today that I wanted to was to remount the level on the Pinbox. Tomorrow we are heading back in the direction of Clewiston in search of more adventures. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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