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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day Full of Changes

Our Location today is Moore Haven, Florida.

Both Kathy and I slept better camping out in the backyard at Ard’s in Winter Haven, Florida last night than the night before in the Big Lots parking lot in Dade City. It was much more secluded with no train and just the passing noise of the traffic. Just like yesterday morning our alarm clock was the garbage collection from a front dumpster loading truck. That allowed us to once again pack things for travel and bring in the slides before the crew at Ard’s reported for work.
Our quiet setting under the Live Oak in Ard's backyard.
This allowed me to ask one of the workers where a good place to have breakfast would be and he recommended a place down the street called Nell’s. When we got there the parking lot was packed and as one truck left I slid into his spot. This was home cooked food that was better than most of the chains serve and was very reasonably priced.
This poor dog waited patiently for his master to have breakfast.
Free Range chickens in the restaurant parking lot????
After going back to Ard’s and getting a time frame of when they expected the work to be completed we had an hour and a half to walk around some of the smaller stores just browsing before returning to the trailer. With only one additional change that we suddenly decided we wanted done we were soon hitched up and on our way towards Moore Haven.
Farmers burning off old Sugar Cane fields.
Since we’d had breakfast before 7:00 and the time was approaching 1:00 in the afternoon we stopped at a Denny’s restaurant somewhere on Highway 27. After having lunch and relaxing a bit longer we were back on the road. Finally just after 3:00 we arrived at the Glades RV Park in Moore Haven. Within minutes of registration Jennifer guided us to our sight and was very surprised that I simply backed the trailer in on the first try. (Must be all the practice!)
Happy Hour at Rick (standing) and Elaine's (sitting in front of Rick)
We hadn’t even unhooked the truck from the trailer when our friend Rick Cochrane from E & R Travels came over welcoming us and telling us Happy Hour was at 4:00 at their site. We had all the utilities hooked up, the trailer leveled and the slides out by the time we joined the gathering for the Happy Hour. That was when Elaine Cochrane told us there was a pot luck supper at the clubhouse taking place at 6:00. Kathy and I stayed and talked until 5:00 then went back to the trailer and put together a dish in less than an hour to bring to the Pot Luck.
At supper we sat with Elaine and Rick and had an enjoyable meal but then there was another surprise tonight was also Karaoke night. We stayed until 8:00 listening to a number of talented people entertaining the group of people that had gathered. Not to worry neither Kathy nor I attempted to sing fearing being banded from the park.
Tomorrow we will first sleep in, second finish setting up and then see what we can get ourselves into before the end of the day. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I guess I was kinda expecting that dog to jump down and have a free range chicken for HIS breakfast! LOL

    Karen and Steve
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