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Sunday, February 23, 2014

It’s Hot Out There and Our Daughter’s Slow Recovery.

Our Location today is Moore Haven, Florida.

Like I said in yesterday’s joint blog post when modern technology works properly it’s wonderful but when it doesn’t you just get so frustrated you’d like to scream. With so many people at McDonald’s using their internet an attempt to upload a single picture from Kathy’s camera after being cropped would not even upload after five minutes. Back home at the trailer we waited until nearly 9:00 to check if our MiFi was working and Low and Behold there it was. 
Our daughter Karen pictured on Dec. 26, 2013. 
Kathy called our daughter Karen at home to see how she is doing but just from the sound of her voice you could tell that she’s in a lot of pain. She said the neurologist is still running tests because she is not improving. She can’t ride in the car without being sick. She can’t bend over or she’ll fall and mostly she sleeps most of the day. She misses attending Tyler’s hockey games. Greg, Kylla and Tyler are all making certain that Karen can rest in an effort to heal. All this because a 19 year old was Texting while driving and now the lives of at least seven people have changed forever. 

This morning Kathy and I once again took advantage of the cooler morning temperatures and set out for our bicycle ride. We stopped to talk with Elaine and Rick to see what had happen that they left so early after the parade yesterday. Their friend Debby’s friend Karen almost passed out from the high heat when it came time to walk down to the park where all the vendors were so they basically left to come back to the resort before noon. 

Kathy and I then continued on our way riding around the resort. Even by 9:30 you could really feel the high humidity in the air so we took our time stopping for Kathy to breathe and drink water throughout. We didn’t go into the local neighborhood but we did ride each and every lane in the park. 

On our return to the trailer my plan was to do more exercise but even I felt the heat dragging me down. Kathy was trying to figure out what we should have for lunch. Just then we saw the park attendants barbecuing hotdogs over by the Park Model Trailers on display that were brought in for this weekend. So we thought what the heck and went over and walked through their park models discussing what we liked and disliked about each. That entitled us to not only a hotdog but a bottle of pop as well. Lunch resolved! 

The other day just after eating outside under the Gazebo we were swarmed by bugs. After having our hotdogs I took the screen attachment out and attempted to install it. The only problem was that I installed wind straps the other day and needed to remove them first to be able to install the screen attachment then reinstall the wind straps. I had stopped numerous times to sit and drink water because I was sweating profusely but by the time I finished that simple chore I needed to retreat inside to the Air Conditioning. 

Shortly after 3:00 we walked over to the clubhouse to enjoy our last Ice Cream Social at this park this year. We again met up with Elaine, Rick, Debby and Karen and shared a table where we talked of the heat we had yesterday and what we are having today. We felt cooled inside and out by the time we left to traipse back to prospective RVs. The thermometer on the rear of our trailer read 91 F (31 C) in the shade.

For supper we had bacon and eggs with toast because Kathy thought it was too hot for me to be outside grilling at the Weber. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I'm so sorry for all the difficulties your daughter is facing. If people would just get it through their thick heads that when you're driving, DRIVE! and do nothing else. A major pet peeve of mine it makes me furious. I hope they get to the root cause and she heals quickly.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is not doing well. It can take a year or more to fully recover from a head injury. I hope the texter is charged. Our hearts are with you & your family.

  3. I certainly hope this driver pays a serious price for his negligent behavior. We will keep Karen in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. What a sad and frustrating time for Karen and all of you. Our prayer goes out for you all.

  5. So sorry about your daughter. I hope time will help. I hope the driver/owner of the car had high liability limits so that she gets a good settlement to compensate her some.