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Friday, September 4, 2020

Wakeful Night, Appointment and Talking To A Pulmonologist.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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I didn’t make it to bed until after Midnight last night because of Blogs that I was reading. When my head hit the pillow it only took moments before I was asleep. Then I was wide awake less then Two Hours later. It felt like my CPAP Machine was not delivering the volume of Air that I needed to breathe properly. To be sure the Machine was in fact working I put my finger between the Mask and my face only to here the loud noise of Pressurized Air escaping. I lay there a while longer struggling to breathe before finally just getting up.

If there is one thing that makes me sleepy when I’m tired is to go on the Computer. It actually felt good because I was getting more Air then the Machine would allow. It took nearly Two Hours before I began feeling like I could sleep. In bed it would take another Hour before I once again drifted off. I was awake by 8:30 which gave me a total of Two and a Half Hours of sleep.
My morning drink was not Decaffeinated because we had a morning appointment. While Kathy got ready I checked The Weather Network and Windsor Star along with my E-mails. Kathy checked her messages while I got ready. We were out the door by 10:15 and were pulling out of the parking lot Five Minutes later.

We had mostly Green Traffic Lights which saved time getting to the Expressway but then there was Construction. Luckily our Exit was less then a mile from the start.

We arrived at Fantastic Sam’s Twenty Minutes before our appointment and Julia immediately took Kathy in while I sat in the Car reading a magazine. Since we are only in Phase 3 of the Coronavirus Recovery everyone needs to wear a Mask and they check you Temperature when you go in. It had been Eight Weeks since our last Haircuts so Kathy felt like a new woman when she came out. We both sat in the Car while Julia Required by Law cleaned her Work Station before calling me in. We both suggested a few changes from our last cuts. Our next appointment is in Six Weeks and we were headed east by 11:00 which was our appointment time.
We stopped at Wendy’s where we each had a Chicken Wrap, Small Chocolate Frosty and Seniors Soft Drink for our lunch.

I called Vital Aire to order supplies for Kathy and to get an idea if there is a problem with my CPAP Machine. When we go to shut down our new CPAP Machines they actually use the Phone Lines to report our sleeping habits to the Local Sleep Disorder Clinic even if it is Long Distance. When I spoke to the Pulmonologist he was able to access my Sleep History and explained that I’m having a Tachypnea which means I start breathing faster then the Machine can keep up. (It feels like my Air Supply is being restricted.) He had me call the Sleep Disorder Clinic to see if the Doctor could increase the Pressure to offset the issue but he never returned my call.
Our supper
We spent the rest of the afternoon on the Computers before stopping around 5:00 when Kathy had me chopping Onions, Peppers and Steak that she will cook tomorrow for supper. I then cooked a Store Bought Thing Crust Pizza for supper. Wanting to make it more of a meal Kathy added the last of the Chocolate Cake with Chapman’s Vanilla Frozen Yogurt for dessert.
and dessert.
On the 6 o’clock Local News there were more Coronavirus Cases reported in our area but they were from Health Care Workers that work at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Our high today was only 72 F (22 C) but we can expect warmer temperatures with Rain for the Long Weekend.

We’re trying to get to bed early tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Looks like you had another busy day, which is always better than setting around.

  2. Whoa ... nice dessert!!!!! I could use that!!

  3. Would you never sleep without the CPAP machine hooked up to you? I think I would never be able to sleep with all that contraption on my face and hose restricting my movements. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all go back to normal and forget about this mask and sanitizing business?

  4. We can feel fall in the air. Was in high 50s here this morning. Gave me the ambition to weed whack around the pond. Must really be cooler up there.

    Hubby uses BOTH cpap and oxygen. Most of the time he has no problem sleeping. I use nothing and I'm the one with insomnia.

  5. I have not had a hair cut in a long time probably more than a year. I used to get mine done in Mexico but with the border closed only to essential travel it will be a while.

    Loved your dessert!