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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Kathy’s Problem, Prime Minister and President.


Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Kathy still had trouble falling asleep last night even after she took a Tylenol Night-Time Tablet but finally dozed off after 2:00. I took a 3mg Melatonin just before heading to bed and immediately fell to sleep only to wake up staring at the ceiling around 2:30. The rest of the night it was on and off until I got up at 8:00. We’ll both try again tonight.

Besides still being tired Kathy was having a problem that cancelled our hopes of going Cycling today so our morning was spent on the Computers.

When it came time for lunch we shared the Leftover Pulled Pork on Hamburger Buns along with sharing an Apple, Cookies and Chocolate Puddings for dessert.

Once we finished cleaning up the Dishes and Kitchen we sat back at the Computers while my lunch finished settling. I was then able to get a full Three Sets of Double Repetitions along with a number of Crunches in before taking a breather.

We watched another episode of “Law & Order” before Kathy made Pancakes for supper. As per usual I just had Butter and Syrup on mine while Kathy had her Pancake with Chocolate Chips. Since they fill the middle of the plate you only need One for a meal.

When the 6 o’clock Local News came on this evening we were immediately told we’d be seeing a shorter version of the News because our Prime Minister was going to address the nation. They didn’t even post the Stock Exchange.

The Prime Minister has been taking flake for all Necessary Aid Programs he created while the country was shut down for the Coronavirus because they raised the Country’s Debt. The things he is pushing to see us through the Second Wave is Social Distancing, wearing a Mask and no Mass Gatherings until there is a Vaccine proven to protect us available.

Later we watched President Trump being interview (NBC). When asked whether he would except the Election Results his answer was “No because the election is rigged against me”.

We were watching another special that Governor Generals from Five States were asked how secure Mail-in Voting was and they all responded safer then the Walk-in Polls especially with the Virus again on the rise. They also stated the risk of Voter Fraud was very minuscule. Good Luck Guys! Looks like the President is starting to believe the Conspiracy Theorist instead of the Government Officials.

Tomorrow I have to work on our Pill Doucettes. If I get it finished early enough there is no telling what we might do. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Have you seen all the reports of thousands of mail in ballots deposited at doors where only one person lives? How about pictures of postal employees dumping mail in garbage bins. The problem is county voting agencies (mine in particular) have not updated their lists of voters who have died or changed their names. All of those people will get multiple ballots which they can mail in, and ALL will be counted. If we can all go to Walmart to shop, we can all go to the polls in person to vote.

    1. Do you think that the postal employees are only dumping Trump votes or Biden votes.Or are they delivering ballots of deceased voters only to democrats or republicans.I find those reports to be doubtful,but if true,I think it would be a moot point given that both parties would be able to commit fraud.

  2. I'm with you, Nancy K. If anyone wishes to vote, put your masks on, get out of your chairs, go down and place your ballots like you would any other year. Good grief! If you don't want to exercise your right to vote, stay home and forget about it. LOL

  3. I live in Texas where only people over 65 or handicapped can vote by mail. My mother meets these qualifications and has been voting by mail for YEARS.

    Let me tell you the ballots came sealed and like in my case I help her fill out hers I have to sign my name, identify my relationship to her and mail it back. If someone were to try to alter it the seal would be broken. It also has a strip that is scanned when it is received by the Voter Registrar so that no one can vote twice.

    I will personally vote early and in person but not everyone is able to do so.