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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Plans, Fun Visit and “The Windsors”.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Again we managed to sleep later then we really wanted to this morning as a fact I woke when I felt Kathy getting out of bed first. It’s a good thing we didn’t Plan anything.
There were wispy Clouds spotting the sky but when we checked The Weather Network and the Radar they showed storm clouds skirting north of our location. When we checked our messages Kathy found a reply from our daughter-in-law Jen that would change our afternoon. Again no Plans had been previously made.
Just after sitting down to our second cup of our morning brew we got a call from Mary from Healthy Heals having to change Kathy’s foot care appointment by a couple Hours. With nothing else scheduled we made a change of Plans.
Wanting something different for lunch we looked at cleaning things from the Freezer. Due to it being overstocked a few weeks back we had accidentally opened more the one package of Perogies so we fixed that today. Kathy also made a dessert plate with Cookies, Oranges and Yogurt Cups.

Shortly after 1:00 we headed out the door. Our high for the day would only reach 72 F (22 C) but the Thirty MPH Northeast Wind Gusts made us think we should have worn jackets. It seems the way the Two Buildings are positioned they create a funnel for the Wind but as soon as we reached the parking lot it stopped.

We were soon driving towards through Tecumseh heading towards Essex and Jen’s home. The further we drove the Clouds became as threatening as yesterday.

Our visit was Two-Fold with the first being to visit with Jen and the second was to give something to our granddaughter Emma. We’ve mentioned how we drink Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine) so that Kathy can enjoy the taste of drinking real wine without the Alcohol affecting her medications. When the bottles are empty the only thing we can do with them is put them in the Recycle Bins but recently that changed. Emma along with some friends have been learning how to make Wine. We don’t expect anything for them but today we gave her over a Dozen Bottles that they only have to boil clean before using using them. If they want more we will continue to save them but if not then we’ll simply Recycle them again.

After Emma left we continued visiting with Jen learning that the boys will be Returning to School on Tuesday with Connor in High School and Haigan as a Senior in Elementary School. With a hot cup of Tea and a Cinnamon Roll it was nearly 5:00 before we said our good-byes.
The sky starting to clear ahead of us.
The storm Clouds were to the south of us.
Even though we could have gone home to start cooking supper we stopped at the Burger King drive-thru and ordered a couple of Chicken Sandwiches to go. We headed back to the Apartment because the Tea we had earlier was wanting out. We enjoyed the Sandwiches at our own table and when we were finished Kathy added some Blueberries to some Chapman’s Frozen Vanilla Yogurt for our dessert. (No Dessert Pictures)

With another Golf Tournament preempting our News time we later watched the final episode of “The Windsors” a look at the Royal Family. The series had started back in March just before the Coronavirus became a Pandemic. It started with the Royal Family prior to the First World War and as of tonight brought it up to date with Prince Harry and Mehgan Markle stepping away from Royal Duties to live a more normal life.

We then watched the 11 o’clock Local News out of London. We could be seeing overnight Rain but the Winds have really picked up. We’ll see what tomorrow brings our way. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Wine making ..... how fun will THAT be. Nice you were able to donate bottles. Those can be pricey.

  2. What wonderful temperatures you are enjoying!

    I think it is great that you were able to donate the bottles to your granddaughter for her winemaking endeavors.

    In Del Rio, the Recycling Center does not accept glass which is regrettable as ours have to end up in the landfill.

    I also watched the CNN special "The Windsors", it was rather enjoyable.