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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It Did It Again and Painful Slip-Up.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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If you recall just over a week ago I could barely breathe while wearing my CPAP Mask. Very early this morning it happened again. Having been told by a Pulmonologist that I was having a Tachypnea (Over Breathing while you sleep) I immediately concentrated on slowing my breathing down but it did not help. I had to again take my Mask off to catch my breathe. There just was not enough Air coming through the hose and that was why my breathing speed increased. I restarted the Machine and then I smelt it just like my first CPAP a burning electrical smell. Then I remembered that same smell on the 4th of September. It was past 6:00 before I fell back to sleep.

Kathy was up only Five Minutes after I was. She had no problem falling to sleep but spent an Hour awake before finally getting a restful sleep.

As soon as we brought our morning beverages over to our Computers I made some Calls. The first was to our Drug Store in Amherstburg to order our Prescriptions to pick up this Friday since we’ll be in town. The next call was to VitalAire to see about having my unit checked out later today.

Lately it feels like I experience some bloating and discomfort after eating lunch which makes it difficult to start exercising. As soon as I finished my morning Coffee I did my morning chores then started working out. It felt good.

As soon as I finished I washed my hands and started making Split Pea with Ham Soup along with Tea while Kathy was busy making a dessert plate with Cookies, Grapes and Yogurt Cups. The advantage of eating immediately after you exercise is that your Metabolism is then racing and the food is processed quickly.

After doing the Dishes together I headed for a shower. It was minutes before 2:00 when we headed out the door. Just as we were about to get in the Car I realized we’d forgotten the Camera but since we needed to be at VitalAire by 2:30 we just left it.

Our first stop was our Climate Controlled Storage Unit at Guardian Storage. I only needed to move a single wheeled clothing rack to retrieve my former CPAP Machine that had given me Seven Years of worry free service. We stopped at the Office to collect our Mail.

Arriving at VitalAire with minutes to spare I handed both my New and Old Machines to Taira. She reset my Old CPAP Machine to my newly upgraded pressure so I can use it while my New Machine is serviced.

From Photo File.

That all happened quicker then we thought so we decided to get some walking to. We went to Walmart where after Kathy checked a few things we started walking the aisles in the Grocery Section. We found a few deals on Soup and Iced Tea that came home with us.

Kathy decided to make one last loop pushing the Shopping Cart around the back aisle as I followed. Somehow Kathy passed by the Entertainment Area with no problem but somehow I stepped on a Large Price Tag that I didn’t see. It was like stepping one foot on Ice. I manage to grab a shelf to stop from going all the way down but twisted my Back and slightly pulled my Groin Muscles. Kathy didn’t even know I wasn’t behind but met me near the Cashiers.

We stopped at Burger King where we each got a Whopper Wednesday Meal with Onion Rings rather then Fries. When we got in the Drive-Thru there was only a single car ahead of us. As we sat in the parking lot eating supper the line suddenly went around the building and onto the street.

Today's high temperature.

Supper filled us up enough we never had a snack this evening. We watched the 6 o’clock Local News before settling in at the Computers. I’ve taken a Tylenol Night-Time Body Ache Tablet to hopefully sleep through this discomfort. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I know the pain of no sleep. Hope you get your machine working and your back is okay. That is NOT fun!!

  2. Do hope your back feels better today. Brad had that same occurrence with his CPAP just a few days ago, interesting. I will definitely be curious to know what the tech has to say about it.

  3. I hope both your back and your CPAP machine are better soon.

  4. It is a good thing you still had your old machine to use while your new one is getting serviced.

    May your back and other muscles you pulled be back to normal in short order.