It's about time.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Loaded To Go, Small Car Show and Rally Location Changed.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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We were both awake by 8:00 MST this morning but because we didn’t get to bed as early as we normally do we felt like we were dragging. We had a wonderful visit with Tom and Deb (Celebrating the Dance) and today would have been the first anniversary of our meeting. We hope they have Safe Travels and that we’ll be meeting up again next Winter or sooner.

Once breakfast was finished we immediately took our Coffee/Tea over to the Computers. I only managed to comment on a few Blogs this morning but did get caught up on my reading. When it came time for our Second Cup I left mine to cool slightly on the table while completing my inside chores. Kathy was still corresponding with family back home.

By 10:30 I was outside with the plan to get everything packed away for travel today. The first thing I did was to unlock our Honda 3,000 EI Generator and get it loaded into the back of the Truck. Since it weighs 135 lbs without Fuel or Oil I make certain to wear my Back Brace to be Safe. It took some rearranging but it was soon it was all packed the way it needed to be including the small amount of Firewood we had left over.

I then removed the Tire Covers and Wheel Chocks before prepping our Tandem Bicycle along with the Barrels ready to mount on our Carrier. It all sounded simple but the minute that I had stepped out the door this morning the Wind started gusting to 27 MPH. That meant when it came time to cover the Bike I was dealing with a Big Balloon. 

At that point Kathy came outside to say it was 12:30 and lunchtime. I had to wash while Kathy made us Bacon and Eggs with Toast for lunch along with Blackberry covered Yogurt. She said it was a way of using up Extra Supplies. It all tasted great and helped re-energize us.

Back outside the Wind seemed to be getting stronger though I did manage to tie down the Barrels by myself Kathy had to help me get the Tarp in place. After she went back to her Bookkeeping I used our Mat to untangle our Cargo Net. Once it was placed over the Bike and Barrels it took time to even it out and to make certain everything was secure.

After a brief rest and a drink of water rearranging the basement was necessary to fit the Camping Chairs, the Weber Q and all our other necessities.

With very little left outside to do at 3:00 we headed out the door. We had a few errands to do in Quartzsite and the first was at Family Dollar. While Kathy went inside to get a few things I went to the Water Dispenser Machine to fill one of our Drinking Water Jugs. I was surprised to see that they raised the price to Thirty-Five Cents a Gallon or a Dollar and a Quarter for Five Gallons. The reason I was surprised is that they waited until the Big Tent Crowds were gone.

Our next stop was at Roadrunner Grocery Store. Kathy says their Bread is the freshest and tastiest in the area but we walked out with more then that. 

We headed back out to Plomosa Road looking for the Organizer’s Trailer where we had been told it would be. We did some Off-Roading thinking that they were just further in then we could see but still no luck. We headed back to the road and just idled the Truck back toward Arizona 95 looking for them. 

Since it was 4:30 and our Weber was packed away we headed over to Karl’s Jr. for supper. We were surprised when we pulled in as there were a handful of Street Rods and Classics outside. Most of the owners were sitting outside near their cars but most of their wives were inside because of the Cold Wind. The sky was so full of Clouds when we got back Home in La Posa South LTVA that we could only see a glare where the Sun was at. 

Since I took down the Antenna yesterday we watched a Movie on DVD this evening. When we finally turned on the Computers there was a Correspondence for the Rally saying that it had been moved down Plomosa Road due to other RVs being in the area. They gave Co-ordinates which Kathy immediately put in the GPS that identified it as an address. They must have arrived after we passed by. 

I dislike pulling in on the first day of any rally because there is just so much chaos so after a couple of quick errands in the morning we’ll be on our way tomorrow. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Safe travels to your new destination.

  2. Have fun at the Rally and meeting other RVers.

  3. When we first went out yesterday it was actually calm and warm in the sun while we drank our coffee. Then the wind picked up pretty good over on this side, also, and stayed for the day.
    Have fun at the Rally and enjoy Plomosa Road.

  4. Looks like you got all the heavy lifting done!
    Enjoy the rally!

  5. We stopped by La Posa South a week ago to meet you folks. Couldn't find you, although we thought we had an idea what your rig looked like. Apparently not. We're still in Q, staying at Quail Run. What type of rally are you part of on Plomosa Rd.? Plomosa is where we were in January.

  6. Little wind and cool weather but you got it done. Have fun at the rally.

  7. Have a wonderful time. Glad you got it all done and are ready to move on. Lunch looked awesome!

  8. Hope you enjoy the Rally and safe travels

  9. Steve would have enjoyed oogling the old cars! Glad your blue flame heater is working well for you and you have made it more comfortable in your boondocking routine.