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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cowboy Nachos, Package Pickup, La Paz County Fair, Movie In Parker and Smaller Campfires.

Our Location today is on Plomosa Road BLM Land, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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For whatever reason we both had a restless night’s sleep but still managed to be up and about by 8:30 this morning. Even though there was a planned breakfast cookout we chose to have our normal breakfast and to lounge a bit longer. When we started doing our morning chores we were able to look outside to see that about half the crowd was sitting around the firepit still talking. 

It was past 11:30 when Kathy and I headed out the door with our first stop being the Main Street Restaurant in Quartzsite. With this being Thursday and they were serving Cowboy Nachos guess what we were having. Michelle didn’t even give us any Menus she simply asked if we were having the Unsweetened Ice Tea and Cowboy Nachos. When we said Yes it only took Five Minutes for her to be serving our lunch. Kathy asked her if she delivered to Canada? Her response was no but then she gave us her recipe so we could make our own in Ontario. They were as good as usual, filling but not to the point of leaving us stuffed. 

Our next stop was at Quiet Times Greeting Card Shop where we picked up the last item we ordered just last week. The order from January 6th that we really wanted was cancelled by Amazon because of the Stupidity of the Quartzsite Post Office that kept bouncing the package all over the US. 

Having taken care of that we were now heading back up Arizona 95 past Plomosa Road all the way to the La Paz County Fair Grounds. We have seen the signs posted since the New Year each time we went to Parker so we made a point to check it out. It was scheduled for March 8th to the 10th. Because Kathy is not into big crowds we went today to avoid them. We walked around the Fairgrounds where they have plenty of rides to keep the little ones entertained in fact they had Zipline Rides for kids as well. They have the traditional 4H type awards for raising Livestock in all the usual categories. We enjoyed going through the Craft Exhibits where they had everything from Kid Projects to Quilts made by some serious sewers. There were lots of Food Vendors as well as the rehearsal for the Miss La Paz Beauty Queen Contest. We’ve never attended anything like that but you could tell the young ladies who have done this before and those who hadn’t from their confidence. 

It was only 2:00 when we headed back to the Truck. I still wanted to look for a tougher Bolt to repair our Camping Chair so we continued up to Parker. The Ace Hardware is not as large as the one in Blythe so the Grade 8 Bolts they carried were far from the size that we needed. While I was looking for the bolt Kathy found something that will help her in the kitchen so we didn’t walk out Empty-Handed. 

We drove around unsuccessfully looking to see if there might be another place that sold those bolts. When we came across the Food City Grocery Store we stopped in there. Our neighbour Wayne at La Posa South LTVA had told us that they had the best Fruits and Vegetables around so Kathy picked a few up to try.
This part of the Quilt was towards the floor.
This Quilt of Indian Chiefs was fantastic but poorly displayed.
With this being a Free-Day at the Rally, we considered taking in a movie. I dropped Kathy off at the Theater to check what was playing while I circled the Parking Lot. With over an Hour to wait we headed over to Walmart to see if they had the V8 Juice that I drink since Food City didn’t have it. We struck out again. Not wanting to have supper before the movie we bought a snack to hold us over. 

We were back at the Blue Water Cinema by 4:00 and I was surprised to see Portable Outhouses outside the Theater that I hadn’t see before. After buying our tickets we wanted to get comfortable before the movie and that’s when I found out there was a major problem with the Men’s Room. We got seated with only a few minutes to go before the start of the movie. 
Young Beauty Contestants practicing on stage,
These two didn't care what was happening on stage.
They were just having Fun.
The movie Kathy chose was a remake of the Charles Bronson movie Death Wish starring Bruce Willis. There wasn’t as much violence as I expected but the Special Effects made up for it and leaving little to the imagination. It was still a good movie where the Good Guy Wins. 

It was after 6:00 when the movie ended and as we were leaving the Casino Property we were surprised to see at least Fifty RVs camping out in their Parking Lot. 

We stopped at Taco Bell for our usual satisfying meal for supper. After eating I went in Safe Way to see if they had any V8 Juice while Kathy went in the CVS Drug Store. Kathy got what she wanted but it seems like the Grocery Stores aren’t carrying the juice the way I like it. 

It was nearly 7:30 when we got Home on Plomosa Road where the Rally is being held. As soon as we brought in all our purchases we grabbed our Camp Chairs and headed over to the Campfires. There was only Two Fires going tonight and it appeared that only half the group was in attendance. We stayed until 9:00 before calling it a night. 

There are other group adventures planned for this week so we’ll keep you informed. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I love small County Fairs ... I can just smell the food!! Nice quilt too!!

  2. The hunt for the elusive item can drive you crazy, doesn't it.
    Good food, a movie and campfire, that is the making of a good day. Hope you have more of those.

  3. Glad you finally got your package! Sure if was very frustrating! Every time you post those Cowboy Nachos I get hungry! Glad you are enjoying your Rally and having a free day to enjoy the way you wanted!

  4. Nothing like a county Fair. Always fun to walk around and see local flavor.

    Surprised Kathy would want to see Death Wish. Pretty rough stuff. Never be able to replace Charles Bronson.

  5. Thanks for the tip about the fair. We may go tomorrow. We can see the Dreamers from our front window tonight. We are a half mile SW of you.

  6. Heading out to the Desert Bar tomorrow around 2:00. Only open on Weekends Nov thru Mar. If you want to join us let me know or stop over on Sunday. Then you can do the Fair ends tomorrow evening.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.