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Thank You for following this Blog

Monday, March 5, 2018

Getting Rally Ready, Picking Up A Contribution and Explaining Our Systems To Others.

Our Location today is on Plomosa Road BLM Land, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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After driving only 13.2 Miles yesterday to get to the Rally Site on Plomosa Road we were among the Ten RVs that came in early. It has been quite some time since we last attended an RV Dreams Rally so we weren’t quite sure what time things would start so we set the alarm for 8:00 MST. It’s been sometime since we have done that and we both felt like going back to bed instead of getting up. 
Out Trailer left of center.
By the time I had all the Window Shades open and started getting things ready for breakfast we could only see one person outside sipping their morning Coffee. The temperature was in the Mid-Forties so not too many wanting to rush into things. We were busy at our Computers at 10:00 when we saw Howard appear to talk with the few others that were outside. That was also when we looked towards Plomosa Road to see a stream of RVs pulling off into our area. 
RVs coming up Plomosa Road for the Rally.
I went outside to set up our Weber Q and Chairs so that we could be comfortable when the Temperatures improve later this week. Linda brought over our Badges and took the time to chat for a while with Kathy. We informed her that we were making a contribution to this evening’s meal. Howard was going non-stop parking one RV after another. 

For lunch Kathy said we were having Leftovers again but if you’ve been following our Blog you know that she always recreates any Leftovers that we eat into something you would think is freshly made. She used some of the Pork Roast we grilled on the Weber, breaded it and lightly fried it, then added Niblet Corn along with Tomato Slices for our lunch. We also shared a Single Serving Piece of Carrot Cake we got at the grocery store the other day.

Once we’d cleaned up the Dishes we were soon out the door headed for Quartzsite. Our first stop was at Quail Run RV Park to see if we could find Ed from the blog Chasing Sunrises and Sunsets. He had tried unsuccessfully to find us in La Posa South LTVA the other day so we thought we could say hello to him where he was staying. We also struck out. Like Ed we enjoy meeting people whose blogs we follow and Ed seems to be getting his RV ready to go “Off the Grid” just like we have. 

Our next stop was RV Lifestyles to pick up a replacement Indicator Switch for our Main Inverter. For some reason the Diode stopped lighting up which causes us to forget to turn it off. We have changed most of the Switches in our Control Center to Indicator Switches as a way to know when things are On or Off. 
The Cake we contributed for the Rally.
It was only 1:00 when we arrived at Roadrunner Grocery Store to pick up the Half-Slab Cake that we ordered as our contribution to the Rally. We were early but it was ready and they did a great job on it. Kathy told the manager that their Decorator should be congratulated. Even he was impressed!

We were back Home on Plomosa Road by 1:30 and the landscape had really changed while we were gone. There was over Thirty RVs in the small area we were in and more were coming in. There were also two Fifth Wheels between us and the Roadway leading into the Oval.

Once parked we delivered the Cake along with the Paper Plates and Plastic Forks to Linda who put it inside their Trailer out of the Sun. She loved the way it looked. As we were walking back to our Trailer Linda said the new arrivals parked near us were also Canadians and without trying we’d all been put together. 

Kathy and I walked over and introduced ourselves to the two couples who were both from British Columbia. We mentioned that Steve and Diane who had gone out were also B.C. and Terry said they knew them. 
People at 3:00 Happy Hour.
Back inside the Trailer Kathy was feeling the effects of getting up early so she needed a Snap (Short Nap) so she wouldn’t be falling asleep at the Campfire later this evening. 
Volunteers grilling up Hotdogs and Hamburgers.
Since we had missed Happy Hour yesterday we wanted to be certain we would be there today. At 3:00 there were already more then Fifty People around the Firepit just visiting. We got to meet other attendees from mostly the Northern States. At 5:00 volunteers started to help grill Hotdogs and Hamburgers for everyone. While they did that Linda brought out the Cake and made certain that anyone that wanted to take pictures could do so before it was cut into small pieces.  The best part was there were no dishes to wash. 

We were talking with a young couple from Tennessee who were having trouble staying warm in their Trailer. We tried to tell them about our Blue Flame Heater but they could not quite grasp what we were saying so we brought them back to our Trailer to show them. We explained how it saves on Propane and 12 Volt Power and that RV Lifestyle can install it for them. 

We got back to the Fire Pits just as Howard and Linda were announcing that the Seminars would not be starting until 10:00 in the morning. 

We met another couple from Wisconsin that were asking about our Solar Panels and how well it worked. We told them that we’ve used the Microwave, Kathy has used the Vacuum, I’ve used light weight Power-Tools and how it saved us money at our Home Park in McGregor. I also told them of mistakes we made while going through our learning period, like forgetting Standard Security Lights on at night and depleting our Batteries. 

We were feeling chilled and tired by 7:30 and they were getting cold so we headed Home. At 8:00 our neighbour turned on his Contractor’s Generator which again was shaking our Trailer with the noise. The Quiet Time for Generators may be 10 to 7 but at 9:00 people still at the Firepits came over to complain about the noise, so he shut it off. 
The Sun setting over a line of RVs rather then Mountains.
Tomorrow we’ll be able to get up at our normal time and still make it to class on time. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. That is a beautiful cake!!!

    I never can understand why people run their generators until all hours. I always turned mine off by 8:00, even though mine is a quiet one. Someone needs to explain to them they really don't need to run it day and night!!!

  2. How nice of you to bring such a wonderful cake to the rally I bet there a lots of opportunities to make new friends and exchange tips learned through experience. Have fun.

  3. whenever we had someone nearby us with a loud genny I offered the use of our Honda gen just so we didnt have to listen to the noise.

  4. Sounds like there are a lot of people at the rally. Have fun! Too bad about the generator guy, hopefully that does not continue.

  5. I didn't realize the Rally was sponsored by Howard and Linda. They were the first blog I followed years ago. Not so much since they spend most of their time in the east now where the big RV shows are.

    Enjoy your time and have fun!

  6. Oh that cake looked marvelous! What a great job the decorator did! Sounds like a good time is going to be had by all at the Rally. Nice that you could help the couple from TN. Too bad about the generator guy, you would think he would know how loud it is and not run it much in close quarters. Have fun!

  7. Maybe the group should take up a collection and buy your neighbour a new battery so he doesn't have to run his generator. Or maybe get a long extension cord and he can use yours!
    Wow, nice job on the cake. The Roadrunner has a great bakery.