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Friday, March 30, 2018

Looney GPS, Cold Cloudy Drive, Back In Canada and Visiting With Family.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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After a long Rainy Day on the road yesterday we were both barely able to stay awake long enough to write the Blog. Even once we were tucked away under our warm Winter Sheets we could still hear the Rain coming down and it was only minutes before we were both asleep.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last because unbeknownst to the other after a few hours of sleep we were awake staring at the ceiling. We had set the alarm not as early as yesterday but due to the sleepless hours neither of us heard it so it was nearly 8:00 EDT that we walked into the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. The temperature had dropped and those hot Coffees helped us to warm up. 
Clouds followed us most of the day.
It was just past 8:30 when we pulled out of our night-time spot and headed up the street to top off the Truck. It’s always fun maneuvering around Gas Bars in Shopping Centers because you can’t get into any of the other Gas Stations in town. 
Welcome to Ohio.
By 9:00 we were once again heading North on I-69. Last spring fellow bloggers had complained how rough sections of that Highway were well today we got to experience those same rough roads. The GPS was actually directing us in the same direction that I had researched On-Line last night and eventually had us change to I-469 bringing us around Fort Wayne. A nice thing about today’s travel was that it was not Raining though it did remain Cloudy most of the day.  
Nice edging on the bridge.
That was when the RV GPS started losing its grip on reality. It kept trying to have us turn onto non-existent roads. Then it wanted us to turn around as well as screaming “Speed Reduction Ahead” when in fact it was an increase. The last few times we tried updating it the next time we would go to put it to use it would indicate that it was over a year since its last update. After repeatedly being on some road that did not look anything like what I was seeing on my Trucker’s GPS we just turned it off. 
Walkway to the Toledo Zoo.
The only direction that we didn’t like that I had written was when Indiana-24 East joined with US-25 North. It brought us through the neighbourhoods of Toledo for about Ten Miles and the timing on the traffic lights varied greatly. When the ramp took us to I-75 we knew we’d be in familiar territory before long. In all the years I have travelled through Toledo that highway is always under construction and today was no different. 
Railway bridges with Zoo Animals painted on it.
We finally stopped for lunch at a Denny’s in Southgate, Michigan just after 1:30. Being hungry was taking its toll on us. We both enjoyed one of their Chicken Sizzlers and found them satisfying. 
I drove in the smoothest lane on this road.
With all the road construction taking place in Michigan we had to detour to Fort Street and had to travel all the way to Southfield before we could get back on the Highway. Even the I-75 traffic was rerouted so we didn’t get on the Ambassador Bridge until 3:00. Then with all the booths open it still took us nearly Forty-Five Minutes to clear Immigrations. It felt good to be back in Canada but our day was far from over. 
Pure Michigan
We drove out to Amherstburg to get the car but when we saw Walmart was open we stopped to pick up a container of RV Anti-Freeze. When I went to ask to stay the night I was told the Local By-Laws didn’t allow it but I could go to the campground up the road. That may be good in the end of May but they are not open at this time of year. We stopped at Kevin and Melissa’s House and had a short visit before getting back on the road but this time in separate vehicles. 

We arrived at the East Windsor Walmart at 5:00 and were surprised to see them closed. Seeing a Semi and another RV set up along the outside edges of the parking lot we made ourselves at home. 

We left the Truck and Trailer behind and drove over to visit our daughter Karen’s house in Tecumseh. With this being a Public Holiday here in Canada the entire family was home. Everyone missed us and were glad we were Home. I filled one of our Drinking Water Jugs so we’ll have water in the Trailer after the water system is drained. We were there over an Hour before saying good bye. 
Bridge to Canada.
Looking at the clock we noticed it was past 7:00 and we were just starting to feel hungry so we stopped in at one of the local Chinese Food Restaurants. Being just slightly hungry we ordered a simple meal for Two. Having recently changed our eating habits can you guess what we’ll be having for lunch tomorrow.

Back at the Trailer we finished getting ourselves set up for the night. The Truck worked perfectly today never missing a beat but after towing the Trailer another 291.7 Miles today we won’t be in a hurry to get up in the morning but when we do we have things to do. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Glad you made it back to Canada safe and sound. Hope you have a short break before you start the fun of unloading your 5th wheel.

  2. Welcome back to Canada! We sure hope the RV repairs go smoothly.

  3. Happy that you made it home safe and sound again. Enjoy the family visits.

  4. Glad you made it back safe.
    In Cracker Barrel at 8:00 to eat, fill up truck and back on the road at 9:00 now that is fast.

  5. Yay!! No rain and you're almost home. I'd throw that Trucker GPS away and buy a new one!! LOL

  6. Good to hear you're back in Canada and with no problems. Time for a new GPS.

  7. Welcome to Canada and being back in your old hunting grounds. You'll be busy for a while emptying your camper and we hope the repairs will be done swiftly.
    Why even bother with two GPS units when the one in your truck does the job. Have a nice visit with your family.

  8. Happy you made it back to Canada safely I know you are happy to too.

  9. Glad you two made it home. Now you can get settled in and relax.