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Monday, March 19, 2018

Leaving Albuquerque, Meeting Fellow Ontarians and The Wind Picks Up Again.

Our Location today is at Amarillo Ranch RV Park in Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A.

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After rearranging the blankets on our bed yesterday Kathy slept like a rock and her feet were not the least bit cold. Another personal observation was that now we are on our return trip Home to Ontario we seem to be getting up shortly after 7:30 in the morning even though we are actually getting up earlier then we did in the Deserts of Quartzsite because of Daylight Savings Time. 

After having breakfast Kathy went on the Computer to check the Weather Reports for our route today. There were still Gusty Wind conditions that were forecasted but nothing compared to yesterday. By the time I finished making the Bed and closing up our CPAP Machines upstairs it was Kathy’s turn to get dressed. Once the Computers were stored Kathy finished getting everything else ready for travel inside the Trailer.
Going outside the 34 F (1 C) temperatures made me appreciate wearing layers of clothing. It felt slightly strange packing away Utilities after spending over Three Months “Off the Grid” while in the desert. Once Kathy had the Slides in and the last of her Travel Information in the Truck she went to the Office to settle the Bill for our extra night’s stay while I finished packing up. 

As soon as the Lights were checked and the last Circle Walk done to be certain we had everything we came in with I started pulling the Trailer off our Site while Kathy made certain everything would clear. That’s when Ed the Manager appeared with his Fluorescent Flag. Due to the high traffic flow around that part of the city, he stopped the Traffic so we could Safely pull out of the Park.
Twenty miles of Repaving.
It didn’t take long for us to be once again eastbound on I-40 heading in the direction of Home. Since we didn’t take a chance to go for fuel yesterday we only traveled about Fifty Miles this morning before making our first stop. While I added Diesel, Kathy double checked things inside the Trailer. 

With a full tank we just flowed with the traffic. There were a few times that the Wind would give us a little jolt but otherwise the trip was going smoothly. As we were driving along we passed a “B” Class RV pulling a Towed and noticed that it had Ontario plates. We kept driving until we reached the Halfway Point in today’s trip pulling in to a Flying J at 12:45. We were actually able to park where the RVs are meant to park. 

As we were heading towards the Denny’s for lunch the “B” Class with the Ontario plates pulled up to the pumps. While the husband fueled their RV, his wife was heading for the Restaurant. We started talking and found out they are from Hamilton but then a bad thing happened. Jackie didn’t see the small rise in the Curb and fell straight down on her hands. Kathy and I immediately helped her back to her feet. She joked about not being able to do more then one thing at a time. 
Entering Texas.
The Hostess sat us in different sides of the Restaurant so we couldn’t continue talking. We were still eating when Jackie and her husband Ed were about to leave. We asked how she felt and even though she said she was fine we are sure she might feel it later today. We exchanged contact information and will be in touch back in
Ontario. It was past 2:00 MDT by the time we finished our meal and topped up the Truck before getting back on the road.
Hard to see the Thousands of Wind Generators that Wind is powering.
It was 4:30 MDT or 5:30 CDT when we pulled in to Amarillo Ranch RV Park and it was perfect timing because the Wind started to pick up speed again. Like this morning we had to layer up so the Wind didn’t feel so cold. Once we were level and the Utilities connected we both worked at setting up inside. The Wind was still blowing hard enough that it was Howling in our Windows. 

Our trip today was only 289.5 Miles but with the Wind it felt like it was much more. Tomorrow I’ll check things on the Truck and Trailer before we go for a few groceries. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Is there ever going to be an end to this wind? Keep traveling safe

  2. It seems like the wind just doesn't want to stop. Be safe.

  3. Looking at the weather report you are going to be in some bad weather. Be careful.

  4. I'd rather pull over than drive in the wind. Hope Jackie is okay .... I hate it when that happens. Safe travels ......

  5. March is definitely the windy month. I sure don't like the looks of the weather in your direction, so be safe.

  6. Crazy wind, be safe!
    I did exactly the same kind of fall Jackie did, last winter in a rest area. A small bump and I went down on all fours. LOL Hope she fared well as I did. Tougher than we think.

  7. Glad your trip was okay. You missed Cadillac Ranch, but probably the weather wasn't warm enough to walk around in open fields. Have a safe trip today.

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  9. Windy here too. Makes what could be a not so bad day, kinda cool. Nice of the manager to stop traffic for you.

  10. Glad you managed safely and are parked once again. Hopefully the winds abate and we Canuck's can make it home before we're blown too far off course.

    Enjoy your stay there.

  11. That is still a good chunk of miles in one day, battling the winds. Hope they die down for better travel the rest of the way home!