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Thank You for following this Blog

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Our Neighbours Left Early, Truck’s In The Shop and Flood Warnings In The Area.

Our Location today is at East St. Louis, Illinois, U.S.A.

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We were both up earlier this morning probably because the outside temperature rose through the night to a comfortable 55 F (13 C) and the Rain had stopped. We wanted to spend a little time visiting with our neighbours Reg and Andree before they pulled out but when we raised the Window Shades their site was empty. They had ventured out on a tour yesterday and when we saw them returning they looked worn out so we decided to wait. We will be able to keep in touch by using our E-mails.

When breakfast was over we brought our Coffee/Tea over to the Computers. The first thing I checked was the Weather Forecast for the area. When it indicated an increase in Rain this afternoon we hurried our reading and were soon out the door. 
Heading into St. Louis
The destination was Broadway Ford Truck Service which according to Mapquest and our GPS was only Two and a Half Miles away. By the time we pulled out of Casino Queen RV Park there was a heavy Cloud Cover and a lite Rain coming down. The first few minutes everything went great but then after being told by the GPS to take one Highway into town it kept turning us around and bringing us back to downtown St. Louis. With the Heavy Clouds and Rain the GPS was having a hard time to locate the Satellites for guidance. It kept telling us to take one Exit neither of us saw to go to Seventh Street so when I took a ramp that said Seventh Street the Repair Center was right around the corner. 
Our GPS turned us around again.
Normally I have no problem with this kind of thing but when we went inside and were told the Repair Center was temporarily moved because of a Fire they’d had I lost it. We had just traveled over Twenty Miles in a maze of highways that were giving me a headache. Mike one of the New Service Managers calmed me down and assured us they would bring the Truck to the temporary shop and return it. He would also drive us back to our RV and pick us up when the Truck was finished.

He was going to drive us back in an older service pickup at first. With no Step Bar Kathy still made it up in the cab but it was crowded three of us on the Bench Seat. Just then the Customer Shuttle arrived so we switched to that. I put Kathy in the front seat and then the rear sliding door wouldn’t work. Finally, under way Mike had to use his GPS to get us to Casino Queen RV Park because things had changed since he had left and only recently moved back to the area. His GPS started doing the same thing to him as our’s did but he only clocked in Ten Miles.

It was only minutes after noon when we walked in to our Home so we worked together to make French Onion Soup for lunch. As we sat down to enjoy our nourishment the forecasted Heavy Rain started and didn’t slow down until after 6:00.

After eating Kathy went back to reorganizing her Clothes Cupboard. I went to the Computer and started looking at the Weather Forecasts for St. Louis, Indianapolis and Home. St. Louis they were cautioning against possible Flooding, just Showers in Indianapolis and Snow for Easter back Home.

We watched the movie Marmaduke this afternoon which helped to shine a little laughter into our otherwise Gloomy Day. We both gave it Two Thumbs Up.

It was still early so we watched another Denzel Washington movie titled “Flight” which focused on an Alcoholic Pilot. We have recently been hearing about Airlines cracking down on Aviators Under the Influence and this sent a message about those struggling with this disease that they can be Free.

With more Rain forecasted overnight, I think we’ll have no problems sleeping tonight. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Nothing more miserable then getting turned around in the rain. Then to get there and find out where you needed to be had moved; it is easy to see how that could be very frustrating. Fingers crossed your truck is fixed, back to you, and you are on the road very soon. Take care.

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  3. Too bad about the issues with the truck. What ever happened to the old days when you could pull over and fix it yourself. Five hours to change thermostats seems excessive.
    At least the truck didn't go into limp mode on the highway while towing. That would have made for a bad day. At least you are warm and dry.

  4. Shouldn't be long now. Soon St. Louis will be a memory and you'll be on your way home.

  5. Those St Louis streets are always under construction, and even if they weren't, they are hard to navigate. I think you did a great job. I'm sure your truck will be fixed and you'll be back on the road soon!!

  6. What a nerve-racking experience you two had. Not knowing if the GPS gave you the right info in a maze of unfamiliar roads with a truck that could stall you anytime in pouring rain. Hoping for you that all will be well today and you can be on your way.

  7. Glad you were able to find your way there, very frustrating for you i'm sure. Now you're bck in your little home, hopefully they finish the truck quickly for you.

  8. Hopefully things go smoothly with truck and you manage to get on the road homeward with no more issues.

    I've learned from experience that the GPS should only be a guide and that I need to have an idea of what streets to look for. I try to look ahead on GOOGLE maps before I head out for places like that, so that I have an idea of where I'm going. I'm curious to know if your GPS is an RV/Trucker GPS and if it's a Garmin?

    Good luck!

  9. I would have been so stressed.