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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cold Windy Move To The Rally, Finally Meeting RV Bloggers and Green Newbies Next Door.

Our Location today is on Plomosa Road BLM Land, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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Even though we both seemed to have had a restless night’s sleep we were both up before 8:00 MST this morning. While having breakfast the only reason we could think of was that after being in one spot for so long we both had a case of Hitch-itch. 
What we saw for a Sunrise.
After having our breakfast, we sipped away at our Coffees while doing other chores that needed to be done in order to be ready to travel. Kathy started by cleaning the Dishes and then securing the Cabinets so nothing would pop open on the way down the road. I stowed the Computers, turned our Chairs, made the Bed and put away our CPAP Machines
When she was done downstairs Kathy secured everything in the Bathroom while I headed outside to lower the Solar Panels for travel. Even though the Wind wasn’t as strong as yesterday by the time I came off the roof I felt frozen even with my fleece sweater on. Kathy soon had the Slides in and was outside to help me hook up.

We wanted to stop by Wayne and Sue’s RV to say we’d see them before we leave the area. Since she needs more practice Kathy towed the Trailer over while I walked to stretch my legs. Wayne came out and wished us the best but Sue was fighting another Bug and was back in bed. They are down to earth people who don’t try to impress anyone and they tell it like it is. That’s what we like about them. 
Kathy moving the Trailer.
As we turned towards the Water Fill Area we could see there was nobody at the Dump-out Stations. The Minute that it took to get to the road and get to the Stations we had Two RVs ahead of us. Since the Rally we are heading to is on Plomosa Road it is a Boondocking Rally we need to get rid of our Waste and fill our Freshwater Tank. After taking care of those chores and I changed from my work clothes it was nearly 11:30 when we rolled out of La Posa South LTVA. 
A visitor at Wayne and Sue's Feeder.
After being in one spot for so long it felt almost like something new to be towing again. Fortunately, by the time we drove past La Posa North it felt like I had just towed the Trailer yesterday. 

As we turned onto Plomosa Road there were Three Other RVs at the Camp Host’s Site so I just kept going until we reached our turnoff. My plan was that once we would be set up we could drive back and sign-in. Following the Signs that had just been erected we were soon talking with Howard. The Rally actually starts tomorrow and they are expecting more the Forty RVs to form an Oval.

This is an RV Dreams Boondocking Rally being put on by Howard and Linda Payne who we first met on July 1st, 2010 in Thunder Bay, Michigan. We later met them that same year at the 50th Escapade in Goshen, Indiana. We’ve attended one of their RV Seminars in Hersey, Pennsylvania in 2011 with our friends Gerry and Sandy as well as the first RV Dreams Reunion Rally in 2015 in North Carolina. Their Seminars are very informative and they treat everyone like family as a fact once they meet you they never forget Your Name.

Being the first to arrive today I explained to Howard the direction we needed to be facing and he walked us over to where we would park. Minutes later other RVs started arriving while we were busy setting up. One of the arrivals was Steve and Diane from the blog Living The Dream. They were at La Posa South but because Kathy had been ill for so long with “The Crud” they were gone before we had a chance to meet. We’ll get the chance to talk some time later this week.

As soon as the Trailer was unhooked and leveled Kathy opened the Slides while I climbed to the Roof and tilted our Solar Panels again. Even though the temperature reached 66 F (19 C) this afternoon with the cool North Winds you still needed a jacket. 

It was now past 1:00 so when I got inside Kathy was busy making Chicken Noodle Soup with Jalapeno Bread for lunch and Cookies for dessert. That gave us the energy needed to finish setting everything up as if we were still in La Posa South. I even set up the Generator just in case we need it.

Just before 3:00 we drove over to the Camp Host (Claude) Site and got registered. When I asked him where he went to dump his Tanks and take on Water he told me La Posa South

Our next stop was back at RV Pit Stop to fill our Empty Propane Tank. The attendant said they hadn’t stopped all day because of all the cold weather this area has been getting. 

We stopped at Family Dollar for some Paper Plates and Plastic Forks. 

We then went to Roadrunner Grocery Store for a case of Diet Pop. 

The Truck needed fuel so we stopped at the Chevron gas station where we filled up with Diesel as well as filling our Gas can for the Generator. 

We swung by the Food Vendor on Tyson Wells Road to pick up a couple of cases of V-8 Juice but they said they sold out just yesterday. We still found other bargains that we could use. 

Since I hadn’t set up the Weber Q because of the Wind we decided to stop at Taco Mio for supper. Kathy had Tacos while I had a Grand Chicken Burrito. 

As we were just pulling in next to our trailer minutes before 5:00 and we could see what looked like a gathering over by Howard and Linda’s Trailer. We hadn’t even thought about it when we left that we would be missing Happy Hour. In the few minutes it took to get our purchases inside the Trailer everyone had gone Home for supper. 

We are far from experts when it comes to Boondocking and are here hoping to learn something we might not have thought about. Just after 6:00 our neighbour turned on his Contractor Grade Generator and it was so loud that we were getting headaches inside our trailer from the noise. When I went outside to take Sunset Pictures I found out that they are Newbie Fulltimers and this is their first time Boondocking. They went to get groceries and when they returned found their Fridge was set to Electric and had drained their Batteries. (I remember many days like that.) 

With the mountains to the west being further away then they were at La Posa South the Sunset Pictures were like we remembered from last winter. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Wow you guys really put a lot into a day! Beautiful sunset pictures too! Sounds like you're going to enjoy the next few days!

  2. Always something to learn. We have been on the road since 2000 and we are still learning little tricks as we go along. that you

  3. Tom and I took a short ride on a back road in the evening yesterday and we are pretty sure we saw a familiar rig...:)
    Since, our first time desert boondocking was out on Plomosa Rd I think it will always be special out there for us. Enjoy your time.

  4. Great sunset pictures!
    Should be fun at the Rally. Always something new to learn.