It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Hike To Dome Rock Mountains.

Our Location today is Dome Rock Road BLM, Quartzsite, U.S.A. 

Kathy finally settled down and had a good night’s sleep where I was the one who woke up thinking about “Nothing Important” for a few hours. I still managed to be up shortly after 7:30 MST which allowed me to get things ready for Breakfast and to start my morning reading as well. Kathy was up shortly after 8:00 so there wasn’t much time wasted today. 
Kathy already starting her trek with her goal behind her.
Kathy found this lone track shortly after we started our hike.
The best part of the morning was the clear cloudless sky as we watched the numbers climbing on our Remote Battery Monitor. We had discussed having a hike today but we needed to get a few other things taken care of first. That is the one thing we have really missed this winter is being physically active. The temperature itself was only 52 F (11 C) at the time but was supposed to climb to the Mid-Sixties by this afternoon with no mention of rain.   After only a slight bit of stirring the Jell-O we had a change of plans. 
These guys directing us to our goal.
Doesn't seem to be getting any closer.
After having Soup for lunch, we soon readied our walking sticks and hiking packs and headed out the door at 11:45 MST. Back in early January when Kathy and I were first at La Posa South we had taken a hike one day because Kathy wanted to Touch the Mountain but after hiking for over an hour we seemed to still be quite a distance away. We had brought what we thought was plenty of water but we were already using our return water on the trek out so we turned back. Since it was cooler today we figured we would just walk to the end of the wash where she could touch Dome Rock. 
A very green desert.
We didn’t rush because we had no other plans for the day. We were both carrying extra water and a snack in case our energy levels dropped too far. Following paths made by RVs and ATVs we slowly made our way further into the BLM until we passed the sign saying “No Overnight Camping Beyond This Point”. We had seen lots of Desert Growth up close and nearly personal that before we had only seen in the distance or in passing looking through the truck’s windows. Here we were seeing some in the process of seeding, others in the prime of growth while others were fighting to hold on to what life they still had. Then there were the Skeletal Remains of some that had not too long ago stood in Majestic Splendor. Not being a Doctor or Botanist I was still amazed looking at the structural makeup that once supported these plants.
We're getting closer.
Looking back at this point there was no way of seeing our Home with its Windsock wafting in the light breeze. Only the Landmarking on the mountain beyond would give us a direction to make our return. We stopped for a short break after walking past a bunch of Side by Sides heading the other way. One woman shouted out their way was easier.  True but not as fulfilling as that we had pushed ourselves to make the trek. 
Kathy is pointing where our trailer is in front of the mountain.
The red arrow points to our trailer.
As another group of UTVs and ATVs began heading our way Kathy realized there was still too much distance to Dome Rock itself. There was however an alternative, we would refocus ourselves on the Dome Rock Mountain Ridge that was closer but still a distance away. We also changed the method of our travels from walking the worn trails to cutting across the washes and shortening our distance.  
The perfect place to grow.
Mountains beyond La Posa South
It was 1:30 when Kathy was happy to say she had climbed halfway up the Dome Rock Mountain Ridge. Looking all around the view was breathe taking. We could see north of Quartzsite, and east of La Posa South and we did it together. Kathy finally got the chance to touch a mountain. 
Kathy halfway up the mountain.
Kathy finally touching her mountain.
We cheated a little on our return by cutting through more Washes all the while making certain there were no moving sticks in out paths. When we finally returned to the trail, the sunlight gave it a different appearance and we managed to take the wrong trail adding another mile to our trek before we were finally sitting in our Comfy Chairs in the trailer. 
Selfie halfway up the mountain.
The Red Arrow where our trailer is behind Kathy.
Not having had time to train for this kind of activity we know we’ll be taking Tylenol tonight and be stiff in the morning but it was worth it. We walked about Six Miles in just over Three Hours this afternoon. In the future, we’ll be picking up a Handheld GPS so that we don’t mistake what trail we need to take again.  
It must have rained while we were at the mountain.
Kathy resting her aching feet.
For our supper tonight we simply had Hotdogs grilled on the Weber. In the morning after I grill up additional Bacon we’ll have some errands to do before coming back and starting to pack things away. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. We hiked that area in January except we cheated a bit and used the Jeep. The mountains to the east of South La Posa are known as the Dead Indian Mountain. If you look at them long enough you can see him laying there in his head dress.

  2. I give you guys credit that sounds like a good trek you took. We plan on being parked in La Posa South sometime on Saturday. I am sure we will do some hiking but like Lorne and his group we will be doing some cheating with the Jeep.
    Stay safe.

  3. You sure pushed yourselves on that hike. Looked like a very enjoyable day.

  4. WOW love your journal. We would love to go out there and do that but we have no means of replenishing our batteries. I guess we could stay for a couple of days? We have never done the boondocking thing.

  5. Great job on that hike! I find that a few sore muscles are worth the accomplishment. 60 degrees is a great hiking temperature!

  6. Great pictures! Glad to see you and Kathy getting out on hikes. I try to tell myself to keep moving because it's a use it or lose it situation at my age. Have fun. Getting back down to rest in a minute.

  7. Ack! My comment didn't go through!

    Just said I'm glad you're out hiking. Beautiful pictures. I'm only up for a short while. Getting out to exercise is a use it or lose it situation for me. Hoping this ablation lasts as long as the last.

  8. Glad you got a chance for a hike on a nice day!