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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Checking Out The Hot Springs, LTVA, and Kathy Resolved Some GPS Issues While I Still Have Problems.

Our Location today is Holtville Hot Springs LTVA, Holtville, California, U.S.A. 

After waking up so Well Rested yesterday I just didn’t seem to need as much sleep last night. I first woke up around 5:00 PST and easily fell back to sleep. The next time I tossed and turned before just getting up where I noticed the time wasn’t quite 6:30 PST. I simply started getting things ready for breakfast before settling in at my Computer. I was just beginning to read my last morning Blog when Kathy came downstairs. 
An Oasis of Palm Trees
While eating our breakfast the first thing Kathy asked about was “Are we going to get any more High Winds like yesterday”. Having already checked The Weather Network and they showed only Slight Breezes for the next few days we were safe to make plans. 
Looking inside the Oasis is the Hot-Spring.
Once breakfast was over I finished my morning reading quickly then started my inside chores. After we were both dressed Kathy suggested we take a ride to check out the Hot Springs that are located across the street from the LTVA. Having been Cooped Up most of yesterday because of the High Winds we took the truck and looked at where everyone else had set up their RVs. 
These guys ignored the "No Swimming" sign.
Parking in the lot across the road at the Hot Springs we admired the way it looked like an “Oasis of Palm Trees” not far from the road. When you got closer the mirrored reflection on the water made you want to just dive in but the “No Swimming” signs posted all along quickly dispelled that idea.  
Interesting Trailer.
The area where you are allowed to soak in the Hot Water has a Hot Spray from the Spring wetting you down  like a Shower that is seen at most Public Pools before going into the Cemented Hot Tub area itself. Every Two Days the Tub itself is drained and Pressure Washed by our neighbour Ron as a way of keeping Bacterial Growth down. It is rather small in comparison to others we have seen.  We discovered that some people think that this is clothing optional area. Those in the tub had suits on but some of the men removed their suits by the fence where their clothing was hanging to get dressed. Oops don’t need to see that, so we quickly exited! 
Lots of Space.
We saw more of the LTVA as we headed back towards our Trailer and were glad we were further back so we didn’t hear as much Highway Traffic Noise and there didn’t seem to be as much Dust in the air. Instead of stopping when we got back Home I kept driving deeper into the Day Use Area. We had seen a number of Hikers, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bicycles and ATVs driving back in that direction. It was even More Remote than where we are but after driving back another mile and ending up on a ATV Path Kathy suggested we turn back. After backing as far as we could when we went to turn back on the roadway the front of the truck simply sank in the Loose Sand. Kathy was concerned but after what we went through in Quartzsite I simply went out and Locked our Front Hubs, Engaged the Transfer Case into Four Wheel Drive and seconds later we were on solid ground without any hesitation. 
Really different than Quartzsite.
By the time that we got back Home Kathy started making an Early Lunch. During her Cooking Spree yesterday she had made a wonderful Ham and Bean Soup that we had barely tested. With all the flavours melding overnight it tasted even better today.
Ham and Bean Soup, Provolone Cheese and Clementine Orange.
Once lunch was over Kathy wanted to do the dishes to help her Arthritis hands so I headed out to try to resolve the issue we’ve been having with our Solenoids. After stacking Containers and Tool Boxes from the Basement on the ground I crawled inside. My legs immediately started to Spasm from being bent in such a tight spot but that’s where the Solenoids were located. Many years ago, I was constantly working on Car Engines and thought nothing of working with these things. Some of the designs have changed but the principle is still the same. For both of these Solenoids to have been working and then suddenly stopped was the Mystery that I had to solve. As a temporary measure to run the Inverters I had simply Bypassed the Solenoids and would go out each night to shut one Inverter off and turn on the other. 
Sandy Roads in the Day Use Area.
After a while with no success I went inside to find Kathy just as frustrated with our GPS. She was attempting to add the Coordinates for our next couple of stops. If it hadn’t been for the problems caused by the Construction the other day she wouldn’t have been doing this. We both Vented to one another and that seemed to get us both rethinking our problems over. 

Back in the Basement each time I changed the Switching Terminal it seemed that the Solenoid would activate when I checked for power on the other Terminal. That was when it dawned on me that the Other Terminal on cars used to connect to an Ignition Coil or something else that was also Grounded. I moved the Ground Wire from the Solenoid Base to the Secondary Terminal and suddenly that Solenoid was Working the way it should. After rewiring the Larger Solenoid both Inverters are working the way they should. Now I wonder how they even worked before?
It was nearly 6:00 PST when Kathy called me in for supper.  She kept it light by serving a Hot Dog, small serving of Pasta, a Greek Salad and a Fruit Cup for dessert. She had also fixed her problem with the GPS by finding different Coordinates on a different Website and the GPS immediately took them. Not all Websites have Proper Coordinates. 
Relaxing after a stressful day.
After we finished eating supper I Repacked the Basement for the night. One of these days I’ll actually have time to organize it. Kathy and I sat outside under our awning in the 84 F (29 C) weather until just before Sunset when we started getting Swarmed by thousands of small bugs. 
Beautiful Sunsets.
Moments ago both the Inverters refused to work so we had to go back outside in the dark with Kathy watching my back I once again Bypassed the Solenoids. With a few other chores to accomplish tomorrow we’ll be ready to hit the Road to Our Next Adventure on Friday. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. We drove by your rig today and saw stuff on the ground but no one around so didn't stop. Will look you up tomorrow. We are parked by road just down road from Camp Host.

  2. Rick I really enjoy your blog. Even though our traveling days are over I can live vicariously through you! We are in ne ohio, snowy and cold. Love the sunny photos. Safe travels!

  3. We loved Hot Spring and I took my shower every morning at the spring. Wet down then go outside and around the back of the spring where a table has been set up. Wooden boards on top of palm fronds to stop your feet getting all muddy. (I did wear water shoes all the time) Shampooed hair, rinsed off from a jug of water collected from the spring. A couple of jugs of water taken back to the trailer to do dishes. I never saw anyone strip off there. It must have been your lucky day.