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Thank You for following this Blog

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Visit to Salvation Mountain, Restful Day at The Spa and Shaking Our Legs.

Our Location today is Niland, California, U.S.A. 

While we may have enjoyed the soothing effect that we experienced at the Pool/Spa last night we realize that staying in parks like this has become Difficult for us to Feel Comfortable. While living “Off the Grid” has brought us back to a simpler time that would have been closer to those of our Ancestors, even though we are nestled in the Foothills of the Chocolate Mountains we are now feeling closed in with the limited space we are now parked on. Out on the desert floor your neighbour wasn’t parked within feet of your RV unless by special prearranged planning. Then there is the sound of a variety of vehicles driving by at all hours of the day not giving you any peacefulness. Even back in our home park in McGregor there was far less noise to disturb our Solitude. 
We were so relaxed after going to the Pool/Spa yesterday that we were in bed before our normal time which meant we were also up much earlier this morning. After tossing and turning for quite some time I finally got out of bed minutes just after 6:00 PST. I thought I’d finish my morning reading on the Computer before getting things ready for Breakfast but when Kathy came practically running down the stairs before 7:00 PST thinking she had slept in I knew it was time to get our day started. 
It didn’t take long to make breakfast and our Tea/Coffees that we finished at our Computers. With our reading and inside chores completed shortly after 8:00 we were ready to head out the door for today’s Adventure. With the threat of Bad Weather, we had brought our Rain Coats as added Security. 
After backtracking nearly twenty miles on Yesterday’s Travels to Downtown Niland we then turned eastbound on Main Street. The deterioration of not only the buildings in the core but in the surrounding neighbourhoods was very evident but fortunately that was not our destination. As we made our way down the washboard road and I kept the truck on the pavement Kathy was the first of us to lay eyes on our target today. 
After reading countless Blogs and Numerous Magazine Articles we wanted to see with our own eyes what people had been talking about. You could see Salvation Mountain long before you passed an old Military Checkpoint welcoming you to The Slabs. Another quarter mile before we parked and started our pilgrimage to see what a person by the name of Leonard Knight had created to show his Faith in the Almighty. A turning point in his life that turned his focus to serving his creator. 
As you approach the Mountain you will notice a depiction of Waterfalls, Rivers and the Sea of Galilee painted on the outside. Inside you can see how many of the Materials that had been picked up in the desert and kept out of the local Landfill were used to hold this structure together. All this was meant to instill Leonard’s Beliefs into others. 
There was a constant flow of people from different walks of life there to admire what was deemed a National Folk Art Site in 2000 and named a National Treasure of the United States in 2002. Many people followed the Yellow Brick Road to the top while others lack of sure footedness caused them to take the longer more secure way up the back. Time just seemed to stand still as you looked around and talked to others that also came here to see this Creation. Before we knew it nearly an hour had passed us by. You are able to visit Salvation Mountain from Sun-up to Sun-down daily.
We are high atop Salvation Mountain, the Truck parked below.
Further curiosity got the better of me and instead of heading back towards Home I turned the truck further into The Slabs. With this being Saturday many of the Artesian Slab Dwellers were setting up tables of their wares to sell to curious tourists. We also saw how many have escaped from reality as forgotten souls live in seclusion at The Slabs. We did see a thriving business known as The Sun Works. Many RV Bloggers have had their Solar Panel Systems installed or repaired there by Solar Mike and his crew of qualified workers. No sign of any activity today. 
Not being too geographically knowledgeable about the area I was surprised to see a large body of water to the west on our return trip. As soon as we were Home we investigated on the Computer to find out that we had been looking at the Salton Sea. With the skies still being very overcast with the forecast of possible Showers we passed on checking it out. 
For lunch Kathy kept it simple and warmed us each a bowl of the Ham and Bean Soup. Not only is it tasty but filling as well. 
Ham and Bean Soup.
Still looking into purchasing a Wind Generator for next Winter I started snooping around and came up with an E-Bay Site dealing not only with Wind Generators but Combination Wind/Solar Kits that included the Generator, Solar Panels, Charge Controllers and a Thousand Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter for a very reasonable price. For someone wanting to be “Off the Grid” and is just starting to get into it, this would be a good deal. It however Does Not Include the Batteries or Heavy Cables but they are also available on that site. I also added a Link to that site at the bottom of our Blog in the Commercial Links for RVers section. 
Kathy and I needed a stretch so we went back to the Pool/Spa for another good soaking. The warm water felt wonderful. Talking with another guest of the park he was saying in one of the Business Magazines he subscribes to there are plans to revitalize the Salton Sea back to the Resort Status level it once was. Sounds good but that’s a big undertaking.  Others in the Spa started telling us of a dance at the Clubhouse this evening. Needless-to-say we shortened our stay at the Pool so we could get home to have an early supper. 
All the entertainment including the bands was done by Volunteers but there was a skit entitled the Short Boys performing a variety of dance routines that had everyone in the building laughing their sides off. There were Snacks, Door Prizes and Refreshments and the best part was that it was all FREE. It felt good getting out and enjoying a few slower dances. 
The Hot Tub and Pool in the Park.
The individual Baths are located by the Clubhouse.
Tomorrow we’ll be leaving to check out someplace we haven’t seen yet. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Joke of the Day 

We can always tell a travelling tree by the way it packs up its trunk and leaves.


  1. So nice to see salvation mountain in person we have been there a couple of times. Driving about the slabs is interesting to say the least. We had boondocked in a couple of places by the Salton Sea and enjoyed the views and history of how it had evolved.

  2. Isn't that the most interesting place? I love Salvation Mountain. Even though he passed away, many people go there just to help keep it up. Most of the forgotten souls that live around the slabs, do so by choice. Just like you enjoy the peace and quiet of boondocking, they love living off the grid, not being bothered by anyone. That lifestyle is fascinating!!

  3. I forgot to mention, the Salton Sea is another interesting story. On the East side is a State Park (I think it's State) where you can visit the seashore made up of fish bones instead of sand. You won't believe it!!!

  4. What a fantastic area you are visiting. We put it on our list! You always have lots going on which makes for interesting reading. Don't rush to get that wind generator and talk to as many people that have or had one as you can. We could write some stories about it ;-)

  5. Sounds like an interesting place to visit. We will have to put it on our places to visit.
    Still hoping we will cross paths.
    Take care.

  6. Are some of those pictures taken inside Salvation Mountain? I've never realized it was accssible inside.

  7. We've heard about Salvation Mountain and we've seen photos but have never actually seen it in person. Sounds like a very interesting place....a must see!!