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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Found The Answer To One Problem, Hot Temps, Interesting Visit From A Fellow Blogger and Tasty Meals.

Our Location today is Holtville Hot Springs LTVA, Holtville, California, U.S.A.

It seemed that yesterday we both managed to breathe a fair amount of Fresh Air to the point that we could barely keep our eyes open until we went to bed. I had no trouble falling fast asleep but as morning approached I kept waking every hour but managed to fall back to sleep fairly quick. Kathy however spent most of the night staring at the ceiling each time that she woke and according to her recollection at breakfast there were many times. While I enjoyed the bright Sunshine coming through the windows while having my cereal Kathy almost wore her breakfast a few times she was so sleepy and would have preferred to have crawled back in bed. 

After the disappointment of the Solenoid not working properly again yesterday, when our Computers indicated a need for power this morning I simply ran an Extension Cord from the Bedroom to the Living Area of the trailer. Our Smaller Inverter had worked Flawlessly keeping us breathing all night so for it to charge our Computers would not be an issue. 

Once our morning Reading and Chores were finished Kathy returned to researching places we could stay while still in Arizona for Free. When you are staying for extended periods of time. one of the least expensive way to do it is to pay for a Permit and set up camp in a LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) like we did in La Posa South near Quartzsite. If you don’t mind moving around every two weeks you can stay on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land for Free. There are advantages to both but if you can minimize your water usage and can survive “Off the Grid” they are both a great way to cut your Costs. 

I went outside to see if there might have been a simple reason as to why the one Inverter had not worked last night and the first thing I looked at gave me my answer. I have explained that when we were packing to leave McGregor in November I packed Things that should have been left behind and left behind Things that should have been brought. I also explained that I had installed a Safety Switch to protect our Inverter from Back-Feed whenever we run the Generator or are Plugged in at a Park. Combine those two scenarios together and you know why the Inverter didn’t power the trailer. When I Repacked the Basement after supper yesterday a Box shut the Safety Switch so even though the Inverter was on its power was going nowhere. 

I’ll wait until we are set up on BLM Land before reconnecting things and really testing them. Being rushed when working with Electricity is not a good thing, it will lead to Frustration and if done incorrectly could lead to a Fire. When it is all running properly I’ll show everyone the Finished Connection. 
For lunch Kathy made French Toast with Bacon that she only needed to warm up. 

The temperature got Hot this afternoon reaching a high of 86 F (30 C) so we didn’t plan to do too much. Besides we were waiting for some Visitors who E-mailed us saying they would stop but didn’t tell us when to expect them. It was 3:00 MST when Lorne Green and his friend Harold walking their dogs came to our door for a visit. They had Water Bottles for themselves but hadn’t brought anything for their pets. Kathy immediately went inside and came out with a Dishpan filled with water and additional Water Bottles for the guys. There was no coaxing needed as both dogs started drinking to quench their thirst. It is a common mistake that pets don’t need as much water as a human being but since they are wearing a fur coat they get even hotter then we do. This Arizona Sun is much more intense then back home making it easy to become Dehydrated. 

Sitting under our Awning and Sunshade Lorne and Harold asked about my problem with the Solenoids and I admitted to part of the problem as being my own fault but is an easy fix. The saying goes you learn by your mistakes so that hopefully you don’t do them again. We also talked about our plans to add additional Batteries as well as a Wind Generator to our Solar Panels for next Winter. If you don’t have enough Batteries to store the power the Charge Controller stops feeding power to the existing Batteries so by just adding more Solar Panels you are wasting your time and money. This past winter when there was no direct Sunlight there was Wind. While we were in Quartzsite even on days that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky there was Wind. Nearly every night we were in La Posa South there was Wind.  

If you ask a Solar Panel Distributer about combining Wind and Solar together they will tell you it can’t be done. Ask a Wind Generating Company and you will get the same answer. Read the Instructions that come with a Charge Controller and they say it can be done. The company Arizona Wind and Solar says it can be done so guess what we’ll be doing next winter. Both Lorne and Harold agreed with our theory but plan on waiting until after we are setup before doing it themselves. After saying our “See You Laters” they headed back towards their RVs with their dogs feeling more Refreshed 
At that point I fired up the Weber and put a Pork Roast that we had bought at Albertson’s the other day on Low and Slow. Being that it was so warm outside it took less then an hour and it was perfect. Kathy had made a tasty Potato Salad to go with it. 

While Kathy washed the supper dishes I went outside and packed up our Patio into the Basement. Just as the Sun started setting we experienced something we haven’t had since last summer, Mosquitoes. Kathy had come outside to sit where it was cooler but couldn’t stay long. I headed up on the roof to secure our Solar Panels for Traveling. Being higher off the ground was not as bad and the Twilight helped me see what I was doing. 

With these chores being done tonight we won’t be in such a rush tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Hi Rick; I spoke to guys at Laposa South when we were there that had wind generators. One had a 300 watt and the other had a 400 watt. They said that they aren't very efficient, and need to be turning with a very heavy wind to get 10 to 12 amps out of them, a lot of money for what you might get. They said there are different sizes of blades for them also. I'm still thinking about it, they might be just the thing to keep the batteries up over night if you had the wind. Food for thought.

  2. I can't speak to all the tech talk, but I can tell you that that meal made me hungry. It really looked good. Sounds like you are enjoying your travels. Are you watching the eclipse this weekend? I bet you'll get a great look from where you are.