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Saturday, February 18, 2017

More Weather Warnings and An Active Rainy Day

Our Location today is Dome Rock Road BLM, Quartzsite, U.S.A. 

Last night I made certain that I was going to sleep by clearing all the stops. I broke out the big gun. While I was in the final stages of posting our Blog, I enjoyed not One but Two cups of Sleepy Time Tea. I didn’t wait for the effects to begin before going to bed but I knew that it had worked when I woke after 7:00 MST this morning.  

As mentioned in Last Night’s Post Kathy is very nervous of any kind of Wind Storm. Even though I had secured the Curb Side Slide Topper to stop the Wind from beating it like a Drum I didn’t get to the Other Two. As I lay in bed catching up on Lost Sleep, Kathy was listening to the Slide Topper over our heads banging so it wasn’t long before she moved back to her Comfy Chair in the Living Room. She found that by Reading it took her mind away from the Noise being caused by the Wind. Around 3:30 the Wind finally calmed enough for her to go back to bed. 

I had all the Window Shades open in the Living Area in order to get any possible light inside the trailer without having to turn on the lights. It was raining just hard enough you couldn’t even see the outline of the Mountains through the mist. After having gotten things ready for Breakfast and I also had most of my E-Reading completed before Kathy finally woke just before 9:00.  

Because of the Little Sunlight we had yesterday and the total lack of it today we didn’t want to turn on the Main Inverter in order to preserve what Battery Power we still had. We simply used our Computers until we started pushing their Battery Levels. 

With the Heavy Rains being forecasted we discussed cancelling our Haircuts because we weren’t sure if our area could see Flash Floods and we didn’t want to be separated from our Home. After a serious discussion we finally decided to go for it because there didn’t seem to be that many washes along the route we needed to take. 
Kathy made a Stir-Fry using Cabbage, Garlic, Onions and Bacon to add to our leftover Fish and Chips from last night. It all tasted wonderful together topped off with a Clementine Orange for desert. Before we headed out the door we did up the dishes. 
Hard to believe this was taken at Noon MST.
As we were leaving the rain seemed to have eased a bit but there was a Heavy Fog drifting down from around the Mountain Peaks. Not sure of the condition of Dome Rock Road to our West we headed towards Quartzsite just to be on the Safe Side 
Driving towards Blythe on I-10 even with the Moderate Rain there were still a few Yahoos that went Flying by us like we were standing still. I’m no slouch on the pedal but I know when to ease back a bit. 

Our first stop in Blythe was the Ace Hardware Store where they had some kind of Fundraiser going on. We went in with our list but only found one item before we checked out. 
Since we still had time before our hair appointment we drove across the street to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. The smaller Solenoid that operates the Inverter we use for our CPAP Machines continues to operate only on its terms but once it turns on we have no problem. When I told the Parts Clerk what I wanted and for what I wanted it for, without referring to his parts book he simply went to the back and came back with a Solenoid that Ford has used since the 50s, the old Four Pole Solenoid that I grew up with and it’s Cheaper then the one causing the problem. 

We still had nearly an hour to our Appointment but with all the rain the area was getting we arrived early The Cutting Edge. Gloria said she had prayed we would show up early because she had a special event to attend for her granddaughter later this afternoon. She did a great job cutting our hair and we both felt much more comfortable after she was done. She was amazed that we were living in our RV and we were parked out in the Desert. If God is willing she is looking forward to seeing us again next Winter. These are the best Hair Cuts we have ever gotten South of the Border. 
The rain had stopped as we were leaving so we took off our Raincoats. We went over to Smart and Final where we managed to do much better on our Grocery Shopping List then at the other store but after shopping for close to a half hour it was once again Raining quite heavy when we went to leave.
Kathy at the Salad Bar.
With all the rain this area got in the last few days, the roof started
leaking minutes after we arrived. See the white pails.
Since it was nearly 4:00 MST we decided to have supper before leaving Blythe and the Local Crowds filled the restaurants. We’ve driven by a place called Sizzler’s many times so today we thought we’d try them out. Upon entering, after you examine the Menu on the wall you Place Your Order and Pay For Your Meal. You then find your own Table, go make your own Salad, get your own Soda Fountain Drink, then the waitress brings out your meal. It’s like a High-Priced Cafeteria but the Quality of the food is much better. Almost forgot you can then go make your own Ice Cream Sundae. 
Kathy's Steak and Lobster with Baked Potato.
We were back Home shortly after 5:30 and the Rain was teaming. After getting Kathy and the Groceries inside I thought it wise to set up the Generator. With two days of Poor Sunlight Conditions and a third day on its way I wanted to make certain the Batteries were Topped Up. The Weather Guessers were also calling for more High Winds so I wanted to Tie Down both the Road Side Slide Toppers so Kathy can sleep in bed tonight. Even though I was wearing my Rain Coat I wasn’t too dry when I came inside.  
My Salmon and Rice Pilaf.
The Generator is now off for the night and the Rain is down to a Drizzle but tomorrow looks to be more of the same. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Curious what kind of e-reader do you have, I have a Kobo.

  2. Glad the rain was not like some of the places out there.
    Stay safe.

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  4. I'm just like Kathy....wind makes me very nervous. Sounds like you guys are getting your share of rain. Stay safe!!

  5. You're getting quite a variety of weather out there! I'll be interested to see if you go to the southwest again next winter, or back to Florida.