It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Another Mostly Miserable Day and Tasty Smelling CPAPs.

Our Location today is Dome Rock Road BLM, Quartzsite, U.S.A. 

After tying down the Slide Toppers to stop the Wind from beating them like drums so Kathy could sleep yesterday by the time we headed to bed the Wind had totally stopped. Being tired from her lack of Sleep on Friday night Kathy was also more then willing to try a cup of Sleepy Time Tea just before we hit the sack. All that was a waste of time because Kathy could not stop her mind from thinking as she would later say about Useless Things. It was nearly 5:00 MST in the morning before she finally fell  asleep. 

I managed to sleep fairly well other then for a bad Ear-Ache caused by Past Injuries. I stayed in bed just past 7:30 and knew that Kathy had a rough night just by the fact that she was sleeping in. With the lack of Sun from the last couple of days and a Forecast that didn’t seem to have much of a change in it for today I was on my Computer sparingly in an attempt to prolong what little Battery Power was left. 
Another Cold Windy Day.
Once Kathy was downstairs and we were having breakfast she talked about her Restless Night and how she seemed to have little energy because of it. As we finished our Coffee/Tea we discussed what we were going to do today. Mine was a list of small little things that needed to be done before the next list of never ending chores started presenting itself. Kathy helped me with the Eardrops and within minutes the pain seemed to be easing. 
Light-Weight Bobbin Top
Two-Piece Wall Anchor Center
Wall-Anchor Assembled Bottom.
One by one the small things on my list started getting checked off as Completed. Surprising how much time they each used up. The first was again replacing those cheap Plastic Sewing Bobbins that Jayco used to put tension on the Window Shades. Many have said to use the Metal Bobbins instead but they would create another problem. The metal would cut its way into the cord. I have mentioned using the Window Shade First Aid Kit sold at Campers World. The kit comes with a number of Strings, Springs, Guides and Wall Anchors for multiple shade repairs. It is these Plastic Wall Anchors I have been using to replace the Bobbins with and they will outlast the rest of the trailer. They are two pieces that you close over the String without any harm to it. Other things that needed doing was changing Batteries in Clocks and other Electronic Gizmos. 
Kathy suggested having Fruit-covered Pancakes for lunch and before she could finish saying that she was already pulling the ingredients out of the Cupboards. The end results were works of art that tasted absolutely Delicious. 
One of our Sunnier Moments.
Checking our Remote Battery Monitor and seeing the Voltage drop below the 12 Volt number due to the lack of Sunlight I decided to turn on the Generator for a short while. Before doing that, I made certain that anything that needed charging, Batteries, Computers and Phones were also plugged in. Within minutes the Voltage was hoovering back up around the 14 Volt mark and the Batteries were fully charged. 

I mentioned yesterday about purchasing another Solenoid in Blythe to replace the one that has been giving us Issues. The used one and the new Automotive Solenoid are nearly a match and are wired the same yet when I installed the new one this afternoon it would not turn on the inverter. After reversing the polarity on it several times I finally just put the old one back in. The frustrating part was that it would then power up the Inverter within seconds on each test without playing games like the last few days. 
Tasty Stir Fry with Breaded Pork Chop
and Spinach Salad upper corner.
When Kathy cooked that wonderful tasting Stir Fry for supper last night not only did it Look and Taste great but it Smelled heavenly as well. The Aroma had spread throughout our Home and gotten into the filters of our CPAP Machines where it almost made us want to have a Bedtime Snack. Since it was still fairly Windy this evening for supper Kathy made a Bacon, Onion, Potato and Pepper Stir Fry to go with the breaded Pork Chops she cooked inside. As we were enjoying another Tasty and Aromatic meal Kathy asked “Are we going to smell this in our CPAPs tonight?” 
We finally saw the Sun as it was setting.
We only saw a few more Splashes of the Sun breaking through the Heavy Clouds today just before the Sun set but we had enough Wind that would have powered a Wind Generator. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.
Joke of the Day 

Q: How do you tickle a rich girl? 

A: Say, "Gucci, Gucci, Gucci!"


  1. One sure thing about a solar setup is you need the sun to shine on them.

  2. Wish I could lift your spirits and hope that the sun will shine for you today. Having not a good nights rest and lousy weather is not a good combination. At least the food Kathy whipped up was delicious and that must have helped. If we were in the vicinity we would invite you over for a cuppa or something stronger and have a good conversation going. For sure if we bring up the workmanship of the RV manufacturers ;-) All the best and wishing you a nice day!

  3. We've been having a lot of cloudy days too - although sometimes that makes for spectacular sunsets. Yesterday I watched the mountains disappear and then reappear as clouds moved through very close to the ground.

    Those fruit covered waffles just looked too good! now I'm going to have to make some . . .