It's about time.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Visit With Very Special RV Friends.

Our Location today is Punta Gorda, Florida, USA.

Last night before going to bed we set both the electric heaters on and the faucet in the rear washroom to drip saving me from unhooking our outside water line. Waking up at 7:00 the first thing I did was to shut the rear water faucet then I checked the Weather Channel on the computer. Our outside temperature had dipped down to and was still at 28 F (-2 C) but felt like 23 F (-5 C) with the northwest wind. Needless to say I was then in no hurry to shut the heaters off because it was still cool enough inside the trailer that I had to wear a sweater to stay comfortable. When Kathy got up just before 8:00 she thought that I’d already shut the heaters off. 
Banquet Hall at Cypress Trails RV Community  
Luncheon Room and Kitchen

It was another hot cereal and coffee breakfast before we headed to the computers. We took our time doing small things inside until we had lunch and got ready to go out at 1:00. Stepping outside at that point the temperature was nearly 60 but with the wind still whipping the trees around there was no way we were going without our jackets today. 
Card Game Room at Cypress Trails RV Community.
Pool Room.
Kathy set the GPS for Cypress Woods RV Park and after arriving there successfully we found out we were at the wrong park. After a quick phone call we found out we should have been at Cypress Trails RV Community. With some verbal instructions from the gate attendants we only had to drive about another mile around the block to Cypress Trails RV Community. The two properties are separated by a property line and an emergency gate but are two separate entities owned and run by different people. 
Workout Room
Laundry Room at Cypress Trails RV Community.
After gaining entry we parked on a vacant cement RV pad next door to where Tom, Marci and Bryce Gimmarro from the blog post Roaming Free2010 are staying. They are in a working position at this park during this winter. This is the first year since they started living fulltime in their RV that Nicolas their oldest son hasn’t been with them since his enlistment into the US Navy. 

We visited outside moving back and forth between the shade near the trailer and the sun. One too hot the other too cool. Marci the gracious host she is made certain that we had snacks to nibble on. As time wore on they took us on a tour of the Community showing us all the amenities the park has as it is and the plans for future expansion. As the time was approaching 5:00 Tom suggested going to Capone’s for supper. 

We followed in our truck as Tom guided us into the heart of Fort Myers. Knowing that curbside parking is hard to find especially for a large vehicle like our truck when he saw an empty spot where we would fit he had Bryce show us to park. They lucked out finding themselves a spot to park at the opposite end of the block. With this being Friday night there were many groups, families and couples that were out celebrating the start of the weekend. 

Walking down the street to Capone’s they had indoor outdoor and adjacent rooftop seating to offer but it was still a half hour wait no matter where you sat. We waited outside people watching and checking out the menu board that would later save us time once we would get our seat. The menu was Pastas, Pizzas and Salads that was being prepared by nearly a dozen cooks working their magic. The wait staff were dressed to nearly period dress of the Prohibition time. The d├ęcor was of pictures and newspaper articles with pictures of Al Capone himself. The service was fast and courteous and even though there were customers waiting to get in no one was being rushed to leave. Kathy and I ordered the Gunslinger Pizza and couldn’t stop eating until we’d finished it. It was that GOOD! 
Nice Door Handles.
Even though we had little time to continue our visit inside the restaurant Tom, Marci and Bryce continued being our guides showing us different places that they had already tried. One place was called the Ford Garage and they actually had what appeared to be and old Ford Model T suspended from the ceiling over the dining room. (The camera I had with us wasn’t fast enough to capture that picture.) Turning a few more corners there were all kinds of street musicians set up to entertain the public and working for tips. It was after 7:00 by the time we had our hugs and handshakes with the promise to see one another down the road later this year. Thanks Tom, Marci and Bryce for a great visit and we’re looking forward to our next visit.
Tom, son Bryce and Marci.

We’re not sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow but the temperature is supposed to be rising throughout the night so I’m sure we’ll be trying to get a lot more site seeing in. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Teacher: Can you name me six things which have milk in them?

Pupil: Cheese, yogurt, cream and three cows!


  1. Oh what a nice visit.. I have been reading their blog for years now too!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Another fun day in sunny Florida, sure beats being here.

  3. Cypress Trails looks like a very nice park. We love getting together with our RV friends too.

  4. So glad you came for a visit!! Great seeing you both again, and we look forward to catching up at the RV Dreams Reunion Rally! Can you believe we were just running heaters a couple nights ago??!! Tonight I've got the windows open and fans running!!

  5. Wow! The Cypress Trails RV community looks amazing. It seems like the perfect destination for RV enthusiasts to sit back and relax. I'm sure a lot of your friends had a great time as well. Hopefully, I'd get the chance to try that Gunslinger pizza myself. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Rick and Kathy! All the best! :)

    Austin Hawkins @ Champion Trailers