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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Very Busy Day of Just Fun Part II.

Our Location today is Punta Gorda, Florida, USA.

As I explained in yesterday’s post we were out the door early and back home late so I’d better explain here. 

We’d forgotten that yesterday the park was allowing for the RVers of the park a chance to do some house cleaning in the form of holding a park-wide Yard Sale. We took a few minutes looking at nearby tables that were filled with things others no longer needed in their RVs. We also learned that we had some very Artistically Talented neighbors who were able to make Wind Chimes from materials that would have been sent to the landfill while others recreated materials that Mother Nature dropped around their sites into decorative Center-Pieces. 

A new technique of 3-D painting.
Leaving the park we headed to Punta Gorda as they were having an Arts and Crafts Show in the downtown core. It was easy to find free parking that was close at hand to one section but not far from other vendors. These vendors were all people that had great talent whether it was jewelry, paintings, wall hanging displays, the odd vendor trying to sell the latest gizmo that you just had to have and only the one food vendor. 

We wandered more into the downtown core where we spotted more vendors set up closer to City Hall. Here there were a number of vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables along with a few more crafters selling their wares but here were a few more food vendors. In this area there was also a two man band playing some old time favorites as well as Calypso and Reggae type music and they were very good. 

We continued walking about but realized it was near lunch time so seeing one of the local establishments with an outdoor menu with prices that were reasonable so we went in. The place was called Jacks on Marion and they had everything from diet conscious food to heavier meals. We enjoyed a cup of the soup of the day Vegetable Beef that had more beef in it than some sandwiches we’ve had in other restaurants. The sandwich was on a huge Croissant type roll with a chicken salad fill with a small order of Baked Fries on the side. Even though we looked at the desert menu we refrained but not for health reasons. 

When we left we walked down the street to a small ice cream shop we seen driving through the area a few times. Cubby’s advertised homemade ice cream with assorted flavors and servings. They also offered a small variety of lite sandwiches and non-alcoholic drinks. We had a simple Hot Fudge Sundae that did not disappoint and it was less expensive and probably larger than if we’d ordered it at the restaurant.   

At that point we had seen what we wanted in Punta Gorda and headed back to the trailer to change into cooler clothes as the temperatures were climbing back more to the norm for the area. On the way home we discussed a few other of our planned outings and chose to do some today.

Back at the trailer after changing Kathy called Theresa and her sister Jackie about going to visit with them. It was perfect as they had plans for the evening so visiting in the afternoon was wonderful. 
Jackie and Theresa happy we can to visit so far from home. 
Within the hour we were at Upriver RV Resort in North Fort Myers. They share a park model trailer as their winter getaway from the cold of winter back in Sarnia Ontario. Theresa is the mother of our good friend Kathie who lives near us in Windsor Ontario. We spent the next two and a half hours getting caught up on things we’ve missed in one another’s lives since the last time we got together. 
Tom, son Bryce and Marci.
When we left just before 4:00 and Kathy suggested we go back to downtown Fort Myers where we had gone the other night with our good friends Tom, Marci and Bryce Gimmarro. They had suggested if we returned to Fort Myers to eat at the restaurant called Ford’s Garage so that’s where we were heading. Since it was early we didn’t think it would be easy getting curbside parking and we were right. What worried us more was seeing lots of Police presence and barricades all over ready to be used. 

Spotting a parking lot with an attendant we found out it was the Fort Myers Day Parade and the cost of parking was a $10.00 to support the Vets. We were more than willing to support such a worthy cause considering what most have given up for others to live freely. We inquired further about the parade and decided it would be worth our while to enjoy it since we don’t know if we’ll be back here to see it again.   
Silverware in Napkin.
The parking lot was quite close to the parade route so we simply walked down a block to Ford’s Garage where we were told it was a half hour wait. Since the parade didn’t start until after 7:00 we had plenty of time to wait. Once we got our table it was only minutes before our server came by to take our orders. Since the name of the restaurant has Garage in it the theme was of just that. The sign-in desk was a toolbox with a flathead engine next to it as a door stop. The servers all wore shirts with the logo on one lapel and their own name on the other while carrying a shop-towel in their rear pockets just like a service garage. The napkins looked like shop-towels with stainless steel gearclamps as napkin rings. The tabletops looked like refinished packing crates and of course the old Model T mounted on a double hoist with its wheels turning and every once in a while the horn going off and blowing steam out the exhaust pipe. 
desk and service cloths (Napkins) in rear pocket.

When our fish and chips arrived on platters even patrons nearby asked what it was because they were so huge. We cut most of the breading off so we could finish our meals. Again restaurants that know how to get customers in the door keep their prices reasonable and their portions large. We’ll be back in the future. 

The parade was supposed to start at 7:00 but there was a Half Marathon that was being run by many of the local athletes including many Super Heroes. Next they had a fifteen minute fireworks that lasted until 8:00. The parade themes were in celebration of Thomas Edison and the Veterans that had served in the times of conflict. The parade continued showcasing local politicians, military, police and firefighters. It showcased the local schools and many other service groups and even a few local sponsors from the surrounding area. The parade finally came to a close by 10:00 pm. 

It took only minutes to leave the parking lot but under the direction of the traffic directors we ended up in a gridlock of vehicles all had the same thing in mind of getting home. After inching our way down a few side roads until we finally reached highway 41 we stopped at a traffic light that seemed to take forever to change. Once we were on the highway we arrived home at the trailer around 11:00 but after a fourteen hour day we were just too bushed to write our blog. Sorry for the length but I didn’t want to forget anything. 
Today I spent most of the day righting this blog and editing the pictures to go in it while Kathy was researching other RV parks in this area for the month of March next year. Since I was going to grill a couple of steaks for supper Kathy also had me grill some bacon. Suddenly all our neighbors were firing up there barbecues. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed Ford's Garage! We were at the parade too!! How did you like the motorcycle cops from Indianapolis? They were one of our favorites!