It's about time.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shell Factory Flea Market and Sagging Dollar.

Our Location today is Punta Gorda, Florida, USA.

Resisting the urge to run the heaters overnight it didn’t take long after getting out of bed to be pulling on warm sweaters in order to retain what body heat we’d gained by being under the bed covers. In order to gain more warmth we added a second cup of coffee to our breakfast before sitting down at the computers. 

Kathy again heard from our daughter-in-law Melissa about how they had made it a family chore of digging themselves out of all the snow that had been dumped on them on Sunday night. Our daughter Karen also stated the both Greg and Tyler had gotten quite a workout digging them out and cleaning a spot where Sanford could do what Nature called for. 

Since we’ll be here until the end of February Kathy had researched a number of things for us to do and figured if we did a couple of them each week we shouldn’t get bored and still keep busy. Shortly after 10:00 we headed towards Fort Myers with the intention of visiting the Shell Factory. 

The temperatures were still cool so we dressed with long pants, shoes and brought our jackets. When we arrived there was a big Flea Market going on a paved parking lot but there was alternate parking. We ended up parking in the last row of a grass covered parking area and already had to shed our jackets. We took the time to walk around the Flea Market looking at all the things that we didn’t need. I did however purchase a new long stemmed Craftsman #2 Phillips screwdriver that cost all of three dollars. 

Kathy figured the Shell Factory had to be nearby so we walked further up the lane to find it. A factory it is not. A touristy sales consortium it is. It was fun walking around again looking at all the things we didn’t needed. There were a number of specialty items that had been crafted with every square inch of them covered with seashells of one sort or another.
Kathy's old friend Bones.
Realizing that it was already 1:00 we chose to have lunch at Captain Fishbone’s Grill. After looking over the menu we chose the all-you-can-eat Fish and Chips for lunch. The creamy Cole Slaw was delicious, the fries were lightly seasoned thus needing no salt and the Balsa fish was cooked perfectly and did not have a heavy fish taste. Both Kathy and I requested another piece of fish but by the time it was brought out Kathy was no longer hungry. Oh well I just couldn’t let that go to waste now could I. 
This place is like a zoo.
By the time we headed back to the truck it was one of the last vehicles in that lot and most of the Flea Market had packed up for the day. The temperature was now making us feel hot the way we were dressed. 
We thought that Rick would like to trade his golf cart for this one.
Since it was still early in the afternoon after opening the windows and vents in the trailer we started doing a few chores. I’d gotten my tool box with all my sockets sorted and the hot water heater flushed out when Kathy noticed we had a problem. The rear toilet in our trailer that we’d had rebuilt last January was leaking. After plugging the water line I carefully removed the toilet outside to the grass. It was leaking between the upper and lower halves. When I attempted to disassemble it I found that whoever had rebuilt it had put old and different screws to hold it together not the ones that were in it when he first disassembled it. Not what we had hoped for but guess what I’ll be replacing tomorrow. 
Shell covered toilet paper holders or shell covered Klenex Tissue Boxes. 
Kathy informed me of how much our Canadian Dollar has sagged in comparison to last year. Reading other Canadian RV Blogs they are also noticing the difference. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it eases up a bit or it could affect our travel plans. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. What a unique place. I couldn't image what the Shell Factory was...but now I know the rest of the story.

  2. Another fun day you had.
    One thing about being back here in Ontario, we got back before the dollar sagged too far.
    Thats about the only real good things I can think about this weather.