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Monday, February 3, 2014

Meeting Other RV Bloggers.

Our Location today is Winter Haven, Florida.

Last night was our first night of dry docking anywhere other than in a Truckstop. The old adage that there is safety in numbers when you are not sure of an area totally holds true making the overnight stay much more comfortable. Others have spoken highly of staying in Walmart parking lots that have video surveillance but unfortunately not all allow the practice.
Kathy trying to smile after a nearly sleepless night.
The Walmart and Publix stores on highway 98 in Dade City have an overnight restriction so we stayed across the street in the Big Lots and Bells parking lot. We could have driven further but we were feeling tired so we chose to stop. We both slept only a few hours listening to the passing train, people going through the nearby late night Taco Bell drive through and finally the early morning waste pickup around the plaza. By 7:00 we were awake having felt like we hadn’t slept at all. We would have preferred the Flying J.
Someone else though safety in numbers. Could hear him leveling after midnight.
After juice and a muffin it wasn’t long and we were on the road to Winter Haven the home of Ard’s Canopies. As we drove along there were patches of fog and clear skies but also large black clouds that seemed to be going in the direction we were driving even though our direction changed often. This should have been a hint but we carried on. We managed to dodge the rain drops all day; although puddles were everywhere we went.
Black clouds trying to take away our Sunshine today.
Finally arriving in Winter Haven we followed Scout our GPS’s instructions until we were stopped in the middle of a Golf and Country Club’s maintenance road. A maintenance worker opened a gate where Kathy guided me backing the trailer in and wiggled it back and forth until we were heading back out. Calling Ard’s Jesus gave me directions that took us twenty miles back in the direction we came from but again we missed the turn. The boss Dave at Ard’s gave me directions that had us doing the back up and shuffle at least three more times before the trailer was safely parked in their yard.
Tom and Cheryl. Kathy and I
Once we’d reviewed what we wanted done to the trailer we had to go because it was now past 11:00 and we had a luncheon date all the way back in Lakeland. Kathy didn’t think we would make it on time but Dave told us a shortcut and we were the early birds.
Myself and Kathy. Judy and John.
Today we met fellow Ontarians John and Judy Hollinger from RV Life on Wheels along with Cheryl and Tom Leonard from Daydreamer at Denny’s. They arrived precisely at noon and like all other RV Bloggers we meet it is like we have known one another like old friends. John and Judy ate very sensibly as they are still in a competition with Cheryl and Tom about being the biggest looser weight wise while in Florida this year. Tom declared he was on a green free day and enjoyed his meal.
Tom and Cheryl, Judy and John.
Tom, John and I also spent time talking shop and it didn’t end when we left the restaurant it continued as the boys looked over some of the modifications that I had made to the truck bed alone. We used it as a backdrop for what John referred to as the necessary blog pictures. Since the black clouds had left as soon everyone got together in the restaurant it turned into a beautiful warm day. Kathy spotted an Osprey nest which the occupants built above the parking lot lights in the adjoining lot. As our RV friends were leaving the greetings of seeing one another down the road with safe travels was shared.
On our way back to Winter Haven, Kathy and I stopped at Batteries+ to pick up our new AGM batteries that we are slowly adding to the trailer. By the time we returned to the trailer the fasteners had all been installed and the Storage Skirt was almost finished.
Fasteners almost finished. Tomorrow it will be completed.
Tonight we’re sleeping in the trailer at Ard’s and then we’ll be heading out in the morning for our next adventure. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I just read Judy and John's blog. They mentioned what a good time y'all had. We spent today with fellow bloggers. It is always so much fun to get together.

  2. Another fun adventure meeting fellow bloggers and having fun.

  3. Those overnights in parking lots can be rough -- between the lights and the noise, I almost always have trouble sleeping! Glad you finally made to the RV shop, and that you were able to meet up with fellow bloggers!

  4. Nice to finally meet you two in person. Until we meet again down the road - safe travels.

  5. too bad you had such a rough overnight! We find Flying J's to be noisy and bothersome, but Walmarts are much quieter for us. We try to park way in the back near the auto centers if we can, but not if its where trucks driver around to the back to unload merchandise.....

    Nice to have fellow bloggers visiting!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. Always great to meet fellow bloggers, wherever you find them:)