It's about time.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day of Surprises

Our Location today is Moore Haven, Florida.

What a day this would turn out to be. I had started making breakfast and opening all the windows shortly after 7:00 this morning when Kathy got up. No we didn’t have anything special to do today but after being here a week today we knew that if you want to be active outside do it in the morning plus the forecast was calling for severe thunderstorms starting this evening through tomorrow.
Before 9:00 this morning we were outside getting our bicycles ready to ride around the park. For Kathy this would be her first ride since we were in Bushnell Florida last March. This was something we used to do a lot of but there was always something that got in the way. As we were pedaling southbound pedaling into the wind towards the front gate I had to coach her through changing gears because it had been so long since she had to do it.
We passed a number of other cyclist and people walking for their morning exercise. If there had been less wind Kathy would have gone farther. I needed to make minor adjustments to our seats back at the trailer and at that point Kathy knew she was done riding for the day.
Fresh pasta with last night's sauce and the last of the strawberries with ice cream and shortcake.

She went in and started making lunch and said we were having left overs but when she gets finished making our meal you’d never know it. Once lunch was done she wanted to finish her bookkeeping so I did up the dishes. So we were both finished our tasks and went outside to enjoy the cool breeze in the shade but looking at the flag across the street the wind kept it almost unwavering.
Around three Kathy thought it would be a great idea to make some fried Won Tons and go over to Elaine and Ricks for happy hour. So after stowing away our outside furniture we went inside and started making the Won Tons.
Rick and Debbie being camera shy.
Kathy and Elaine
Minutes before 4:00 Kathy and I arrived at their site surprising them and their neighbor Debbie with our simple gesture. We sat and talked about anything and everything until it was nearing time for us to leave. Now they reversed the surprise and invited us for supper that Elaine had been slow cooking. She served us Lasagna and Caesar Salad.
Even Lilli and Tucker would chime in once and a while.
Elaine has been having trouble communicating with Kathy online so while they were setting that all up Kathy suddenly ended up on her account seeing pictures of an eight car pile-up back home with a message from our granddaughter that her mother survived. Needless to say we weren’t too long at getting back to the trailer and calling our daughter’s home. Greg answered saying Karen was taken by ambulance to the hospital bruised from head to foot with a Concussion. They sent her home after the usual tests around 6:00 this evening with meds and instructions of what to watch for during the next 72 hours. They don’t know yet if the car is repairable.
Our daughter Karen.
Around 7:30 Karen called to talk to Kathy saying she was okay but constantly vomiting which is a symptom of the Concussion. After hanging up Kathy said she could tell Karen was not herself because she was talking excitedly like she was on hyper speed. Kathy thinks that she is still in shock. We’re just glad she’s home and will pray for her full recovery.
93 F (34 C) today.
As I write this post the trailer is being shaken from the high winds and pounded by hard rain. The power has gone out and come back on after a clap of thunder sounded like it hit next to the trailer. After we survive this night we’ll see what we’ll do tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Certainly hope everything turns out OK back home. Where was this accident? Were you able to find out?

  2. Saying prayers for comfort and peace Karen and the family.

  3. I'm reading backwards so I know Karen is going to be okay, but boy what a scare. Another reminder that life can change in a split second. I wish they could do something to cars that makes it impossible to text. Unfortunately, no matter how some young people are warned, they think they are invincible. As if that isn't bad enough, the injury/death they can cause is a reality. Phew for Karen. I'm glad they are making her stay home to rest.