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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Still Sharing.

Our Location today is Crystal River, Florida.

Even after a warm shower last night the bug that Kathy shared with me yesterday made certain that I’d have a restless night. I ached so much around midnight that I finally got up and tried a saline nasal spray that still didn’t take away the stuffiness before  I spent the next couple of hours reading blogs and playing a couple of games. Once I went back to bed the only sleep I got was in the form of naps. We had hot oatmeal for breakfast with our coffees but still I had no relief. Kathy was starting to feel better than she has in days but still not feeling completely cured. 

Since we were still having water pressure problems I was outside changing one of the two filters we have in our system. Unfortunately we’ll need to stop at a hardware to replace our Carbon filter as the flow has improved but not a 100%. The next job was to find out why the water pump wasn’t working so in order to get to the pump I needed to empty the basement and then remove an interior wall to expose the pump and the menagerie that the manufacturer called plumbing. Using a tip from the manager Bill at General RV I loosened a line fitting after the pump and this allowed air to bleed from the system and suddenly Kathy was getting water upstairs through the pump. 

You might wonder why having the pump deliver water is so important if we are in an RV Park in Florida. As most of North America is going through a severe freeze on Monday night and through the day on Tuesday our area will also be hit by that freeze. That means we have to unhook our water hose and filters to protect them from splitting against the cold. 

I also managed to move the inside wall back a few inches in the basement in order to have more space. I also helped Kathy set up our solar pagoda lights lining the one side of our sight. After a wonderful supper that Kathy made I tried taking a warm shower that ended up cold. Now that I’ve finished writing this post I hear a bed calling my name. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.        

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  1. Good luck with you water repairs and warm weather.

  2. You were supposed to leave those bugs back in Canada!! Hope you're both back to 100% very soon, and that the warm weather moves back in! I guess we picked a good year to be out west -- warmer than normal temps so far!

  3. Definitely need onboard water during a hard freeze:)

  4. I unhooked my water yesterday, and probably won't turn it on until Wednesday. :( It's too cold!

  5. Our weather is dropping again tonight also. Down to about 36' but not to freezing - thank goodness. But can't complain. Talked to my daughter in Alberta and they will be about 5' tonight, Could be worse here. Hope you both get better soon. Take care and keep warm

  6. after all that work even when feeling sick, you deserve a hot shower and early bed time! rest well...

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard