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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Busy Social Lunch

Our Location today is Crystal River, Florida.

After doing a two day post yesterday no matter which way I tried to go online with my laptop it was a no-go. So using the backup computer I had a chance to read a few blogs and the one by Karen and Al Phillips Wishing Upon an RVStar noted that Gail Houle from Gypsy Turtles was organizing a small gathering of RV Dreamers. The location given was Crackers Bar, Grill & Tiki at noon today. Since Kathy and I attended an RV Dreams rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2011 we thought that would be a cool way to meet other former attendees so I fired off a response that we’d attend since we were only five miles away.
This morning when we woke up it was bitterly cold in the trailer even though we had gone to bed with the furnace on. After starting the cube heater and shivering our way through breakfast I went out to find what sounded like two empty propane tanks. This was hard to believe that we had already gone through both tanks but the Weather Network guaranteed  we’d hit 54 F today and wouldn’t be freezing again. Since it was nearly time for the lunch get-together the propane would wait.
(L-R) Waitress Heather, Lee and Maria Rommel, Karen and Al Phillips.
After a quick stop at a store we arrived as the parking lot was filling with pickups that had fifth wheel hitches and cars set up as toads. The first person we saw was Gail Houle who was talking with other attendees. She personally greeted us before introducing us to her husband Rick.
Laurel and George Owens
Sitting at the middle table of three Laurel and George Owen of Owens on the Road introduced themselves and as we talked more people kept coming in. Suddenly there was a little tap on my shoulder and here was our neighbors Donna and Ralph Haines from OurAdventures with Tassie. Next a young couple by the name of Dan and Jonell at Liv2rv joined our table.
(Poor Lighting) (L-R) Jonell, Phil and Rudee, and Dan Anderson
Gin and Syl, Dan and Tricia, Neil and Nancy, Lee and Martha, Phil and Rudee of Working RVers who I regularily comment on his blog and didn’t get a chance to talk to and they were sitting at the end of our table. Some were introduced but unfortunely we didn't get a chance to visit and we forgot their names. In total 24 people were in attendance with the last to arrive Dee and Jim Walters Tumbleweed after a two and a half hour drive from Avon Park Florida just for this lunch.

Jim and Dee (Tumbleweed) and Laurel
The food was reasonably priced, tasty and nobody walked away hungry. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone and by 3:00 we had a propane tank that needed attention so we bade our fair wells.
Loved the Fire Cracker Burger with Jalapeno and Chipotle Sauce.
Kathy stayed at the trailer while I took care of the propane. I was surprised that we still had a full tank and the automatic switch in the valve had not changed to the second tank. Since I had room in the truck I grabbed the twenty pound tank from the Weber as it was getting light. The attendant at the BP said it was nearly empty and the two tanks took ten gallons of propane to fill both. Back at the trailer Kathy was happy to be toasty.
We made a quick Walmart run for a few groceries and a lot of walking to wear off lunch. Back at the trailer we didn’t need supper. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.        


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  1. Looks like a great gathering and fun to put the faces with the blog names! The only ones we met in person so far of that group are Jim and Dee, who stopped by our house in Wisconsin for a few days visit!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Nice to meet up with fellow rve'rs and bloggers, but thats a lot of peopler all at once.Glad uou had a great day.

  3. So happy to meet you two! I have to admit, I'd never read your blog, but seen you comment on other's blogs. I'll put it on our list to read from now on :-)