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Friday, January 17, 2014

Second Crappy Day in a Week.

Our Location today is Crystal River, Florida.

Yesterday while we were away at the Tampa RV Show I thought quenching my thirst with a diet soda would do the trick and it basically did. When we stopped at Cracker Barrel Kathy had a decaffeinated coffee but I still chose the diet soda as I just didn’t feel like having a coffee. Now it took years before most restaurants started serving diet soft drinks and even longer before they started serving decaffeinated coffee. All that diet soda that I drank yesterday was full of caffeine which helped me lay awake most of the night.
Healthy diet at the RV Show?
This morning after having such a restless night I was even more surprised to see the thermometer reading 30 F (-1 C) which was lower than the predicted low for our area last night. It didn’t take us long to turn on the cube heater to take the chill out of the trailer. During breakfast we were just as concerned when we saw a few more equally low temperatures showing in this area for the next week.
After our normal E-reading at the computers we started getting ready to go pick up the parts we’d ordered at Nature Coast RV so I called to verify the parts were in and they were. Suddenly nature was calling my name and Kathy was freshening up in our bedroom so I decided to test the toilet just repaired on Tuesday. Imagine my surprise when the pedal would not spring back. Another call to the RV service and they said to bring it back.
I did a quick touch up on our painted project from Wednesday as it had finally dried and there was little humidity in the air. I actually hung it on the bumper clothes line and found it totally dried later in the day.
 Kathy had made us a healthy and tasty Chicken Caesar Fruit Salad for lunch which helped to offset what we ate yesterday.
Don't all pickups have one of these in their back seat?
Within minutes I’d disconnected and removed the toilet in question and we were on our way again. Bruce the service manager wasn’t happy but agreed it needed to work better. After putting it on the workbench I just went and sat in the truck where I could see the tech working on it as somehow they figured it was a seal causing the problem. Once he had it apart and had cleaned what he though was the problem he couldn’t get the bolts to refasten the two parts together.
Now I have the manager telling me the toilet is shot because they can’t put it together. That’s when I got out of the truck and started examining the pieces myself. The parts are designed as breakaways so that once the initial assembly is made the plastic holders that support the metal fasteners are torn free. If you disassemble the unit the fasteners fall inside the porcelain part of the toilet and the tech was too frustrated to figure that out. Inverting the bowl and giving it a shake the missing parts fell out but he didn’t know how to reassemble it with the broken parts. I figured to assemble the fasteners still loose and then inverting the bottom onto the top and just slightly squeezing the positioners with needle nosed pliers it all went together. The manager seeing this offered me a job.
Soup, Chicken and Cheese for supper.
The problem is the pedal still will not return the flapper and they had to order a new seal. Kathy is not impressed that we have now lost two afternoons because of a stupid toilet. On our way home we stopped at the Dollar General and Harbor Freight in the same parking lot for a few supplies we needed. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I don't know much about toilets... but I expect the darn thing to work when I need it to. Hope you get it fixed soon!

  2. I tend to notice the guys working in the RV repair shops are not the brightest bulbs.... usually low pay attracts the less skilled types. All that reflects back on the business, sad to say. I am sure higher trained and skilled workers are moved on up to major jobs, and small things like your toilet are left to the lesser skilled guys. Sigh.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. I like your setup for the truck, it gives new meaning to the word porta-potty.

  4. Good luck with getting that toilet fixed.
    I don't know if the day was wasted, you did get something done.

  5. I haven't personally used him, but there's a mobile tech in Crystal River that is supposed to be very good. G&N Mobile RV Repair. So far, my experiences on the road have showed that the mobile techs are very good.

  6. Good luck with your throne...and glad to
    see you have food pix back on your blog...