It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Surprises, Scripted Answers, Solving A Problem and Keeping Clean.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Another great night sleeping with the windows open really had us both feeling refreshed when we got up. I didn’t even have the tea kettle plugged in this morning when Kathy was heading down the stairs. We only had time for breakfast and to read our E-mails before we headed out the door.
Sharing the roads with these dust makers riding the lane
and shoulder because they are so wide.
When Kathy saw her family doctor on Monday she ordered a bunch of tests to make certain that Kathy was in good health for when we head south this fall. We again had to drive into Windsor to get the test done. Imagine our surprise when we drove into the parking lot of the Medical Imaging to see the entire building gone. We were just here last fall. Luckily a new address was posted on a sign. Travelling two blocks up Ouellette Avenue it was an easy find. Kathy was signed in and reading a magazine by the time I parked the car. I just sat down when they called her name. I was just starting to leaf through a magazine myself when out she came ready to go.
Since we didn’t have a list I suggested to Kathy we go to the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) building just blocks up the streets for maps. We have this roadside insurance that we seldom use so we can afford to get some free maps from them every year. This will assist Kathy in figuring where we will travel to as well as coming with us when we hit the road. When we arrived we received our second surprise of the day. There was a notice outside the building say that they would be moving to a new location in July. Lucky for us we got advanced notice of their upcoming move not like the Medical Imaging had done.
With that business completed we drove to the nearest Service Ontario office in hopes of talking to someone about our truck licensing. When we walked in the place was packed with only two dockets open. The number being served was 46 and our number was 79. Kathy suggested we leave and try that phone number I was given the other day again. We gave our number 79 to the next person walking in the door.
It was already 11:30 and we thought about eating out so we stopped at the only Michigan Diner that we haven’t eaten at before in the area on Howard Avenue. They served the same great tasting food their other locations served but it is the size of the two other locations combined. The service was great and efficient and we were finished our meal as more luncheon patrons were coming in.
As soon as we got Home I got on the phone to the Ministry of Transportation number I’d called yesterday. This time I did get someone in Fort Smith, Ontario. After I explained my call she repeated to me word for word what the person at the License Bureau had told Kathy and I on Wednesday. When I explained that I understood about the commercial plate but needed the Exemption Sticker because we are not a business she started repeating the same thing but was nearly screaming at me. When Kathy heard me telling this person I was calling for information and she didn’t need to scream at me she knew something was wrong. After repeating that she didn’t have to scream a second time and she only got louder I hung up on her. I’ll be talking to my Minister of Provincial Parliament about this next week because as a taxpayer I do help contribute to that person’s paycheque.
Windows tarped to stop the droppings.
Sorry about the glare from our clean car.
Last night after Kathy had gone to bed and I finished posting the blog I washed up in the rear bathroom to not disturb her. When I started getting that Sulphur smell from the cold water faucet I knew our odor problem wasn’t just with our hot water heater. Kathy and I headed out to Sun Parlour Trailer to talk with Rob. He said it was not uncommon for that to happen if the trailer had sat unused for any length of time. Since the trailer sat after our return from North Carolina in June last year until we winterized it in September any water still in the lines could have developed some bacteria in which would cause the odor. The answer to that problem is a product called Spring Fresh that will require me to drain our water system. I’ll then add this product just like you would do to winterize an RV for the winter with only partially filling the fresh water tank.
Leaving there we headed to the Dollar Store in Amherstburg where we picked up three small plastic tarps. At this time of year birds are busy feeding their babies so they are kept on the go. The only problem is their droppings in one day are worse than two months at the apartment and it seems that it lands on the windows of our vehicles.
Armed with the tarps on our return to the park we stopped at the Touchless Car Wash. These Electronically controlled pay-stations are supposed to make things easy but this one would not take debit or credit cards and was particular of what currency combinations it would except. I’d have preferred to have backed out of the line but there were already four cars behind us by the time our payment was accepted. It was amazing how clean the car turned out.
Busy watering the new grass.
As soon as we got Home I used the tarps to cover the car windows first then the truck’s windshield. We only had peanut butter sandwiches for supper. Tomorrow we’ll be busy running around relaxing. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Look at it this way...moving must be the going thing here. Your moving south and all the businesses are moving. Good the hear you are getting out to see the world...enjoy!

  2. That sulfur smell is coming from your holding tanks most likely as was the case with ours. search you tube on how to sanitize your holding tanks with bleach through the system. Since we did not drive to make the swishing in the tanks, we ran the bleach through the system 3 times before we rinsed 3 times... have not had any problems since....

  3. We had the same odor in our motorhome when we ran our water. It turned out to be a screw-in vent valve under the sink. Ours was about 1.25" round; 3" long and black--available at any R.V. store. It has a flapper valve; got old and stuck open. Hope this helps.