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Friday, June 10, 2016

Clean Water And Different Meals.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

It felt great sleeping with the windows open last night because the cold north wind had finally died down. The fresh air makes you sleep more soundly and sometimes a little later. We were enjoying breakfast and the already 63 F (17 C) temperature shortly after 8:00 this morning. We concurred that today would be the best day to rinse out the water system in an attempt to get rid of the Sulphur smell we’ve been experiencing since our arrival. 
After doing our morning reading Kathy started chopping things that she’d need to make her delicious Pepper Steak. I refilled one of our blue fresh water jugs we use while traveling and put it in the cart that I specially made so we’d have drinking water through the day. While Kathy was starting to sautee everything inside, I was shutting down the fresh water to the trailer and opening the low point drains outside.  
Before I had capped the drains Kathy was already calling me for lunch. Even though she’d enticed me with the aroma of the meal she had been rendering down we sat down to enjoy a great chicken Caesar salad she had created. It was light and refreshing and it left plenty of room for the main course for supper. 
When we were done Kathy operated the pump while I tried to get the Spring Fresh into the fresh water tank. After having problems with the pump I discovered I’d left the pressure relief valve open on the hot water tank and I hadn’t turned the valve to the Winterizing position to draw the treatment from the jug. After fifteen minutes of frustration it took less than thirty seconds to drain the jug. 
At that point I had to partially refill the fresh water tank to dilute the solution and pump it throughout the entire trailer’s water system including the hot-water tank. I was advised that the treatment would have to remain in the system for a number of hours to guarantee that it would work. 
Kathy finished her cooking for the day and sat outside with me for a few minutes. We discussed using up the remainder of our grass seed to thicken the grass on our lot. So when she went inside to start doing her bookkeeping I started working on the grass. I seeded the entire lawn with the regular seed and the areas that get little sun with Sun and Shade seed. With lots of lite water soakings, we’ll hope things will start to improve soon.

Today’s temperature only hit 79 F (26 C) but with the humidity and the fact that I’d just redrained the water system of the Spring Fresh and re-energized the water system around 5:00 Kathy didn’t want to make rice using foamy water. (Yuk!) Instead using our Barbecue Mat I grilled a package of Chicken Eggrolls. I started the Weber while Kathy took the Eggrolls out of the package. As soon as I put them on the mat I lowered the heat to low. Within ten minutes they were done and they had a wonderful smoky flavour from the grill. The Pepper Steak will just have to meld its flavours overnight. 
As mentioned in last night’s blog we missed pictures yesterday because I’d forgotten to put the SD card back after uploading them to the computer. Being that was a first I wasn’t too concerned. When we use the big cameras there are always spare SD cards within reach. Now we just have tried out our water system and the Spring Fresh seems to have removed the odor from the water. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. We were in a campground once where the sulfur smell was so bad, it just about made us both sick. Needless to say, we left after the first night. Enjoy the fresh smelling water. You really never know what you miss until you don't have it.