It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wonderful Spring Weather Finally Arrives And Dealing With Mistakes.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

I kept waking up only to roll over and fall back to sleep through most of the night. When that happens it is only natural that we sleep later than we want. It was after 8:00 when we finally got up for breakfast this morning and there was still a chill inside the trailer. Opening the curtains, we could see the outside thermometer showed that it was again only 43 F (6 C) but we simply turned the cube heater on. During breakfast we started making our list of places to go and things to do so we would hopefully not be running in circles.
We were out the door shortly after 9:00 headed up Walker Road towards Windsor. Our first stop was Windsor Gas and Diesel to pick up the truck. It had just gone through its yearly Safety Inspection along with other services we had performed. Jim had done his best to resolve all the issues but it looks like we’ll be taking it back to where we bought its tires. After eliminating other possible reasons for a rear vibration they had placed the rear of the truck on jack-stands to find the sidewalls on two of the tires running out of line. We paid our bill but left the truck to pick up later as we only needed one vehicle to run the remainder of our errands.

Next we stopped at VitalAire where they had finally gotten the liners in for me to try. Hopefully they will stop the skin irritation I’m getting on my face due to the development of a possible allergy to the materials used in making the CPAP masks. Since we are allowed supplies for our CPAP machines every six months and that is this coming Friday I asked if we could pick them up early. We were told to come back this afternoon.

We stopped at Guardian Storage today and only checked our mailbox. That felt strange not going back to our storage unit.
Next we drove over to Pickwick Plaza where we walked across the street to the Motor Vehicle License Bureau to get our new license tag for the truck. Walking in the door at 11:00 in the morning we were stunned when we were able to go directly to a desk without waiting in a line for a half hour.

Within five minutes we were on our way back to Pickwick Plaza and to the Wendy’s outlet for lunch. Kathy had her full-sized salad but I wanted to try their new Spicy Chicken sandwich and fries. I was not disappointed and didn’t have any problems breathing as the heat from the Jalapeno and Ghost Peppers surely cleared my airways.

Our next stop was Home Depot where I picked up supplies to run a heavy coaxial cable from the front of the trailer to the back to increase our power levels for the Internet. By running the coaxial cable from the point it comes in the trailer directly to the modem should stop our constantly being disconnected from the web. Kathy was also looking for cement paint to touch up the few spots on our patio that the paint has been peeled off. Of course they didn’t have the colour we needed in quart sized cans.

Stopping back at VitalAire they had our supplies for the next six months waiting for us. That will save us making a special trip to town just for that on Friday.

We finally picked up the truck and as we were about to leave Windsor Gas and Diesel when Jim the owner came running out. He accidently given us the safety for the wrong vehicle and needed to correct the mistake. The funny thing was that the person at the License Bureau hadn’t even noticed the mistake either.

Stopping at Home we dropped off the car and picked up the piece of vinyl eaves-trough we’d gotten the other day. Kathy had not realized why I wanted a piece of white coloured trough to protect our utilities.
We headed towards Amherstburg where our first stop was Sun Parlour Trailers. It’s a family run business and Cathy was away while Rob was with a customer. Not wanting to interrupt a sale we said we’d come back and left.

We headed to the Home Hardware Building Center where I exchanged the brown coloured trough for the white. Kathy got a chance to talk to Anne the paint specialist about the cement paint. She was told that only doing touchups might come out a different shade because of the sun’s rays and how long it had been applied to the patio. She suggested if we weren’t going to repaint the entire patio to use a different colour and make a design possibly using a stencil.

Back at Sun Parlour Trailers it only took a minute to make the purchase and we were on our way back Home again.

Kathy had some bookkeeping to do while I dumped our tanks. The warmth of the sun was really feeling comfortable even though the temperature only reached a high of 64 F (18 C) for the day.

After getting cleaned up I grilled a couple of Hamburgers for our supper and while we were eating we got a call saying the containers Kathy had ordered had arrived. Back on our way to the Home Hardware Building Center in Amherstburg where Kathy was out with her purchase within minutes.

With this being Wednesday Evening we headed over to visit with Kevin and Melissa. As usual we never run out of things to talk about and always have an enjoyable visit. Melissa made certain not to have any See Food out to nibble on. Next week we’ll be visiting slightly different.

Back Home for the night Kathy pulled out the new containers only to find out they are the wrong ones. They are made by the same company and are exactly the same size but a different shape. These are rectangular while the ones she thought she was ordering are square and fit our shelves perfectly while these will not.

We’ve already started a list of things to do tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Looks like you enjoy shopping and spending money, quite a bit.
    Think we will stick to fresh air walkabouts. cooking on our BBQ and reading outside.

  2. Glad you are taking care of those tires. You do not want to tow the 5er unless you have great tires.

    Good luck with the new liners. Hope they do the trick.

    I am sooooooo glad y'all made a list. That was a huge day of "running around."

  3. sounds like you had a busy and very productive day!!