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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Is It Spring? More Progress And Bad News.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

It was bound to happen. We slept soundly and struggled to wake up this morning. The problem was not cheap drugs or the fresh air we once again had most of the day yesterday but the outside weather this morning. Looking outside as I opened the curtains it looked more like dusk than early morning. The sun was a no-show keeping well hidden behind a thick wall of clouds. The temperature was something you’d expect in late winter not mid Spring. We were barely finished with our breakfast when the clouds delivered a fresh downpour that would later vary between a mist and lite rain for the remainder of the day.

Once we finished our usual morning reading and chores we could only find meager things that would occupy some of our time. Kathy got caught up on some bookkeeping while I had difficulty adding a new Countdown Widget to the left sidebar. (That was strange because I’ve done it a number of times before.) This is a countdown for when we start our first Snowbird Winter to the American Southwest. We have traveled there in the heat of the summer of 2008 but this will be our first time during the winter. We will also be making a few smaller day trips this year that really don’t need to be counted down.

After lunch Kathy used the dining table to wrap up more Cxxxxxxxs gifts. Since we’ll be away for the exact day we’ll be celebrating with our families around the Canadian Thanksgiving. That justifies our purchasing them early which helps to keep the stress levels down by avoiding the Seasonal Shoppers. Now that we are Fulltiming this also means that the gifts will have to be wrapped so unannounced visitors won’t catch sight of their gifts.

I had plans on doing additional organizing outside but with the continually changing rainfall it was a difficult call. When I finally saw it slow to a light rainfall this afternoon I dawned my raincoat over my sweatshirt so I could make some accomplishments. Even though the temperature only reached a wet 52 F (11 C) I was able to finish installing the last of the standard solar lights to outline the boundary of our patio. I also had a chance to do a bit of organizing in the shed so that I could locate the Citronelle Tea-Light Candles so when the day comes that the weather allows us to sit outside in the evening we’ll have some defense against the new mosquito population. I was outside less than an hour but was practically froze from the dampness when I went inside. Kathy had finished her wrapping so we both enjoyed the warmth of hot drinks to warm up.

Our friend Kathie E-mailed Kathy this evening reporting that Ross had been rushed to hospital in the middle of the night. She was in shock when the attending doctors informed her that he had suffered through three Heart Attacks before arriving at the hospital. If you recall Kathy and I drove their daughter Christine up to Goderich to retrieve his car in 2014 after he had another Heart Attack and was Air-Lifted back to Windsor. Even that was not his first Attack. She’ll keep us informed and we’ll keep him in our prayers. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time. 


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  1. Hope your friend Ross feels better soon.
    When the rain keeps you from doing things outside it seems as though there are things to do inside.